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  1. Cx3 = C 2 X 1.5 C's can cancle out can't they? Oh I don't think you can cancle things out when its represented as a constant. They must stay and be on both sides of the equation I am assuming to say the least. If you did cancle out the C's youd be left with an equation that said 3 = 2 x 1.5 Which holds true. Maybe now I see what has happened here with these equations. I think I had a mix up but none the less the number theory still holds true. I discovered this constant a long time ago and figured it could be used to convert spherical or circle style physics (which uses infinite types of
  2. Wait it took me another try to reproduce the same results I had starting this post: Where c= 1.414213562 the square root of 2 constant for the 2^2 square or triangle. How this applies to physics? I have a number of idea is in mind.... yes...
  3. I should add that every number should have a .5 attatched to it is because we learned from quantum physics that there is always an extension of room for error in a numerical value 1 -999,999 (for example). And being that .5 can be equally rounded up or down but we're taught initially to always round up a number 5 at least in Canada that is, it really isn't always this way is it? It's perfecly okay to round down from say 5.5 to 5.0 however it is more liklely than not that there will be some decimal value somewhere hidden in a lenghtly line of decimal places that teeters the 0.5 value upwards mo
  4. Take an everyday calculator and add up some numbers in this fashion: 111+333=444 Then Divide the result by two and you will get the value that is between the two chosen numbers which is: 222 It doesn't matter if you add 1+3=4/2=2 or even 111,111,111+333,333,333=444,444,444/2=222,222,222 How many numbers does not change the fact that the way in which we have numerical value aligned on a 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Grid makes all sorts of interesting patterns show up.. For example you can also go cross ways. 777+333=1,110/2=555 which diagonally is the middle number
  5. This is probably an already discovered mathematical canundrum since there are so many mathematical geniuses out there but I bring forwith to present to you none the less to show the true value of the first numbers in order of chronological sense. Bottom up logistical analysis. First we start with 1 to show that 1 alone is not a real number. There must always be two or for that matter both sides of an equation. [math]\sqrt{1} = 1[/math] Error! Now moving onto [math] \sqrt{2} = 1.414213562[/math] Actual answerable result. This first value answered as a result above of
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