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  1. I can't wait till the ELSA-d and ClearSpace-1 missions will be launched. They are supposed to significantly improve the situation with spac debris in LEO.
  2. The high risk of Kessler syndrome. Earlier it was a theory, but now more and more experts agree that we gradually move closer to it. The rising number of objects in LEO poses a risk for many of us, and space tug skyrora manufactures is supposed to help us to fix this problem at least a little bit. However, space tug isn't the only spacecraft that can be used for this purpose.
  3. What about 3D printed satellites? Had this machine ever produced them or not?
  4. I got interested in satellite uses after reading one of your previous posts and started to examine this topic deeper. It turned out interesting enough. I think that orbiters and satellites are two the most convenient and effective ways to measure solar activity, not to mention separate solar probes. We just equip a sat with a camera, radiometers, and other similar instruments and get a perfect spacecraft to measure the Sun's activity and predict it. Do you know what worries me most? It is a fact that large space enterprises don't want to cooperate and, thus, promote young companies. I accident
  5. It's definitely a Starship. No matter that it's still being developed, even the prototype of this spacecraft makes me feel excited and proud of US space industry.
  6. Of course. Taking into account how many small launches occur every month (remember SpaceX tests alone), using an eco-fuel is a good step towards cleaner environment.
  7. I haven't heard about this way of using satellites, but I suppose it makes sense. There's no another technology that can let scientists monitor such large areas. I think that satellites can also be used for observing the animals, right?
  8. Perseverance looks so advanced in comparison with Opportunity, Spirit and other rovers, so it's sometimes even hard to believe that Percy is only 5th NASA rover on Mars.
  9. As I understand, this fuel can't be used for long spaceflights, right? So engineers need to modernize this fuel to make it suitable for interplanetary flights.
  10. I enumerated all these arguments to people who believe in this conspiracy, but they remained of the same mind, unfortunately. These arguments seem to be very, very convincing, so I don't understand what else can make them forget about conspirology. Perhaps they need to meen Stanley Kubrik and go to the moon together.
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