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  1. Funny you say 2 You can rapidly jump fr 2 to any other level, you skip 1 to get to 2, and once you get to 2 it's just kinda broke And it's not really a 2, because you only need 15-22% of the sunlight We'll say a 1.15 will suit our needs. That can be a type V ya know
  2. Jakes gonna claw Todd's dick off is what I got from reading this
  3. I can't remember who aided me in constructing this amalgamated mesh of a "language" I speak but some "professor" somewhere taught me it's proper Grammer to put "I" last, whelp, I say nay. It is proper grammar, if said individual is myself, to put I before you.
  4. Honestly society and I (notice I put myself last) don't seem to really be capable of seeing eye to eye so I'll just say this. There's line, if you're not with me on this line in the sand, then youre against me
  5. As u can tell I didn't really read more than a letter of your post what you were on about. I think I may have overlooked it because it's been intentionally placed by those in softcore PC power here, or hacked into mod accounts whichever
  6. X is a strong structure in general We hear Neil Tyson say it, a-symmetric advantage, before going off on how strong wood made boats more hollow so there was more space and they could be heavier, then the transition from wood to steel increased that exponentially
  7. In other words, using modern Marvel terminology, this version or variant of me is inferior in that he's not a goober enough to share his thesis
  8. There goes the monoliths, they have now vanished because their drones made their progenitor a soldier 🤣 instead of a sultan
  9. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/20/us/biden-abortion-catholic-church.html
  10. "Bee4 I fall into despair" The Aliens the police imprisoned responded to that word despair with despacito while effin me and the real police were effin as well I piss on your weak dollar. I shouldn't have to make reqursts for my work and my own pre-patented lab and dangerous game changing tech just because I don't reverse engineer the hardware in this phone and am therefore slacking on what I could do and am subject to their hack games
  11. Just some police officers they stationed to monitor the shell sites I visit in a desperate attempt to playing with matlabs
  12. See for instance https://phys.org/news/2021-06-combining-classical-quantum-door-discoveries.amp What they did here was they just 🤣🤫😭😭😭😭 it's not even funny they have 3 2D vectors but each vector sequence cannot express depth it's either π & 4.13 or it's 4.13 & 22/7 so this is just 2D shyte. There's no expressions of the gravitational changes to those coordinates being implemented for a false-positive string theory esque 4D substitute
  13. https://theconversation.com/amp/nuclear-fusion-building-a-star-on-earth-is-hard-which-is-why-we-need-better-materials-155917
  14. Here, let's add insult to injury https://www.actionnewsnow.com/templates/AMP?contentID=574655392 Let's make it a BLM thing
  15. This guy just blatantly goes in there troddy lah dee dah and mismatches dark matter and dark energy and the like https://www.space.com/amp/dark-energy-experiments-on-earth It the sun makes dark energy than the core of the earth does too. In any case, it's obviously not enough in either case to create the vacuum as we know for a fact now that was the handiwork of black holes in the early universe
  16. To anyone trying to run their own random 324 integers through this you'd have better luck on a co-prime counterproof of Beal Conjecture. That is unless you my proofs (z)tate
  17. Further more we must ask ourselves, since progenitors are capable of ionizing atoms, if these dark matter beings weren't the basis for our dna and if they don't play are self-gene construction their technology literally their bodies. It's a disadvantage to us, the one advantage we'd have my friends, are my ideas and the fact that we are not as limited as they in the field of maths
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