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  1. It's not for free, It's investition to marketing and the acquisition of new adepts
  2. By the way, the Koran and other Islamic literature is de facto extremist literature, there are all signs of extremism, including messages about genocide. There are legal tricks in modern law to justify this. This all applies to Abrahamic literature in general, not just Islamic
  3. You put forward the number of believers as an argument for the "correctness" of the faith, a kind of marketing ploy. I told you what are the real reasons for this mass character
  4. I think that they inhabited the Black Sea region, were pushed out by the Aryans to the north, and this gave impetus to the transformation of the culture of linear-tape ceramics into the culture of Corded wire
  5. Apparently in almost all. Jews were considered Semites, but for example the Ashkenazi, at best, are Semites only by their mother. The most interesting thing is that, apparently, the Ashkenazim descend from the Scythians. Real historical and etymological facts just speak about it. The Scythian country of Ishkuz is the most likely ancestral home of the Ashkenazi, their ancient ethnonyms are ašguza, Σκύθης, 'škwz This can explain that they have a widespread Y-chromosome r1a, especially among levits As for the "official history", it is mainly taken from Abrahamic mythology, and does not f
  6. This religion is the result of the imperial policy of the Arab Caliphate, almost all peoples outside of Arabia are dedicated there with the help of violence and blood. Christianity have almost the same way. In fact, Islamizing the East means the same thing as Arab expansion.
  7. It is believed that fat is consumed by mitochondria in the Krebs cycle, and this should lead to the fact that the most effective way to lose weight is aerobic exercise. However, in practice, this is completely refuted. Firstly, many overweight people are engaged in physical work, and secondly, it has been noticed that fat is burned most quickly during high-intensity loads, where the main cycle of energy production is the measles cycle, based on the breakdown of sugar
  8. Self-study is a conditioned reflex(Classical conditioning, associative binding). By all indications, autism is a damage of mechanism conditioned reflex, because the typical autistic always acts like a computer, uses programs and data loaded into memory instead of logic and induction. Memory hypertrophy there precisely because of the need to store instructions. The main property of an autistic is the inability to build generalizations, this is exactly the reason why they have low IQ
  9. I mean, first of all, English, French, and partly German. With others, I just barely know. It is believed that these are Indo-European languages, but there, as far as I understand, the population approach is applied. Typologically, these are not Indo-European languages, because their grammar is analytic, which is not typical of the ancient Aryans. In addition, there are articles, which is also a very clear sign of non-IE grammar Old European languages, which originated from Latin, belonged to Indo-European. Then they radically change, and only the irregular verbs remain from the
  10. I think that slavery was associated with matriarchy and priesthood. The oldest evidence of slavery is found in Old Europe
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