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  1. I would encourage science to help try disprove this new science. So I would like to invite you to watch if a video on YouTube that would hold your answer if this is right or I’m wrong. the video is “ what would happen if I touch a neutron star” He uses an example of what only 1 single drop will do. according to this science. Since he’s the creator of the burden of Creation. He will be able to eat through it with no resistance against him. It will vaporize anything in its way between him and his brother. your atomic weight (-) is what created. You
  2. I believe you completely missed the point. I draw a line called a path from both nuetron and sun all the way to how you behave and think and act. elemental matter follows this science. gas (+) outward expansion of ionic matter. (Proton recessive) - gases can increase in volume by adding compression. solids (-) inward compression of ionic matter. (Electron dominate) - solid can increase density and become heavier. Compressing it’s volume. Liquid (-+) harmonic element. Immune to increase of volume. liaiid cannot increase in volume with density or
  3. I have a new science. I discovered it. It’s about ancient Egypt and it’s also connected to their religion of the Sun god. I have evidence to support this fact. anubis the death god is the Nuetron Superior. Otherwise known to us as the nuetron star. consumes endlessly without need. He’s the creator of solid matter and the inward vacuum of space is his natural environment. A negative inward universe. The sun has space inwardly trying to get in on all sides. This is a universal law according to this science. This means earth will have inward force applied to it. And so
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