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  1. All I finally found another Gravity Wave Measurement measured against the diameter of the proton. The first gravity wave found was (GW150914) measured at a 10,000th of the diameter of a proton. It had a spin of -.01 and so in my python code it would be a 1 spin. I should explain Luminosity Distance, it is an approximation in the linear direction because light bends around massive objects on its way from deep space to the measuring point. At some junctures light can bend greater than other junctures, because of mass differences and this is why its an approximation for very deep objects.
  2. Thank you Dubbelosix for your quick response, Could you possibly break this down simply by showing every step through math how LIGO arrived at . If at all possible do you know a link where all the gravity waves are just in this format alone like the first one, yet I know they are different sizes. What I mean is did someone already do the math and do you know of a link where the gravity waves are in scientific notation like
  3. How can I find out all the gravity wave measurements that only relate to the diameter of the proton? For instance the very 1st Gravity Wave detection was found on September 14, 2015, with LIGO's interferometers in Livingston, at LA and Hanford. The detection was measured to be .000000000000000001 or 1e-18 or which was 10,000 of a diameter of a proton. I know LIGO has detected about a total of 50 gravity waves. Is it possible that you could send me all the measurements of all the gravity waves as a number like the first gravity in relation to the proton measureme
  4. Well I come from the school of the thought of a Platonic Philosophy of Mathematics where math is inherent in nature and where our number system is merely a reflection of the order that was and is present. The ego is in your way suggesting that mankind is the only intelligent mathematical beings, I beg to differ.
  5. I believe since luminosity is not an exactly accurate measuring stick this is just why the excitement is about gravity waves. After thinking about what Einstein wrote regarding luminosity as in light is not accurate to use exactly for distances, because of the linear constraint I thought how I could explain this to make it simple. Here I go: 1 ) Gravity Waves can extend out and their path is not effected by other masses, so the distance measurement is direct. 2) Where as [u]Light when it is emitted its path bends around stars so when using luminosity as a measuring tool for hu
  6. To All The Universe's Primary Number I don't use Luminosity at all to measure the distance to the Black Hole Merger from the Ligo Gravity Wave With the calculations below I have found the exact distance for the “LIGO’s Gravity wave source of the Black hole merger on September 14, 2015” through gravities geometry. Ligo’s estimated the source distance of the Black Hole Merger through a method called luminosity which is known to be an approximation of 1,271,400,000 light years. My method to find the source distance to the black merger utilizes a gravitational geometric number
  7. I found the Trinity in the Musical ABC-Notation of star system TOI-178. I wrote a book titled "Omega Lambda Effect: Voice of God from the Exoplanets": There is a catastrophic message contained from the decoding of the Laplace Resonance of prime 189643 of the star system TOI-178's orbits. I included a hopeful message within it it too. But what I found had already had a hopeful message as-well. If one converts the TOI-178's youtube video to MP3 to Musical notation then finally to ABC-notation. You will find the word "cea" in Romanian which Translates to "The one" at where the planets c
  8. Omega Lambda Effect: Voice of God from the Exoplanets Paperback – February 9, 2021 by Mr. Thomas Edward O'Neil (Author) A star system has been found about 200 light years from earth known as the Rhythmic Exoplanets (TOI-178 system) in the Sculptor Constellation. Five of its planets orbit in resonance and scientists believe this to be a one of a kind system. I decided to dig deeper for a message and what I found was nothing short of the Almighty. The message is dire and could relate to what's going on in your life and the environment too. Warning, read with care the information that is r
  9. The Current Extraterrestrial Alien Plan For Humans [Disclaimer] This is a fictional response and idea which came to me from watching the documentary, “The UFO Phenomenon”. This could be construed as a conspiracy due to lack of evidence and facts. This is simply an opinion on why I think the Grey’s are here! What if the alien Grey’s who we have known since Roswell are not benevolent well-meaning beings towards humans? In fact, what if they came here from thousands of light years away with a small armada of ships determined that they wanted Earth to them-selves over tim
  10. Math formula to decode it ½ã ©Øç “× 1/2 a rotation or orbit of x I simply took the exact recurring resonant frequency of the orbits of the exoplanets at π and counted the number of every pass starting when 3 planets where in rhythm. What is amazing is that its in sync and it repeats with the same number all over again infinitely. I'm not trying to prove anything to anyone and I just found it odd that scientists did not believe this sort of system existed. Therefore there maybe hidden meaning behind it. Doris God does exist and works in mysterious ways. The coincidence of a math fo
  11. Lastly what is interesting is these numbers 3111112111311111211113 add up to 30. Jesus was 30 when he began his ministry.
  12. I divided this number taken from video of the number of each rotations of planets 3111112111311111211113 in thirds then each third transformed to binary then to ASCII text and then I derived this math formula as it reads. ½ã ©Øç “× 1/2 a rotation or orbit of x So within the message itself its telling us how to read it as-well, this is simply mind blowing stuff! Think about it this formula is exactly π. When you watch the video and as a planet crosses the half way point as is π or pie that's where you count each exoplanet in rhythm! So x is the axis and every
  13. I don't know the mind of God, however apparently I believe from the rhythmic exoplanets maybe he did just what I decoded and left a tiny message. I believe his appointment with us friend is sooner than we think.
  14. Here the video of Rhythmic Exoplanets: In the news lately we have found a group of exoplanets that orbit in a Rhythmic dance and scientists thought this was impossible. I decided to inspect this anomaly for a message, like how the scientist searched the COBE deep radiation background of space to see if God left us a message to point towards his existence. I was astonished to find three indicators one in Romanian, and two in Greek. Cea was found and translated from Romanian as, "The One", then in Greek I found the "Omega" symbol and the letter "I". Here is the vide
  15. Most treacherous form of disinformation We are all practiced in the art of influence, it’s a part of human nature and instinctively when an individual or group proceeds to gain favor for a particular need and goal; communication is employed to try and win support for that cause. The spheres of tools which can be utilized to meet that cause begin with language and end in any imaginable positive or horrible outcome. However, when some of the less linguistically people cannot utilize language effectively for summoning favor to negotiate their needs and wants, often times with these
  16. I went to some reliable sources. I then recorded them into the video. If you are wondering what could go wrong with SCoPex then you have to watch this. This is the most massive suicidal venture ever inspired.
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