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  1. So South Korea have granted legal protection to 60,000 sadists after the Nth rooms. Not only did extremely few perpetrators receive lenient sentences, the rest were granted legal protection from the victims. Here's the puzzle; how long until we're all f***ed from corruption, idiocies and sadism? I mean at worst the whole 60k reproduces for a few years with probable victims and masses an army of sadists, 3 victims each 4 years 60k*3*3 plus the possible exponentials of them repeating this bs. That's the extreme end of it, but as you can see the possibility of this is rather unacce
  2. Footnote, if time didn't have a physical consistency would it be correct to say that time doesn't exist in physical terms? This isn't some I'm going to buy I'm afraid, gather the smarties.
  3. "Under Einstein's theory of general relativity, gravity can bend time" What's posted is a very basic logical explanation of what this is an attempt at saying, since gravity comes from 3d objects as a whole and not just one part of them it's considered a pooling. I don't think this man a fool, I also don't think nuclear weapons are the most destructive conceptions of theirs either. But what I do know for sure is, the Nth room aftermath is blatant evidence of government corruption of the highest order and in most messed up regard, it's up to the smartest to F*** them off as I'm afraid eve
  4. The higher the density of the concentration of time substance the faster the perception of it, this is evident from time dilation experiments and astronauts aging slower in space from less time substance caused by less gravity. This is because due to gravity time substance is more concentrated the closer it's measured to the earth. On earth the population would pass through more time substance than the astronauts in space due to gravity pooling the time substance towards the earth.
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