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  1. Nowadays, private space company really succeeded and manufactures pretty good technology and space vehicle. What do you think is the most advanced private space company ( except Space X ) at the present time?
  2. What was the most advanced space craft of the recent time that surprised you the most? As you can see technology nowadays is a fast developing thing and a lot of stuff have been invented for the recent time that can make a scientific breakthrough. What was the most special for you?
  3. I assume that we are not alone in the Milky way but we don`t have any evidence that prove it for 100%. If you have any facts that do it, please share.
  4. All of you probably know how the test launch of Starship ended. But what was the reason it crushed? Was the test successful for Space X, notwithstanding the final landing part?
  5. As far as you may know, scientists found a huge amount of water on Mars. I`ve been wondering for a while if that water is contaminated with radiation because of the high level of radiation on the red planet?
  6. Have you ever heard about satellites that observe collecting agricultural data and tracking environmental changes? Personally, I`ve recently heard about such kind of microsatellites that been manufactured by the space company from South Africa.
  7. What is the most advanced space technology you ever heard about? Today, when we are close to the crewed journey to Mars it`s rather interesting to know, what was for you the real breakthrough in the space tech world?
  8. Does anybody have a piece of information about microsatellites? I wanna know the capability they have, what kind of mission they have, will microsatellites be able to substitute the satellites we have now?
  9. Does humanity actually need Mars colonization? Elon Musk and Space X invest a lot of resources in Starship and Mars colonization. But as most people know the journey to this planet is not a piece of cake and it is rather dangerous for the crew of the spacecraft. Also, they did not figure out how to solve the fuel issue to get to the red planet and bring the crew back. ( Not even mentioning the harsh environment of the red planet. To prepare the crew for it will be very costly to invent special suits or capsules )
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