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  1. The Earth’s climate is heavily affected by the amount of energy radiated onto Earth by the sun. The amount of radiation from the sun influencing Earth and the way in which this radiation is distributed across the various seasons and latitudes around the Earth, is directly influenced by changes in solar activity. Most scientists consider satellite technology the most effective way to solve this issue. What do you think about that?
  2. Your theory is quite plausible. I believe in the existence of some intelligent forms of life somewhere in other galaxies, so it`s might be quite possible that such creatures have a spacecraft that can travel with the speed of light or even more advanced)
  3. Have you heard about the new special type of rocket fuel that is made from plastic waste? One company uses particular kinds of plastic to remake them in rocket fuel
  4. I assume it`s not easy to do. Actually, it will take a century to invent such spacecraft if to tale into the consideration the most advanced spaceships we are having now. We cannot even travel to other planet in the Solar system, it`s not a piece of cake to build such space ship
  5. Personally, I`ve never heard about such kind of propulsion system but it was pretty interesting to read about it) I found an article about so-called ``hybrid`` rocket. The term ``hybrid`` has been given to this rocket because it combines solid Hydroxyl Terminated Polybutadiene (HTPB) fuel and 90% Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) liquid oxidiser. This rocket has been build by a private space company from Scotland and it`s called SkyHy rocket https://www.skyrora.com/
  6. As we can see the most advanced and the most frequently used propulsion system for spacecrafts is nuclear. But can you name propulsion system that is rather good for space journeys as nuclear and in some time of development can substitute the most frequently used propulsion system?
  7. In addition to my answer above, I wanna say that I am not the specialist in the area of building such things but still I assume that it`s rather expensive thing to build and as for me it`s completely needless and useless. On the Earth`s orbit we already have a lot of space junk which became the issue for space companies.
  8. Also, I`d like that the new kind of propulsion system will be invented. The new kind that will allow us making long space journeys and visit planets in the Solar system and in other galaxies.
  9. I liked the way how microsatellites are developing and how they partialy substitute ordinary sats. This is a cheaper and easier way for some missions ordinary sats used to do. Also, we may use microsats bigger number of fields that only emphasis their competence. Satellite technology take part in our everyday live, so we cannot imagine our precent world without sat technology
  10. I consider it`s too early to talk about colonization of other planets. As far as we know there are no such planet in the Solar system that can allow us live there. Mars and Venus have harsh environment to live on. The situation on other planets is even worse. I consider that we can find such planet in another galaxy but we cannot talk about that with a confidence
  11. Personally I consider this concept rather interesting. But there are some scientific problems that are needed to be solved before this project starts building. Also, as for me I don`t see any necessity of this space hotel. Just imagine how much it would cost to build it. I assume we have more important stuff in space exploration. ( not taking into consideration issues we have on Earth )Like you said it`s just fun to talk about that project and dream how you would spend your vocation there)
  12. What are the most important issues we have now in space exploration area? As we can see now space explorations are developing very rapidly and by doing this, it causes a lot of issues to solve. Humans have a lot of stuff to figure out to get closer to particular purpose and which one do you consider is the most important and must be solved the first?
  13. I`ve bumped into some interesting article and I wanna share it with you and hear your thoughts about that project. The world`s first space hotel is slated to open in 2027 . Orbital Assembly Corporation, the group behind Voyager Station, has announced plans to begin building the hotel in low Earth orbit in 2025. The hotel will be able to accomodate 400 people and it will have a cinema, gyms, health spa, reastaurants, libraries and more stuff https://hypebeast.com/2021/3/orbital-assembly-corporation-voyager-station-expected-2027-opening-announcement?utm_source=instagram&utm_medium=social&
  14. In the modern world, science and technology are fast-growing things, and as we can see a lot of new space technologies are about to be produced or invented. Which one do you expect the most and which one do you think might be the most useful for humans or for space exploration?
  15. Yeah, you are right. I guess that scientists will develop such kind of space technology. This is rather reasonable to invest in such sphere to protect our environment which is suffering a lot from deforestation and pollution of different types, so we must do something to avoid collapse.
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