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  1. Well the government should take a stronger role, for one thing, but because of the politics in a lot of countries that are roadblocks to this.
  2. The only things scientists are really certain about is uncertainty. That may distinguish them from faith.
  3. Yes I mean an artificial volcano that emits sulfates like natural volcanos for solar radiation managment. I'm not sure what aerosol would be best, and I think a lot of people are looking into that. I think with sulfate aerosols one wouldn't produce too much acid rain, but still it would probably be better to use another aerosol if possible. The biggest problems are acid rain and ozone depletion, but other strategies, including the reduction of greenhouse gases have their own problem too including the amount of time and money it will take to change all the infrastructure. A short-term solution
  4. Artificial volcanos are proposed as a strategy for short-term mitigation of climate change. Artificial volcanos put aerosols in the atmosphere which alters the atmospheric albedo and causes the atmosphere to cool, at least for the short term. One of the problems with artificial volcanos is that while the temperature is lowered the CO2 still remains there, and that CO2 can still dissolve in the oceans leading to carbonic acid, destroying several species. However, it seems to me that if the temperature is cooled the rate at which CO2 dissolves should also go down. Any opinion on this?
  5. For weather control, you probably first need to be able to make reliable forecasts. As with anything, if you can't predict it you probably won't be able to control it.
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