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  1. Hi, I have a confusion about transponders in automated Toll Systems. I know that they are useful to avoid huge traffic gathering at the Toll booths. But then we have transponder only lanes. Transponders are detected by sensors. But how these fast vehicles fitted by transponders are charged with Toll fees. I mean once the car is detected in the transponder lane what are the remaining functions till the car leaves through the transponer only exit lane and how they performed? There are no barriers, so if there is a problem with the transponder, how this problem is detected if the car leave
  2. hi, In the diagram, I have shown 3 major issues but let’s consider that there are 4 issues and I have got following data related to Texas state: C19=COVID19 = 38% EJ= Economy and Job (28%) R=Racism(9%) HC = Health care = (9%) Party Affiliations: D= Democrat = 39% Re =republican= 40% N = neutral There are total 17 million voters Somebody please guide me how can I use the above data to predict the inclination of voters to one of the two candidates in a two party System where one of the candidates is the incumbent.Please feel free to suggest
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