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  1. On 12/17/2018 at 6:56 AM, Dubbelosix said:


    Leave something for the imagination for **** sake lol

    not A very humane [sorta] response sure the words aren't?

    perhaps i am just bit stupid?

    not referencing words or some such...to or at, any one in particular,

    just gatherin' in and makin' sure of

    the ground, i stand on...

    okay? 🙂

    holy war...wow.

    what a terrible invented unholy battle ground which can and never ever is able to have or even ''conjure up'' anything except

    PURE unadulterated, waste[age].

    pls honor such travesty as the incorporeal insult to such a fine person, as the OP. bigga pair of cojones that man has...

    d'ya think? ramblings never were my strength.


    eye do,

    big ones

    and words that were well formulated, giving over a specific quest...

    try this...

    Are we

    in ''real'' it-ee

    ''The Creators'' of

    The Finest Line Of Products

    that were,

    ever Created?

    ...and they just keep coming back for more...and more

    to only one end.

    we all give. ''look what they make us give. look what they force us all to do...''

    [or am i, just selling something?]

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