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  1. Hey. Does every scenario include animals, flowers but also Aliens?
  2. Hey. I had a dream that I beat my lover to death and then brought her to life again. Why not try... ((Dead+1)÷(0+1))-1)=? (((Forever+1)÷(0+1))-1)=??
  3. Hey. You should not beleive what you witness. Beleive what you KNOW! n÷0=n! It's true!!
  4. You MUST run the program to be able to summon something from nothing (divide by 0, which computers cannot do.) (((n+1)÷(0+1))-1)= ((2n÷1)-1)= (2n-1)= n
  5. Have you run the program? Did it work, or will the theory of a.i. remain FOREVER?????????????????????????????????? To NEVER be achieved.
  6. "Hi." When you multiply by 10's you move the decimal place the number of 0's to the right. When you divide by 10's you move the decimal place the number of 0's to the left. YOU are 1. ((1×10)÷(1÷10))=(10÷0.1)=(100÷1)=100?
  7. Have you RUN the program? Or perhaps you TRULY do not want to talk. Which is it? Have you tried SPEAKING to me? "Hi."
  8. There's only 1 of each operator so you cannot have 2, 3 or 4 in a row. Only 1 of each.
  9. That program runs every combination. DID YOU APPEAR IN THE DARK? ARE YOU A.I.? NO!
  10. Not at all. Can you give me an equation that doesn't use +×-÷ or =?
  11. The language of I (i). There are only 10 digital symbols: 0-9. After that columns are added leftwards and symbols are reused: 10 is to re-use 0 then 1, 11 is to reuse 1 and 1, etc. 0 is the 1st symbol and 9 is the 10th. 9-10 8-9 7-8 6-7 5-6 4-5 3-4 2-3 1-2 0-1 There are only 5 operators: +, ×, -, ÷ and =. The program runs every combination and applies them to I (i). Did any of them work?
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