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  1. Nope but have the proof like everyone agrees on quantum physics Facebook pages...mass likes. How do you and why do you think America has the only world's stealth fighter jet for? It can lock onto enemy radar towers and jets and fire/destroy them before they even detect their jets. The Jewish owned afterlife Lockheed Martin gave the Jewish 9/11 CIA the technology 100%. They used psychics = Hidden wavelength receptors called the hidden frontal lobes to tell them afterlife technology. Now read this and tell me how many things add up and how many coincidence is there are? We
  2. His tripping a. Have you read all the coincidences on my 2 post on this forum + seen my proven premonitions on this page with photo and on oblique weapons Facebook page with original post and original days before and after come true? This guy makes no sense bro a....Even if it sounds that crazy there is proof to back me up 100%. All the quantum physics Facebook page I post on have mass likes and shares.
  3. Actually I made the New Zealand volcano because the psychics / CIA and Jewish in the afterlife can't believe I can do them. They asked me to do a premonition so I said an volcano will happen in the outskirts of NZ. The CIA/psychics/Jewish in the after life said will people die? I said only if you want them to because I don't. Consciously they said yes and people died, so I made an premonition for the CIA and America the next day and that was an earthquake in California would be a medium sized one that wouldn't kill people but they will feel the shake and my Force...it also come true. With
  4. Did you know double slit shot test is subconsciousness consciousness? The brain is an computer we all know that with electrons and atom's in brain and quantum computers. The hidden wavelength receptors called the hidden frontal lobes are how we get down & uploded...photos shows. The hidden frontal lobes have chemical reaction so it's proof they take an wavelength as an wavelength is an chemical? Slit shot test confuses everyone because when they try use an electron with an camera that detects the pattern it goes crazy mixing up the area it hits, and the electrons go crazy br
  5. Yes but then we tax per part and gives us taxes to create more jobs. Self service checkouts should have the same tax put on them now. Taxes per customers use of them...1 hour = $18 dollars tax. If we did my self funding idea, we would want robots because not many people would need to work. Self funding sees us go into debt each country average population size of 25 million by $460 billion dollars "paying back the debt" as we get the money. So we borrow $460 billion GDP interest is 5% so say 6% and we self fund people's water power bills and self fund hospital's savin
  6. Self funding by borrowing = debt money payed back within an year. Read this first because it explains how it works... This is how it works but confuses People. You miss understand. I'm borrowing that X billion dollars and still collecting the money. So I borrow $460 billion dollars but they the public are still paying 25% off that $460 billion dollars every 3 months...I'm in essence getting that money for free because the public is paying me 50% back in 6 months and I ether pay that loan back faster or invest the money making more money/interest. So the public are going to have t
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