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  1. I was just oustide looking up at the sky and seen what i thought at the time was a disappearing star. It was a relatively bright one and as i was looking at it, it got dimmer and dimmer until it was gone. Took like 5 seconds or so to completely disappear from what i could see.


    Star disappearring seems a little far-fetched i thought, so was thinking of ways that it could or couldnt have been but have no idea where im coming from really. How likely is it? Once in a lifetime i would imagine but dont know.


    It wasnt the space station as that was in the sky at the same time. The star was kind of in the path of the satellite so i thought that maybe it was reflecting light off of something, and as the angles changed the light changed path and that's what i seen? No idea.


    No clouds in the sky.


    What do you make of it?



    I have witnessed the same thing that you are describing here. I was star gazing and scanning the sky from my right to left when suddenly a star lit up real bright in the corner of my eye. It grabbed my attention rather quickly because I saw no bright star where this one was when I was looking in that direction. It got extremely bright so I thought, “what is that”, “what’s this star called”, so I reached for my phone to open an app to identify it. I was looking at the star the entire time, and as I brought my phone up, it suddenly began to fade and before I could raise my phone to see if it would tell me what it was, it just faded on out. Like it was never there. It was located just east of the ursar major constellation. I have never seen anything like it.

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