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  1. Hi Wannabelifeguard, This is an interesting thinking on the probability of being attacked and injured or killed. However, here are two points that I think will give you a better understanding about using mathematical probabilities. 1) The overall probability is not calculated by adding the individual probabilities, but by multiplying them, as it is in Drake equation. This is the reason for your 1st point of confusion. 2) Yes, a probability equation for being attacked can make sense. There are two ways of doing this: One is to include each and every variable and scenario that may affect
  2. Explained - What Is Scientific Chaos Theory? Many people think that Chaos Theory is about disorder and randomness. However, it is not literally about disorder in science. It is stranger than you might think. Then what exactly is Chaos Theory? Let's find out the real meaning of chaos and chaos theory in science. The word "chaos" means disorder. However, the scientific chaos theory is not about disorder as we use it in our daily lives. The Chaos Theory is about statistical disorder, which has nothing to do with the disorder of your room. It is similar to non-determinism in Quantum Mechanics.
  3. Using only three colors, RGB, all other colors can be obtained. Therefore, there is no need to detect all other colors if you don't have to make spectral analysis/evaluation. Our regular cameras also detect only RGB wavelengths, then the colors are perceived from the combinations of these wavelengths. How our our body knows that only RGB is enough to produce all other colors is really one of the most interesting questions.
  4. I actually shared what I think on the subject in the video and wanted to see what others think. By the way, I also think the same as you do.. The perceived color is an interpretation of different wavelengths by our mind. Even cameras don't detect colors..
  5. Can you imagine a universe without any color? Everything that we know of emits, reflects or transmits colors as we perceive them. We also know that we see through light and visible light is composed of different wavelengths that correspond to different colors. Then do objects or light really have color? http://youtu.be/XTrU94l3TFI What do you think?
  6. It is not just a prediction. We have evidence that supports their existence and 5 of them is explained in OP. Without a supermassive black hole in the center of our Milky Way galaxy, there wouldn't be a solar system with a habitable planet (Earth) having millions of different living things, including me and you. So, your existence depends on the existence of that supermassive black hole (as it depends on thousands of other factors).. http://youtu.be/p0kj3v-j2ao That is what it is bringing to us. We hope knowing these things will show us how we came here and why we are here..
  7. Black Holes Explained - 5 Ways To Know They Exist Black holes are one of the most mysterious objects we have ever discovered. They cannot directly be observed with our current technology. Then, how do we know that they exist? Here are 5 ways to discover the existence of a black hole. WARNING: The explanation is very simple and easy to understand..
  8. Dark Matter Explained - How Do We Know It Exists? Understanding existence of dark matter is a lot easier than understanding itself. It is still a mystery, because we still DON'T KNOW what it is. It is completely invisible and undetectable with current technology. Then how could we know about its existence? Moreover, how can we know how much dark matter there is? Let's find out..
  9. COVID-19 - How Our Body and Vaccines Fight Coronavirus, other viruses or bacteria? The whole world is fighting against a tiny virus called as SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, Coronavirus or new Coronavirus. There is still no COVID-19 vaccine or a medicine that directly targets and kills the new coronavirus. However, many people recovered after COVID-19 infection. Some of them didn't even receive any medical treatment. Many COVID-19 patients recovered at their homes. Some people healed without even noticing that they were infected with the SARS-CoV-2. - Then, how did they heal? - How does our body fight
  10. The universe is expanding faster than the speed of light. Galaxies at the edges of the observable universe are receding / going away from us ~3.3 times faster than the speed of light in vacuum [c].
  11. Thank you for the detailed comment about the materials discussed in the video. It is really helpful for a content creator like me to consider in preparing new contents. So, I really appreciate your time that you took to write it. I would like to share my opinions on some points you made. As explained in the video, the constant "c" is actually not the speed of light. Therefore, one would not need to experiment light to calculate it. It is derived from Maxwell's equations. We have two constant numbers, permittivity and permeability or electric and magnetic constants of free space. We do have t
  12. DID YOU KNOW that speed of light is not always the fastest? Here is how: http://youtu.be/XeBCDz121Nk
  13. What Kind of Universe is Suitable for Life? (Life, as we know it). You have heard of habitable planets, habitable exoplanets, habitable zones or Goldilocks zones, habitable stars and even habitable moons. But have you ever heard of a habitable universe? It is a universe that is suitable for life, as we know it, and any universe is not habitable. It must be a special universe, like our universe. What makes our universe so special? Here is an overview of some main criteria that a universe must meat to allow some life, as we know it, to develop and survive: http://youtu.be/p0kj3v-j2ao
  14. The possibility of life elsewhere is much more complicated than the Drake's Equation.. Drake's Equation assumes that (this is one main assumption among others) when all conditions for habitability hold, then there will probably be life. Or when the conditions are suitable for a particular living thing, it is possible that there was that kind of living beings. To better understand the possibility of life elsewhere, it is essential to first understand what made and still makes life possible on Earth. You have heard of habitable planets, habitable exoplanets, habitable zones or Goldilocks zones,
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