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  1. Some individuals are especially sensitive to threatening situations such as the present COVID-19 pandemic, and tend to develop catastrophic attitudes towards it. Catastrophism is defined as a negative cognitive–affective response to an anticipated or actual threatening situation o experience. This concept was developed on a physical pain context, however it is fully extrapolable to different situations. It involves constant concern and rummiation of negative thoughts related to the situation, magnification of fear and unpleasantness, high expectations of negative outcomes and low self-efficacy
  2. Unlike other combat sports, MMA involves a variety of striking and grappling techniques focused in almost every part of the opponent's body, therefore the physical damage dealt and taken by these athletes comes in a wide range of qualities and intensities. High profile MMA fighters develop an outstanding physical pain tolerance and pain coping strategies which gradually modify their attitudes towards physical pain, making them less likely to catastrophize or mishandle pain experiences. Given this context, having a deeper knowledge on fighters attitudes towards physical pain may be useful in de
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