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  1. There is little i can respond to here. I, obviously, think my geometry and calculations are good. What, specifically, about dimensionality has it failed? - W
  2. Specific properties of matter are described in terms of fluid dynamics. fmomdoc.pdf
  3. Sorry about the link. I have attached the paper as a file. -Wfmomdocpdf.pdf
  4. My publisher is in India and is hung up a while. But there are people with time on their hands who could be considering my work. It is a paper about particle and field theory. It is my life's work. I think the google drive link is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CB4Rwq4PQIgs2QUeM_KRjIcPQ448km7q/view?usp=sharing William LaMar
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