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  1. When it rains, rain drops leave strings though out an area; actually lines that have a pathway towards the earth leaving a disruption of electrons and protons in our atmosphere. Thus creating lightning.
  2. Victormedvil, no not possible for any of your two responses
  3. When I was born premature as a baby my heart stopped beating multiple times. I had to be rushed to a different hospital. When I grew and was at the age of about 27 years old I witnessed something. I was laying on my couch one night and saw an image unlike anything I have ever seen. It was free floating; no screens and it wasn't even transparent. It glowed a dull yellow color and had a purple outline to it. This most amazing thing, was that there was a boy gliding his hands along a wall with symbols carved into it. Soon, within seconds; an older man guided they kid away by his shoulder probably
  4. Picture this, a man is getting older and wants to return to his younger self. The only way to do this is to escape the exstince he is in and to be seen by someone else at a younger age in time. With the image fresh in the someone else's mind the past is brought forth and the man returns to a younger age. However, he is not able to return to his former exstince with the people he loves and the life he has made for himself because he would only be able to witness his older self. So he escapes the someone else world for another exstistence. If we die there must surely be an afterlife and many pat
  5. Where do our thoughts, dreams, and images we think of go once we forget them or put them aside. It is said once information is forgotten is goes to the environment. If humans are just biological vessels it would be selfish to think that these and our thoughts are only ours. Imagine being able to capture these stored in our environment years in the future and what this would mean for mankind.
  6. @oceanbreeze that's more like paint without gathering any outside information
  7. Sorta...like surveying a big enough area or comming through similarities to try to pick up on things that aren't always visible
  8. Was curious. Is there any software out there for purchase that takes light and portrays images through algorithms. Was also wondering is there any mechanisms out there like spectographs you can purchase for a Mac or PC that is USB based for this type of work the bigger the better?
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