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  1. A study done at a fertility clinic, which had 300 subjects, found that cell phone use harms male fertility. This is obviously very concerning, but is it flawed? Their exclusion criteria was: “Subjects who had undergo surgery for hernia repair, medical diseases as D.M, U.T.I, thyroid disease, patients who were on antipsychotic or antihypertensive drugs, or taking alcohol, azoospermics & those with small sized testes were excluded from the study.” That doesn’t seem like a very extensive criteria to account for the fact that patents where already infertile. Their questionn
  2. A study has found that cell phones are detrimental to male sperm quality (Lower sperm motility and sperm concentration). It’s original goal was to determine if image content has a effect on sperm quality, but accidentally discovered that men who said they kept their phone in their pocket had worse sperm quality than those who didn’t have a phone in their pocket. As far as I can tell, from my limited knowledge, the study isn’t very flawed. What I do know is that they used 52 men, which doesn’t seem like a lot. Another possible flaw is in regard to how they took sperm samples. Sperm paramet
  3. I have read a study that has found that cell phones are assositated with increased immature sperm amoung men: I am wondering if this study warrents action, should we change how we use phones? I can only indetify one flaw with this study, and that is that it's population was from a fertility clinic. This seems like a selection bias as they are studying people who are already infertile (The study tried to account for this by only allowing those with normal sperm concentration to participate, however sperm concentration only makes up one of many factors that go into measuring fertility, t
  4. Is this study worth worrying about? BACKGROUND:Radiofrequency exposure from mobile phones is concentrated to the tissue closest to the handset, which includes the auditory nerve. If this type of exposure increases tumor risk, acoustic neuroma would be a potential concern. METHODS:In this population-based case-control study we identified all cases age 20 to 69 years diagnosed with acoustic neuroma during 1999 to 2002 in certain parts of Sweden. Controls were randomly selected from the study base, stratified on age, sex, and residential area. Detailed information about mobile phone use and o
  5. I posted this on Reddit’s biology forum, I thought that this was a sign of oxidative stress which can cause cancer, am I wrong?
  6. Hi, I’ve had a fear of phone radiation for a while now, the scientific community has been very helpful in helping me understand results of studies. That being said, I need someone to please look through this and tell me what you think: (The theory is that these results are signs of Oxidative Stress which can cause cancer) Study 1: Background Nowadays mobile phone is very popular, causing concern about the effect it has on people’s health. Parotid salivary glands are in close contact to cell phone while talking with the phone and the possibility of being affected by them. Limited st
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