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  1. the most known or used thing ,I guess,is spss analysis. But I think you should pay attention to a point just..first try to interpreret general understandings (e.g. normal dstribution , regression, correlation,variance ,covariance etc) and then you can swim in spss. but before such initial knowledge (which are basics),I do not recommend.
  2. NOPE. you will only calculate or dive into deep mathematical formulas like religiously irrational stephen hawking did. oh,well, I do not believe any science was rational when that science was not providing any efficacious side. 🙂
  3. hi @lolanickson,I recommend that you find yourself a better job lola. Why? first it is potential to see someone here are really professional in writing papers. One another problem is that I can almost guarantee that you would not be able to obtain/take a regular and good salary via this in such platforms. You may or not be professional, I do not discuss this in fact the job assigned via face to face negotiation or remotely negotiated but running face to face or like with so close interactions is almost always better. however, while you will potentially find and/or create good
  4. balagna


    to begin with, I am neither a medical doctor nor linguistics doctor although I sometimes assess/accept myself as a linguist (but learner,rather than researcher in this field). but I shall again try to represent some details I know based on your questions. 1) I think it is not used just as a prefix,but also suffix or you can find this word at the center of three words (i.e. betwen two words,in a compound word) e.g.: electroneurophysiology 2) we have more than billion of neurons in our brain. Every neuron has at least one dendrite and acson (but there are some types (e.g.: bi
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjLnRjx7rgM
  6. hi again Victor, I am not sure whether you are fully informed about ePCT filings. Because as I newly learnt, the filng does not consist of only preparation in english language and any else language (if available) but will also require to know the langauge which you would like to protect your patent at that (in fact,at "those" countries) yes. I contacted japan patent institute and they expressed that they would require the translation of files (in japanese) in ePCT system's national phase. turkish patent institute says that they also require turkish translations if anyone
  7. a successful output... good morning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w0SdcZLLo8
  8. I did not enjoy this one so much, but it is both no bad and click numbers says that it is worth to listen it.
  9. mmm, be sure .. you will never be succesfull in doing science if you feel yourself as you have to do something. oh, how old are you!? will I teach you this , where are you ... you should not bother me with this.
  10. I am an official teacher. I can say that not all of the children are same. to be honest,This will be a bit religious idea at the backgroung if we pay attention to its originality says: "only willing / demanding people can obtain a knowledge if we would like to speak more accurate" .... interestingly,I realised that this was correct. in fact, this is being satisfied with two direction: both ethical and rational. I do not think that it conform with ethics if you try to make someone learn in case he/she obviously states his unwillingness across that thing. and
  11. I am not a spammer. I do not read thoth's posts,I deal with my intellectual properties only these days. and not with you! anyway,I shall continue my developments go, and sleep ...
  12. irrelevant editors impolite expressions and rules (being richy does not provide quality in case you would/request quality in regard to every direction.)
  13. o , o , o oh montgomery! how can you show your head here? I remember you had been banned based on your demand.
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