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  1. This is what I needed to see.I had a hard time thinking which online course should I take.I guess this would be among the perfect ones.Lemme get started. Thank you.
  2. Hope you now understand that the thing is real.
  3. The link was very helpful...I appreciate it bro. And you've also added some useful info to me.Lastly you're an expert in English... Hope you're just kidding in your last paragraph haha
  4. Hi everyone I'm a high school student taking the subjects of Maths,physics and chemistry. I'm really interested to become a data scientist and I can say it's in my blood.The only thing has brought me here is to ask from you experts the thing I should consider in order to fulfill my dreams.Of course I've tried to ask some people about this and one of them told me that I should begin learning python and SQL immediately... So I would also like to hear from you.. What do you think? I'm sorry for my grammar.. Ain't from an English speaking country. Regards.
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