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  1. So basically your saying she is not as valid as she claims to be
  2. What’s halo dark matter I never heard her mention it?
  3. Sorry I meant why you said long time from now Also she has many articles and videos about vacuum decay, she also has a book coming out in June about the end of the universe .
  4. Did I say something wrong I just asked why your saying long time from now
  5. Please elaborate on why now it’s a long time from now. I am not questioning your responses I am hoping for the facts that explain this Dr Katie Mack seems to think it is very plausible
  6. I saw your post on the higgs and it’s spin, does that imply vacuum decay is more possible
  7. Not sure what you mean I thought it was nothing to worry about? I was talking about news articles and stuff They all say not for billions of years but then throw in it can happen at any time.
  8. Thank you Some news articles and YouTube videos make it seem like it’s about to happen. Always good to have clarification Have a good day
  9. So nothing to worry about in our lifetime Thank you for your help
  10. Ok sorry I was going by your comments
  11. But you said Timboo, on 18 Feb 2020 - 10:38 AM, said: So it is possible then in our lifetime this can cause vacuum decay? Yes, but the decay would be a quantum leap from one configuration to another. Whether it is reversible is another issue.
  12. This falls into what you said that vacuum decay will happen in our lifetime.
  13. Check this out https://www.google.ca/amp/s/dailygalaxy.com/2020/02/a-quirk-in-the-cosmos-alpha-factor-has-profound-implications-for-physics-and-life-weekend-feature/amp/
  14. I am trying but I grasp you feel your stating this is possible soon
  15. I am sorry not grasping what you mean my apologies
  16. So you think it could happen in our lifetime then? Not grasping your comment
  17. Not sure exactly what you meanDoes the Higgs not decay at 1.6 x 10 -22 is that short?
  18. Never heard of Goldstone Boson , and what makes you think it would not decay anytime soon? And don’t all particles decay I believe higgs is 10 -22 Which is short Quantum mechanics predicts that if it is possible for a particle to decay into a set of lighter particles, then it will eventually do so.[162] This is also true for the Higgs boson. The likelihood with which this happens depends on a variety of factors including: the difference in mass, the strength of the interactions, etc. Most of these factors are fixed by the Standard Model, except for the mass of the Higgs boson itself. For a
  19. I did mean vacuum decay due to Higgs they found Higgs si does that mean decay then? Also the higgs has always existed
  20. You said you are giving answers you feel appropriate And other comments have said otherwise And also you have never explained the answers to the previous comments you made
  21. You think appropriate how about giving the truth then How likely is vacuum decay in our lifetime? Are you not a scientist
  22. It’s like your playing games now
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