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  1. apparently false vacuum decay happened do you large mass of neutrinos






    Other decay modesEdit


    Decay to smaller Vacuum expectation value, resulting in decrease of Casimir effect and destabilization of proton.[6]

    Decay to vacuum with larger neutrino mass (may have happened relatively recently).[3]

    Decay to vacuum with no dark energy[4]



    Relatedcosmological stud- ies of the resulting inhomogeneities in supercooled late-time phase transitions have been presented in Ref. [98], which finds that kinetic-SZ data constrain bubble nucleation from false vacuum decay to hap- pen very recently


    Not good at all and it happened recently


    Am I the Only one concerned

  2. Hi all some questions


    for the asteroid on April 30. According to NASA it will be 16 times further than the earth to the moon.



    1- How can they know this for sure?


    2- How do we know they are being honest with the distances?


    3- are they the Only ones able to make these calculations?


    4- Several news sites had articles that it would hit and this was secret info from NASA?


    5- another site claimed that the Coronavirus was brought up to keep people isolated because of this asteroid to avoid mass panic, so how do we know what’s real vs fiction on this?


    These things make it hard to determine what is right dosent it?


    thank you

  3. But now, scientists, including the ones behind the new paper, are questioning this conclusion, suggesting that the universe is experiencing a “false vacuum,” and hasn’t truly transitioned to its least excited and most stable state. The result: a “bubble of nothing” that could “‘eat’ all of spacetime, converting it into ‘nothing,'” Marjorie Schillo, lead author from Uppsala University, told Motherboard.

  4. I have already said why, the universe will be quite stable for a while yet, the universe is in a final phase when eventually black holes will take over the universe but that will take a very long time for that to happen, but even then they will radiate back into photon energy. It has nothing to do with the Higgs Boson and the silly claims that have come from it.

    So apparently they have seen these vacuum bubbles now that are causing vacuum decay?












  5. You seem to have it in mind that the shockwave cannot be buffered.

    I am not sure what it means buffered. In my mind this shockwave is travelling trough space destroying anything in its path.


    Also what does it mean when it says punched a crater through the galaxy

  6. It's roughly 400 billion light years away, so I wouldn't be concerned about any shock waves. Yes they can lay waste to surrounding systems, but this one probably won't affect us for a long time even if it will, sound waves can be absorbed by interstellar objects.

    So does that mean anything in the way of the moving shockwave is getting destroyed even now?

  7. That's because the light that reached us tells us about the event 400 billion years ago, it is telling us nothing else.

    How do they know the explosion is over, does that area still exist, or is it all empty space now?


    So this is not something that would reach earth in our lifetimes then?

  8. A shock wave travels at the speed of sound, much less than the speed of light.

    Ok so how long before the shockwave hits us from this


    1. If the explosion was that big and took up so much space does that mean all the planets and stars in the vicinity of the burst were destroyed?


    2. The article mentions that the explosion took place over millions of years but has stopped now, how do they know it stopped. Can they still see that area?


    thank you

  9. Well what was it you where getting at?

    What did you mean by it’s a joke?




    If we’re seeing it just now. How much longer does the shockwave hit us?


    And it’s expanding


    So did this just create a crater in the hot gas? Or did it blow a hole in the galaxy itself, With suns and star systems being caught in the blast?


    If so this could be the largest extinction event ever recorded


    Explosion - note there is a wavefront and it is expanding into pre-existing space:




    Expansion - The image represents the 2D curved surface of a sphere that is expanding. Space is being created between the moving objects which represent photons and the static yellow dots which represent galaxies . Picture that separation as universal expansion and note that it is not expanding into pre-existing space but is actually created between the galaxies; it is necessary to ignore the area outside the sphere to get the concept:



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