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  1. What in the world are you talking about? Once again you just make some odd comment out of the blue without even going over what the thread is about. That is what is called trolling. I am surprised you can crawl out from under your bridge to even type on a computer.😄
  2. I don't really care how people spell things or punctuate things. I was just giving an example and pointing out that he is not perfect in his spelling also. So when someone is constantly making remarks on spelling and punctuation they better be perfect in it themselves which Monty proved he is not. That was all I was saying. I think there are many theories on the Anunnaki. But sure, they were some kind of ruling class in ancient Sumerian. Which is where the blue bloods come from and why the elite try to keep a certain bloodline because they believe that bloodline is the ruling class. It is
  3. I do understand your position which I have stated in the above post. You are welcome to not believe in anything but what the gov and mainstream tells you to believe. That is your choice. Just like it is millions of people's choice to believe Jesus is coming back, which we know will never happen but they still have believed it for thousands of years with all the evidence pointing to that the Bible Jesus didn't exist at all. But people choose what they want to believe it and we can debate the subjects. Precisely! Because you want to remain stuck in your little box of reality. That is your c
  4. I really don't blame you for not believing in Aliens since you never seen one or don't do any research on the subject. You also seem to believe everything the mainstream science, media and governments tell you. It is your right to not believe in it. But it's not my fault you don't know how to do research on the matter and just believe the propaganda fed to you everyday. What do you believe in Monty? Is the government and mainstream media your god? You seem to bow down to them very well.
  5. Apparently according to Anchovy and A-wal we are the same somehow.😄 What do you think of that Monty?🤣
  6. That is painting the kettle black in not interested in learning. Give me an example on how I am an extremist. I have lots of evidence on the things I post or I wouldn't be posting them. If I am shown proof otherwise then I will start to look at that. So I really don't know how you come to that conclusion. The truth is the mainstream is an arm of the cabal and pure propaganda and mind control. Unless they are talking about little puppies. It's not my fault you don't see that and think I am an extremist for actually looking for the truth in all avenues. I have been studying these things for
  7. Story at-a-glance - According to the World Economic Forum, by 2030 we will own nothing and be happy about it Terms like “the Great Reset,” “the Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “Build Back Better” all refer to the same long-term globalist agenda to dismantle democracy and national borders in favor of a global governance by unelected leaders, and the reliance on technological surveillance rather than the rule of law to maintain public order For d
  8. I think what it boils down to Monty is that if Biden is elected you better learn how to speak Chinese and wear your mask 24 hours a day.
  9. That is correct but it is quite impossible to get that through Monties head. Everything he don't agree with is a "conspiracy theory" in his mind. I think he just keeps CNN on a constant time loop.🤣
  10. Hey, I think we can agree on something. We are nothing alike and maybe Anchovy should spend a little more time here and find out instead of insulting us both.
  11. Trust me, he is not like me at all. We are complete opposites. He clings to the mainstream theory of life while I look outside the box of the mainstream. In other words, I don't believe everything I am told by the media and "authority" figures or the government. So I think both Monty and I would argue to you that we are not the same at all. Where does this leave you?
  12. Well besides having my own experience myself when I was a kid. Around 2008, I was bored in Iraq and just started researching the subject and reading all the books I could find on it and websites. I think I mainly started to research it again when in reading the Old Testament in the Bible that it seemed this God in the Bible seemed more of an alien then the true God. Then the Old Testament made a lot more sense if you change the word God to Anunnaki. Then from there is when I got into researcher religion more and started connecting more dots. Not long after that I didn't consider myself a Chris
  13. Better to be a nutcase then a loan nut like yourself .🤣 I have to ask, do you live in your parents basement Monty? You seem like the type of person that does. And speaking of Aliens in the past, I think this video breaks it down pretty good. Although you probably won't take the time to watch it since it's not stamped with CNN's approval.🙂
  14. It's interesting to see you know a lot about Hollywood movies but not actual real life. That may be part of the problem into your mind control. Maybe this will help you open your eyes:
  15. It's to bad you can't spell behavior correctly. Yes, because you are more worried about commas and spelling then actually learning anything of value or even talking about anything of value. The two main things that you mainly have in your vocabulary or Icky David and Conspiracy theory. If your trying to be a propagandist you are not very good at it.😄 You should try expanding your vocabulary from the same 10 words you use over and over again.
  16. That is a very good start to researching aliens who don't think they possibly can be here. There are thousands if not millions of cases of abductions that have been reported through the years. Many of them are of the grey aliens but their are also many different kinds that have been reported, including reptilian type beings and even insect like beings. Monty seems to think their is no proof because he don't look for the proof. He only goes by what the mainstream tells him and everything the mainstream don't push is a conspiracy theory in his mind. He is what you call a classic mind contro
  17. Well as we have seen their are millions of Monties running around out there. Not to derail the thread but just to give an example. The chances of dying from Covid are minuscule yet we still have millions of Monties running around with masks on.😄 So to me, it don't seem like most of humanity(Monties) have any common sense left to think for themselves. Many of the Monties believe they are the only "intelligent" life in this universe. The even more funny part is they believe they are actually intelligent.🤣
  18. I do believe aliens exist and have been here around this planet for a very long time through my research, however Victors's thread does bring to mind Project Bluebeam. It goes over a little bit of that here: In short, a faked alien invasion is part of Project Bluebeam. https://stop5g.cz/us/project-bluebeam-directed-energy-weapons-holograms-in-the-sky-5g-satellites-lrad-medusa/ I know you missed me Monty.😆I took myself a little vacation.🙂
  19. I got the new buzz word for you Monty. Germ Theory denilelism. It's a real thing invented by your favorite Gov and Technocrat operatives.😄So now we have Conspiracy Theorist, Anti Vaxxer, climate change denier. I am guessing the next one will be Covid denier or Anti Covid.😆
  20. Apparently they killed your any way of thinking for yourself. It's not all about killing but also decaying your brain and penal gland enough where you don't even know you are being poisoned. You are the frog in boiling water. We as humans should be living a healthy life by now into the 100s but it won't happen because your being forced to die sooner and also so brain dead you can't even see you are being poisoned.😃Your just a rat in a cage Monty what it all boils down to. You make this known everyday with your thoughtless posts.
  21. So why with this Covid aren't they using real science? Can you explain that if these paid experts are doing science the right way?
  22. He was a journalist not a conspiracy theorist. But as usual you wouldn't know the difference because you don't understand what a real journalist is. You listen to the CIA journalism that fills your mind with propaganda perpetually. So much so that you can't break the mind control.
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