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    Mutex got a reaction from Jo818 in Black Hole Information Paradox Comes To A End   
    I'm talking about Gravity, you know the stuff that makes you fall down and that sticks you to the ground, the stuff that DOES NOT COMPRESS when you compress matter.
    But please, prove me wrong, (instead of just insulting), go ahead and show me the equations and established science that says that gravity compresses with mass.
    One thing I have notice is you provide NO evidence, no equation,  you just get grumpy, sorry if you can't quite grasp the concepts. But I expect more from you guys. Why does big G or little g make any difference, do you have ANY evidence that you can compress the volume of the gravity by compressing the volume of the mass? 
    I can wait... 
  2. Haha
    Mutex got a reaction from Jo818 in Black Hole Information Paradox Comes To A End   
    Math alone does not prove anything at all, 'doing the math' is just a small part of the total scientific method, and just because some mathematical model looks right that does not mean it is an accurate description of reality. 
    Also, we really have no idea what is going on at or in a black hole, all we know for sure about them is that they do not emit visible light (they are black), and they have a lot of mass (by observing how things move near them).
    The same concept applies for 'information', what experiments or observations show that 'information' as an independent 'thing' is really 'a thing' ? 
    What is the information they are talking about? 
    IF something is the way it is, the 'information' about the way it is, is what it is. If it becomes something different then that information is different also, what something is and the information about what something is is the same thing. 
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    Mutex got a reaction from Anchovyforestbane in Starlight Where Are You   
    Over a greater distance the less photons you will receive from stars, at some distance due to the inverse square law you will receive a NON-DETECTABLE number of photons.
    Olber's paradox does not apply because of the inverse square law as well, at some distance over the entire life of a star NO photons will reach the earth over the area of the detector over any possible exposure time.
    So it is possible that the universe is infinitely old and infinitely large and NOT have a 'as bright as the sun' sky. 
    The resolution is that even if the universe is infinitely old and infinitely large, the sources of the light are NOT shining for an infinite time and the inverse square law means that over the life of a star at a certain distance from that star no photons or next to no photons will reach the earth.
    The other resolution of the paradox is that the night sky IS NOT as bright as the sun, brightness is also a function of distance and not just area.
    Hubble deep field was detecting (at any one point) something like one photon every 8 seconds, when looking at very distant objects. So 1 photon every 80 years, or 8000 years is impossible to detect. That is why the night sky is not like a sun all the time.. 
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    Mutex reacted to montgomery in Take the vaccines or lose your job   
    A great video Thoth. The picture of the graveyard with hundreds and hundreds of crosses was what convinced me the most. And then the shot of the syringe with the crying baby in the background sealed it for your theory. After this I'll never doubt you on your anti-vaxxer theories again! If 'THEY' will kill the babies then 'THEY' will kill anybody!
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    Mutex reacted to OceanBreeze in Stability of the Hydrogen Atom   
    I think these days it is generally accepted that the electron is a quantum object. That is, an electron is partially particle-like and partially wave-like, but it may well be something more complex that is neither a wave nor a particle. So, while Bohr’s model was/is simplistic and wrong, he did manage to exactly calculate the ground state energy of hydrogen as well as the correct size of the hydrogen ataom. This may have been made possible by the strange fact that in the hydrogen atom, the radial excitation and an angular excitation have the same energy.
    Furthermore, the Bohr mathematical formulas are still used because they do give correct results. For example, the Bohr radius formula remains central in atomic physics calculations, due in part to its simple relationship with other fundamental constants.
    As I understand it, scientists are more interested in making the equations match the result of experiments than trying to describe what is the most realistic physical model. In fact, we may never know what is actually physically real at the quantum level.
    Welcome to the forum Dr. Bernhard Kup
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    Mutex reacted to OceanBreeze in Debate about something to do with security clearances   
    When you get caught in a lie you will most likely be called a liar and you should learn to accept it.
    You said you had the highest level of security clearance given by the US.
    The US does not give security clearances to non-US citizens.
    You lied. That fact is obvious to everybody.
    Now I will be moving all this crap out of this thread.
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    Mutex got a reaction from Thoth101 in Coronavirus Is Fake News   
    Finally someone else who actually understands security 101, need to know, or compartmentalization, it's the same thing. 
    The only difference for me was I was in crypto and signals, it is a part of my job to monitor the integrity of the communications links, the only way you do that is to be able to monitor and view everything on the network, so all signals about everything, I 'needed' to know. So I had that access. 
    I did not 'work with' the NSA, I used equipment made by the NSA (again from the crypto world), I had the equipment design and full access to the encryption keys, and as such every plain text message on the network. 
    That is why it makes no difference if that clearance was issued by the US or by Australia (sorry wrong person LOL).
    So what that boils down to is that I had a lot of access about things not directly related to my specific job, but that access was required for me to do my job. So I saw a lot of secrets, all the time, for things nothing to do with my job. 
    And as I said, and as you know, it's usually not very interesting, like flight skeds. 
    in regard to covid being fake or whatever, and CDC lying (or not), makes no difference, actual population statistics from large samples indicate that average death rates are much higher during COVID that for equivalent populations in the same area in other years. 
    In other words lots more people died that you would expect, the reason for that is COVID. 
    But I do enjoy out little chats!😁
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    Mutex reacted to OceanBreeze in Debate about something to do with security clearances   
    It is just to post the correct information and all supported by links, that's all.
  9. Haha
    Mutex reacted to montgomery in Debate about something to do with security clearances   
    I'm having trouble believing any moderator would pull that kind of a stunt to sooth his vainglorious needs!
  10. Thanks
    Mutex reacted to montgomery in Plastic Eating Enzymes   
    Mutex, thanks for your answer to the question. Hopefully Victor will still have an interest in following this topic too.
    p.s. Most of all I'm interested in creating some much needed traffic on this board because it's teetering on the verge IMO. But it has to be rational discussion by rational people or there's really no point in saving it. Any ideas?
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    Mutex reacted to OceanBreeze in Dear Kirsty, God and lover,   
    One warning has already been given.
    Moving this to silly claims.
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    Mutex reacted to montgomery in Time Travel Proven Possible   
    Yeah I get what you're trying to say. Something along the lines of what you're trying to do is a long way from Thoth's nonsense conspiracy theories. He's got a lot of heart inversted in it so there's likely no chance of him coming back to reality. It's entertaining sometimes!
    For you: You are facing a lack of acceptance by those you consider your peers on some other science forums. You might be able to get that here but you have to consider who you accept as peers. Accepting a batshit crazy conspiracy theorist isn't doing yourself any favours.
    Everybody on this board who are mentally stable could help by telling him he's lost it. That wouldn't drive him off and lose the traffic the forum needs but it 'would' likely cause him to think twice before going off into never-never land.
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    Mutex reacted to OceanBreeze in Electricity flows in an open circuit, too   
    Why are you using two objects that are connected to water lines in one way or another? You say there is no water pipe connected to the bath but does not both the washing machine and the bath have drain pipes? If the led lights there must be a complete circuit.  Try disconnecting both the water inlet and the drain lines from the washing machine and repeat your experiment. Even better, don’t use any device that connects to water lines at all; try two metal filing cabinets sitting on a tile floor. This experiment is nonsense and the only person who is being fooled here is you.
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    Mutex got a reaction from OceanBreeze in Electricity flows in an open circuit, too   
    There is NO way the bathtub is not grounded, and there is little possibility the washing machine has an infinite resistance between ground and the voltage source for the LED.
    The fact that the LED lights up is proof that there is a complete circuit, go an buy a multimeter, put it on Ohms and you will measure a resistance between your electrical ground and the bath, and you will read an electrical resistance between the washing machine and the bath. 
    You could even just do V=IR and based on the voltage needed to light the LED and the current the LED draws you can calculate that resistance 
    (It's R = V/I)
    As you know you are dealing the 'DC' and not AC so faraday's law does not apply here at all. 
    You talked about getting a shock of a helicopter, that is because you complete a circuit, the helicopter builds up a static charge due to the interaction with air, when you touch it, you make a circuit to the ground and you get a shock. 
    It is clear that you have a complete electrical circuit, even if the 'ground' path resistance is quite high, that is why you need 41 volts to light up a sub 1 volt LED. 
    Sorry, no Nobel for you this year. 
    It's called 'potential difference'  = the thing a flying thing has to do with ground or earth. 
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    Mutex got a reaction from Anchovyforestbane in Giant Space Javelin   
    It would liquify and vaporize all the matter (stuff) of all the earth, the 'atmosphere' would be vaporized rock, things would be bad, you might want an umbrella. (and to be somewhere else).
    You don't have a geology or an ecology, just a big mess..  
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    Mutex got a reaction from Thoth101 in Big Bang.   
    There is an interesting idea, that I do not necessarily buy into but it's interesting, that is about the overall general large scale structure of the universe looks very similar to the structure of the brain. 
    AND, like a brain these structures are in electrical (electromagnetic) and chemical communication within it, again, just like the brain.
    And as with the brain a single neuron or synapse has no idea about the overall structure is doing, or even if it is doing anything (as an overall entity).
    all we can observe is a tiny fraction of that universe, for a tiny instant in time, so we could never know what the larger function is or what the processes are. 
    It would be the same as a single switch trying to understand the complex computer programming running on a huge computer, and the switch is one of trillions of switches in the computer. 
    It is an interesting idea, possibly we are a tiny section of a intelligent brain in a being where there are trillions of such beings in a world, just like we have a tiny section of humans brains on earth. That tiny section of brain does not really see the bigger picture.
    As for the big bang, there is almost not evidence (I say less than no evidence) that the big bang ever happened at all, the big bang was proposed years before any evidence that 'supports' the big bang was observed. Years before Hubble redshift for example.
    In fact at the time of the big bang model being proposed, the concept and evidence for the big bang was from a passage in the bible, and proposed by a Catholic priest. 
    The problem is we see everything in our world as having a beginning, a life and an end, so we try to justify the universe in those terms as well.
    I don't believe the universe had a beginning, it just IS, it had no beginning, it has no end, and it is everywhere and there is no where where the universe is not. 
    If you have a universe with space, then by definition there can only be one of them, because any universe with space will be in our space. 
    We already live in a multiverse connected by space, we call those universes Galaxies. 
    The universe is just an exchange of matter and energy and space and time (volume), energy is sometimes in the form of matter and that matter gives space a length property, so that energy (from being matter) is distributed over space (and spacetime), and when it is energy it is 'stored' over space and can only interact with matter.  
    That is the link to the universe looks like a brain video.. 
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    Mutex got a reaction from GAHD in The Reality Of The Four Dimensions Of Space And Time.   
    Can you give us some definitions of the terms you use, because I sort of see it as the same thing as the OP, seems to be just throwing out terms, you see it a lot in quantum mechanics, even just using the term 'quantum mechanics' as a conclusion.
    You say time/light is not a dimension in and of itself.  So what is your concept of what a dimension is?
    What is a dimension, unless you can define that it is just a word, same for 'wave' or 'particle', what specifically is a wave? and what is a particle?
    So ask yourself what qualifies as a dimension? You could say that the 3 spatial dimensions are directions that we label X,Y,Z in that case a space dimension is a direction. But we know we can go in an infinite number of directions, so why only 3?
    If time is a dimension, it does not have a direction at all. So the number of directions time can go is 1 (forward direction). 
    So if you can already go in any direction in space, what direction is a 'higher' or 'lower' dimension?
    Then you bring up 'reality', but you bring it up as your interpretation of observations, but you are taking interpretations of 'wave' and 'particle' what is fundamental to reality.
    So I think terms needs to be defined and pinned down as a basis for a debate, if the OP states that 'things can be explained' using X, then explain it using X.
    I don't know I'm rambling.. 
    But let us know what qualifies for joining the Dimension club.. 
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    Mutex reacted to current in Coronavirus Is Fake News   
    So you think that the Doctors would be so stupid as to put someone on a ventilator , who does not need it , while someone who does need it go without ? That was a stupid comment and dumb comment , period .
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    Mutex got a reaction from GAHD in Mask Rules Expand   
    That being said, the virus DOES NOT CARE, even if it is a huge conspiracy (if it is it's the most stupid plan in history to make money), the virus still does not care. 
    And BTW: the 160,000 people who have died from it in 2020 REALLY don't care if you think it is a conspiracy or not, or if you think you have a right to infect people because you are too stupid or arrogant to wear a mask in a high infection area (like the US). 
    But as you can see the US is paying a huge price for it's arrogance and ignorance, 160,000 people would like to disagree with you, and the virus DOES NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK.. (or even IF you think).. 
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    Mutex got a reaction from Thoth101 in Madness In Melbourne   
    There's your problem right there, FORTERS!! No one in their right mind drinks that lukewarm goats pi66
    That we have 6 times more suicide deaths than we do from COVID shown how well we are doing dealing with covid. 
    Imagine if suicide in the US was 6 times the death toll from COVID !!  One day when you're allowed to leave the US, you might want to come here to Australia and spend some time here, because compared to the US it's actually FREE. We have actual real freedom, unlike the US.
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    Mutex reacted to Flummoxed in Mask Rules Expand   
    The mask is not intended to stop you getting the disease, it is intended to reduce the risk of you giving it to some one else.
    If you have covid-19 and cant ****ing breathe, you can expect to be treated with extreme violence if you approach a healthy group, who know or even suspect you have the disease and you are not wearing a mask.
    If you have a mask you are less likely to give the disease to other wise healthy people when you have social intercourse, not unlike HIV sufferers using a condom when they have intercourse :). 
    If someone knowing or suspecting they have HIV has unprotected intercourse with healthy people, that person might be prosecuted for manslaughter, or buggery.
    Likewise someone knowing or suspecting they have Covid-190 has unprotected intercourse with healthy people in an old folks home, that person might be prosecuted for deliberate manslaughter.
     On average the death rate over the entire infected population is 1% which is 10x that of the common flu. Amongst the obese, sick, and elderly its a lot higher.  Americans are currently excluded from travelling to many countries now, why is that? Could it be a still be Democrat conspiracy against the Republicans, or is your President a ?????. 
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    Mutex reacted to A-wal in My Idea Of How Apes Turned Into Humans   
    My theory? :) Humans and neaderthals, like every other species, evolved from earlier versions of their own species, so yes apes going back to a certain point in the past. The line we draw to differentiate between species and groups of species are entirely arbitrary when you include earlier versions of those species because it happens gradually.
    They had bigger brains but there are many forms of intelligence. My guess is they were technically more intelligent than us but it was in other ways like memory (many apes have a much better short term memory than us) whereas we were smarter.
    Humans are apes! The same way a lion and tiger or horse and donkey (mule) can reproduce. Mules can't reproduce with horses or donkies, only other mules. I'm not sure how it works with ligers and tigons, I think it's a bit more complicated.
    We are apes and we evolved from earlier species of apes.
    We can't prove that the universe wasn't created by the flying spaghetti monster. There the possibility that it didn't which can't be proved and the possibility that it did that can't be disproved. These two possibilities do not deserve to be assumed to have equal merit, which is the whole point of His noodly goodness.
    Not good enough! An interesting possible indication of early contact at best.
    You could say that about basically anything. You're just flat out wrong that humans aren't apes, it's an arbitrary categorisation of a group of animals that happens to include us.
    The same reason boas can't mate with pythons. They're snakes and even both constrictors but they're different species just like there are different species of apes.
    We have a part of the brain that does the same job as a reptile's brain. I think there's basically three layers, reptilian brain at the core (that all mammals have so not really reptilian but it basically all that reptiles have), the mammalian brain that all obviously mammals have but reptiles don't and then the human only bit on the outside.
    I'm not sure the info in that paragraph is entirely accurate but I think it is.
    We didn't evolve from chimps! How many more times? Current species did not evolve from other current species. All current species had a common ancestor and the most recent common ancestor that we share with another current species we share with chimps which is why we have more DNA in common with them than anything else.
    Knowing them they're so trusting and adorable they'd believe anything we told them, cats not so much. That's a bit different though, different breeds of dogs are still the same species. That's why they can reproduce with each other.
    Good luck with that.
    Why don't you try thinking inside the box too from time to time as well?
    I hate it when people butcher that quote. "That which is above corresponds to that which is below and that which is below corresponds to that which is above to achieve the miracle of oneness." What makes you think that's applicable here?
    :) But you're the one doing it! Do as I say, not as I do.
    He deleted your post because it proved him wrong? :)
    And they've started deleting posts that they don't agree with, slippery slope.
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    Mutex got a reaction from A-wal in My Idea Of How Apes Turned Into Humans   
    You should not be a moderator on this site, you do not have the maturity for the job... But you will delete this as well I guess... 
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    Mutex got a reaction from Thoth101 in My Idea Of How Apes Turned Into Humans   
    Not dumb, thankyou, it is all about your very poor use of correct terminology, and loose use of terms and definitions, you said 'humans are apes and evolved from apes'.
    That is incorrect, our common ancestor is a 'great apes', but we DID NOT evolve from modern apes, modern apes (and that includes humans, or correctly primates) evolved from a common ancestor, and no we cannot reproduce with that common ancestor or with out other primate cousins.. 
    Again, you're playing free and loose with terminology and semantics.. I am guessing you do in fact actually know that.
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    Mutex got a reaction from Thoth101 in My Idea Of How Apes Turned Into Humans   
    IF we are apes (we are, you are right), then obviously we did not evolve from apes.. as your diagram clearly shows..
    as I said, humans and the great apes (including humans) have common ancestors, that does not mean humans evolved from modern apes. 
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