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  1. Going to start rewatching the Fringe series after the football game tonight (San Fran vrs Cleveland). Jamming some b-52's from the late 8o's as I watch the game. Specifically, the song, "Dance this mess around"!
  2. My understanding is the same (each vantage point) is entitled to lay claim for, "center of the universe". Detection distance ability is governed by technology. At any given point in time (technology time) distance is a static or fixed amount. Rotating around, in every possible distance, establishes your observation sphere. Outside of that sphere is an unbound universe (debatable by some, I believe it though). Two different vantage point spheres may or may not overlap (if close, likely overlap)...it will never be edge to edge though...or concentric. Both will have some unique observation edge
  3. Yeah but I have to sleep sometime. Should my DW of (30 years) go snooping on my phone, while I sleep, I will earn major brownie points when she reads that:):):) I'll probably get a "thumbs up" to go out drinking with the boys...maybe even an all night poker party;)
  4. That helps point me in a direction to pursue more depth of detail (education). TX. It would be improper for me to reject something without having enough thorough understanding of the issue. My education travels continue:)
  5. One of my difficulties with relatavistic length contraction (as a physical process) is understanding...kind of what you allude to. I mean, that would require physical change at the atomic (or lower) level correct? Are protons, neutrons, electron orbital shells getting packed in more denser? Then expanding back out afterwards (non relativistic velocites)? What other atomic (or elementary) particle characteristics are thought to occur? Temperature increase/decrease? If length contraction does occur...is it a, "Kiss of death" for living organic matter? Edit (unfinished thought): On the, "Kiss
  6. Whether Mars becomes a human colony/station/outpost, or one of the moons of Jupiter or Saturn, I just hope it happens asap! As a species we lack redundancy being solely located on the 3rd rock. 1 major catastrophic event (major volcano, asteroid, nukes, bio etc.) could permanently wipe us out. The sooner we expand outward into space, hopefully in multiples directions, the sooner we can be redundant. Multiple catastrophes would need to occur to wipe us out. I think the radiation threat on Mars can be avoided by boring tunnels and using several feet of Mars soil as a radiation shield. Seems pl
  7. My universe is the center of my wife! That is where our children originated from:):):)
  8. Thank you for understanding & acknowledging why I may elect to have more time to for the pdf:). Yes, Hollywood (ref, Troy comment) usually do not get it correct...even after multiple attempts (in some cases). I really need to get through that interesting, yet large, pdf doc before expressing a further opinion. I hope to be able to within a few days. Apologies it cannot be sooner:( K6
  9. <<<From February 2017 to February 2018, XENON1T picked up the telltale emissions of two-neutrino double electron capture about 126 times. That pegs xenon-124’s half-life at about 18 sextillion years, which is the longest half-life ever directly measured in a radioactive substance — and about 1 trillion times longer than the age of the universe (SN:>>> I found this article to be a good read, ty! My only concern at the end was consideration of the margin of error. I understand they must extrapolate...especially from such a small sample (Feb to Feb, 126 count capture). How far
  10. 422 page pdf? Ugh, lol...will try again over the weekend. Not now, after a few beverages out with my wife:(:(:( Troy is a great movie. As is Greek Mythology, Nordic, Inca, Aztec, etc. I wish just 1...anybody back then would have figured out how to record events. Lol, Polaroid shot from when the ancient pyramids were constructed. Technologically impossible at the time, yes. Still I wish:)
  11. Yeah...I'll see how it goes. I generally agree with all mainstream relativity explanations. I admit though, the notion of length contraction (Lorentz) has me wondering. Mostly from reading your thread, but not all...I had indecision long before that. It is my biggest obstacle to mentally grasp (while lacking math abilities to resolve). Still, my pursuit continued to improve...going to watch the vids. Most of my self learning has been internet reading. No pop science shows on tv. I have been meaning to begin youtube vids more frequently. Sean Carrol is one contributor I wish to watch on youtu
  12. I plan on watching these when I get homer later. I will have my fast wifi connection then. TX
  13. Ok, I think you nailed that one 100%. From a practical point of view, my daisy chain concept is silly with the exception of local binary, or larger, systems. A practical benefit may exist on that scale size. TX
  14. I have read a lot about exoplanet detection. In my travels I have learned about the star light dimming method (only works if planet orbits in a manner that facilitates being between us and it's star, orbiting like a rotary clock pointer tip faced at us does not work). Also, the wobbling method...detecting tugs on the host star from the shared barycenter changing position (does not work if planet orbit is horizontal to our line of site). Edit: I think I am in error. The wobble detection method should work in all planes in our line of site...still trying to mentally picture it...seems correct
  15. I tend to agree with low odds of high level Kardashev...until...I start thinking of the enormous amount of time that has lapsed in our universe. I also understand your, "Great Filter" inference. Again, I simply believe so much time has lapsed that the odds become greater. I also believe the Great Filter has prevented many rise and falls of civilizations but...I try to factor in multiple attempts. That is, if a civilization failed, my view is they rise again (after time and either biogenesis or abiogenesis). So, given the vast amount of stars...vast amount of time...multiple attempts (within
  16. Thank you Ocean! I have been enjoying your posts within the Relativity/Algebra thread!
  17. You really put great effort and intellect into this thread. As you can tell by my name, I embrace Kardashev scale possibilities. I think my personal limit is 6. 1=local star. 2=local galaxy. 3=multiple galaxies simultaneous (my opinion of 3, as well as the following), 4=entire universe of galaxies. 5=multiple universes and finally 6=Top Dog, end of the line. I sometimes ponder all the great voids out in the Cosmos. Wondering if perhaps a higher level Kardashev found an abundance of antimatter and then harvested the stars/galaxies within any particular void. I understand there is no observati
  18. Victor: I enjoy your thought on forging via utilization of a Neutron stars compression potential/ability. Going one step further, retrieval, how would that be accomplished? The gravitational escape velocity would be challenging, correct? I wonder (I do that often, ponder silently) if you could accelerate the material fast (but subluminal) and target the Neutron star on an angle (not perpendicular) and the material projectile could enter and ricochet outward after compression was achieved?
  19. Thank you! Same to you! Trek fan here too. I may as well throw it out there that I enjoy Voyager the most (not a mainstream opinion:(:(:( Still, it pulls me in the most...to the point I delayed restroom breaks until the episode end lol.
  20. Is Proxima B not earth like? I think we all know it is the closest star system (united with alpha). Is it because Proxima is a red dwarf which somehow precludes Prox B from being considered, "Earthlike"?
  21. I have often pondered temp decrease to 0 k. I have read as much as I can. From what I understand, even at 0...there would still be atomic activity...albeit, slower but still activity. That's where I get confused. I almost want to believe all activity ceases...perhaps it would lead me to conclude (thought exercise conclude) that time ceases to exist as without motion (rate of change) how could there be time? Definately makes the brain tired pondering. 1st law of thermo seems easy to understand. 2nd law, little more difficult (for me) but that 3rd law leaves me totally confused. Tx for openi
  22. I just want to say this thread consists of a collection of very intelligent thinkers/educators. A club I wish I was an active participant in vrs passive (due to my limitations of education). Yes, some push mainstream views...some not. Yes, the mainstream crowd (across academia & cyberspace) is larger, or the majority. Still, there has to be a level in which both can coexist peacefully. This coexistence may prove to be frustrating to opposing point of views but still can exist peacefully:) I cannot even describe the level of, "reader satisfaction" I have enjoyed on this one thread! I und
  23. I have read every post here (almost 60 pages). Ralf...you are a gentleman and a class act! You have non mainstream ideas and strong convictions to pursue them...regardless of people taking pot shots (insult jabs) at you almost every step of the way I commend you! As a reader I enjoy your posts (others too when they play nice). I benefit by having my brain stimulated. I get to try and learn from the entire thread (the adult mannered posts). This is great for me since SR and GR are challenging to understand at times. Example. The whole thread talk of light moving at c in any reference frame.
  24. Hello! I am new as well. Hope to see you around!
  25. I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession. So I lack higher end Physics and relate education. Still, I ponder and self educate when I can. I am non-confrontational by nature...also polite the best I can be. I tend to have some non mainstream thoughts (higher level species, aka Kardashev scale types). I do not believe in any mankind recorded or speculated diety though. I have a somewhat solid, self taught, understanding of GR, SR, QM, QED, QFT. Also, cosmology in general. I look to expand understanding in all areas related to those areas mentioned and also new areas. Thank you for membership a
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