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  1. I also like to listen to music online. It's so much easier. And there are a lot of new music that is constantly appearing
  2. It is important for social networks not to lose touch with reality
  3. Money has always solved most of the issues. Those who have money can afford better rest, or other goods. Today, fortunately, there are many different projects to earn money. There are many interesting projects on the Internet. This should be used as long as there is such an opportunity
  4. Animals have their own natural instincts. The continuation of the genus is something that is laid down by all living beings by nature.
  5. All people should feel comfortable. People with disabilities should have the same access to transport, education, medicine and other areas as all other
  6. There is a deal of truth in it. Hunting and catching it in the blood of everyone else from our prechs who got their food by hunting. In life it is. We always hunt for something and getting prey have some pleasure. Now there are a lot of reality shows or games built on this principle.
  7. Have you noticed that life somehow proceeds more dynamically and rapidly? Technology and truth surrounded us from all sides. Trite but even household appliances, the same kettle and vacuum cleaner, are already computer geniuses. Developments and information every day more and more. Sometimes it is already difficult for people to process all information available in the information space.
  8. Everything in this world has its explanation. Previously, many factors were not clear to people. Discovering the laws of chemistry, physics, people open up new opportunities for humanity. Previously, people had huge rooms for the library.Who knew about computers and e-books? Now our little PC holds the whole universe. So many files can be placed in the computer. This is both work and personal information. The truth is the other side of the coin. This is the threat of losing everything in the computer. The reasons are many. From simple deletion to malware that destroys our files. In winter, I
  9. My computer is a lot of useful and necessary. Somehow I felt that losing the necessary files. The PC was overwhelmed and you had to delete some files. I decided to put things in order and accidentally extended the folder with photos. So much my tears were. At work IT manager prompted the program to recover deleted files DiskInternals Uneraser https://www.diskinternals.com/uneraser/. This program was able to recover my deleted files.
  10. you are not right. I am a living person. like you.
  11. kemeron

    The World Cup

    Tomorrow we see the battle of Liverptsl and Tottenham in the final game of the UEFA Champions League.
  12. Life and live it already have meaning. you rejoice in every day.
  13. I understand that the age of technology and the zeal of scientists in the development. But people need people and live communication. No robots will replace this. You can automate business processes hospice, hospitals. Such a rule already exists https://light-it.net/blog/how-to-develop-a-quality-management-system-in-a-hospital/#1. Automates paper related work. Or as they say in business, this is a back office job. But people need to work with older people. These are living souls.
  14. Underwater world, he is beautiful. I was diving in Egypt. I was amazed by the beauty of the underwater world
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