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  1. Is it strictly quantum information when in that state? Is gravity and decoherence interlinked?
  2. Do black holes generate entropy or is its entropy simply from the objects going past the event horizon? Is the entropy layer on a black hole the boundary between real number math and complex? Is a black hole's size only from the entropy information growing on its event horizon? A black hole is a bubble in real number math. Real numbers can’t describe what is happening past the event horizon. The bubble has mass ..but it is not physical mass, it is mass in the form of quantum information ..aka entropy. There is a reason disorder is more probable than order. Coherent quantum waves are orde
  3. Is reality complex 4D math being projected by time to 3D real number math that contains entropy (quantum variables)? Is laser cooling slowing age and entropy? Are bonded atoms entangled to the object they represent? Have we carbon dated atoms there were in a Bose–Einstein condensate? Does Time project physics as mathematical objects? Can we genetically mod the code of new cells to repair themselves when they become damaged? Would these new lifeforms live forever?
  4. A black hole will completely remove entropy from an object rendering it unphysical. Whatever allows coherence will suspend entropy. No heat or incoherent light allowed. This means unobserved quantum waves don’t have entropy ..only uncertainty. A Bose–Einstein condensate shouldn’t have entropy. If we can control the entropy of an object, we can control its mathematical projection ..aka its physics. Is Decoherence: Uncertainty to Entropy?
  5. Is quantum information entropy and why it is on the surface area of the event horizon? Is entropy quantum information in a mathematical projection? If entropy makes mathematical projections physical, are physical objects passing the event horizon of a black hole still physical?
  6. The information in the information paradox is the variables that mathematical projections are using to describe the object; mass, color, density, structure, position, velocity and number of "atoms". The holographic principle appears to have sub layers per object solution ..not just large volumes of space. Every object has its own mathematical object associated with it. Entanglement is when multiple quantum waves use the same complex mathematical object. All quantum behavior is using complex numbers with uncertainty. The holographic principle is based on the projection of mathematical o
  7. Is entanglement, complex number projection with uncertainty? Yes, we already know quantum waves are not using real numbers. They are not physical and can only be in the form of complex math. Entanglement is the same complex math object in multiple locations/vectors.
  8. Decoherence is e to the i pi, uncertainty of position and momentum in complex matrices with uncertain variables to a real number matrix with irrational numbers for e and pi. Are irrational numbers, real numbers that have uncertainty? This is what you get when a real number projection is forced to describe a number that is part complex.
  9. http://www.marksmath.com/math/papers/complex-primes.pdf Interesting, I was talking about complex plane to real number line. Does irrational sit between the complex plane and the real number line? I think you stumbled onto why e and pi are special. Irrational numbers are part real and part uncertain. QM objects are not it a duality, Math is. It depends on the mathematical projection that can describe it.
  10. The real number projection cannot describe black holes, quantum waves, dark matter and the missing twin primes. This is the reason for things that are not directly observable. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1186/s40467-016-0053-0 Uncertainty to Real is Decoherence. This is why QM can give rise to GR. What we know as physical is a mathematical projection.
  11. The real number line gets used with decoherence by the transformation associated when the matrix squishes space into a lower dimension. 0 Root (A - λI)vector v = vector 0 det(A - λI) = 0The projection doesn’t change the complex mathematical object. It is just how we view it. QM objects are not is duality, Math is. Uncertainty gets removed because the anticorrelation between position and momentum is gone. The variables became independent. It can't be a Cauchy Schwartz inequality anymore. All quantum behavior is associated with the complex vector. The object being sent to a lower real nu
  12. The random variables are quantum waves in the complex vector without being defined for Cauchy-Schwartz inequality. Decoherence is giving the variables real numbers for position and momentum which voids Cauchy-Schwartz (Uncertainty). QM mathematical objects have random variables when not specifically defined. The second instance of decoherence in the quantum which-way eraser is the particle getting negative correlation again. 0.000000001325220000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 / Meters per Second = Kilograms of an atomic bonded object that will have defined
  13. The reason we can see quantum objects after decoherence is because the object becomes describable by real numbers with real number measurement. The object doesn’t change at all, only the view of it. Uncertainty goes from infinite to something real numbers can handle. Uncertainty is getting a real number for position and momentum. Decoherence is when Uncertainty is neutralized. An unobserved particle will go back and forth between defined complex position and momentum infinitely until decoherence. Anything with infinite uncertainty is complex ..including black holes.
  14. The wavefunction uses complex numbers because coherent waves can only be described by complex numbers. It is Math itself that is in a duality, not particles. . The difference between coherence and decoherence is the mode of math (complex, real) the object is using. 2D Complex Plane OR 1D Real Line Uncertainty = Complex Plane use Certainty = Real Number Line use Uncertainty = e to the i piEuler's formula intuition from relating velocities to positions.Unobserved waves are using a vector field. Is decoherence the fundamental theorem of algebra? Where the function crosses the x axis. Whe
  15. The wavefunction uses complex numbers for a reason. It is going from a 3D Mandelbrot set to a slice of it with a 2D bifurcation diagram that is reversed. Decoherence is chaos of bifurcation down to a single entry.
  16. Are coherent waves described by complex numbers and only real numbers when decohered (wave packet or physical)? Is Math itself in a duality? Particles have a state because Math has states. Complex VS Real.
  17. Are the missing twin primes, placeholders for complex primes? Can all primes be represented by complex primes? The two column model of twin primes is only showing us the primes that can be represented by real numbers. All of a sudden, complex numbers are not so imaginary anymore. Does this mean real numbers are some type of projection? Does math have a form of duality? Coherent waves use coherent math?
  18. https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/3297805/all-prime-numbers-within-2-columns-of-number-pyramid-proof The more I look at it, the more amazing it is. How wild is it that the numbers that should be primes are multiples of 5 or 7? except for 121 ..that 121 is the only row that doesn't have a prime in either column Primes have just been solved ..this is unbelievable.
  19. Keep in mind that duality at the same moment in time is not a thing that happens. Measuring a particle after its flight is not going to influence what the state was while in flight. Results depicting wave behavior, in this manner, does not determine a particle was in a duality. Can we detect EM waves with amplitude larger than the Earth? Amplitude is the DISTANCE between origin and crest (or trough) There should be an ultraviolet wave we never noticed before. The amplitude will be much larger than the earth, but have a wavelength of 0.3 micrometers. It repeats every femtosecond. This
  20. We would need to know its resonant frequency so we don’t harm healthy cells. The wave causing physicality is around 0.3 micrometers in wavelength. It is on the EM spectrum, but I don’t know if we can cause destructive interference without the aid of a black hole. That is where the decoherence wave is coming from. This would be the biggest breakthrough in science ..ever. Perhaps a coherent ultraviolet wave would do the trick. It would need set to the exact wavelength of the quantum/classical boundary. We know viruses are on the upper edge of this boundary because they do not display fringes in
  21. Is there a coherent entropy field that incoherent entropy waves propagate in? Is Time officially solved? All quantum behavior, all the way down to virtual particles is using the coherent entropy field to function/operate. The field is infinite because anything coherent is. Incoherent waves are responsible for making things physical. The waves are wider than 0.3 micrometers on earth. This means the quantum/classical boundary is around this size. Anything below this line can receive incoherent entropy by touching something that already has access to it. Incoherent waves redshift from a
  22. https://imgur.com/0gwfB5M The unified theory is completed by showing coherent waves are not influenced by entropy (by default). All quantum behavior, including uncertainty, requires coherence. "superposition" of many plane waves was a poor choice of a word, "composite" should have been used. It is infinite uncertainty to finite uncertainty (delta x). Localized. Entropy converts each plane wave to be incoherent/analog and then they combine their amplitudes. Is it odd that a femtosecond matches the EM spectrum of where the quantum/classical boundary is? Is this the speed/frequency of ent
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