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  1. This is a difficult task even for professional astronomers, which I am not. After all, it is necessary to take into account unpredictable obstacles in the interstellar medium, especially in dust clouds, hiding the center of the Galaxy, which affect the intensity of the solar electromagnetic wave that synchronizes the physicochemical processes inside the Sun. And all this happens with huge 11-year intervals of time. It is very difficult task. Nevertheless, I am sure that the 11-year synchronization of the solar cycle with the solar electromagnetic wave is proved. It is very exact coincidence +
  2. I agree. That is why the use of these formulas, for example, to calculate the Cepheid variables could prove or disprove the proposed method.
  3. Hello, all. The proposed method, explaining the 11-year solar cycle, is based on an unusual theory, according to which some fundamental physical constants, including the speed of light in vacuum c, which we consider universal for the entire Universe, have different values in the spheres of influence of other stars, planets or space objects. Analyzing this theory, I assumed that for any two space objects that have gravitational attraction and revolve around their power centers in accordance with Kepler's laws, their speeds of light c1 and c2, and gravitational parameters µ1 and µ2 are interco
  4. Practical use is the best proof of any theory. Creating anti-gravity using the theory of relativity will end all controversies. Do it! :)
  5. For several years I have been developing the idea of the relationship of the micro- and the macroworld with fundamental physical constants. As a result, I got some interesting formulas that seem to confirm this idea. The first formula calculates the average radius of the Earth: The second formula calculates the average distance (not AU!) from the Earth to the Sun: The third formula calculates the highest-intensity harmonic of the Schumann resonance: where µ is the Earth's gravitational parameter (the geocentric gravitational constant), me is the electron rest mass, ħ is the red
  6. To slow down time, you first need to know what time is. Regarding your experiment, time is its feeling. In general, I think that time is distance, for example, the distance that the hand of a clock travels. No need to demonize time.
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