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  1. The interior of the eh is between 28-29 billion ly acrossed https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Attractor
  2. Hey, I have a delete button if you'd pm'd me instead I would have accommodated you even though you're incapable of creating your own interpretations. But since you're trying to get me banned..I won't!
  3. 1. I had to really dissect your equation to get at the heart of the matter of that left hand side is saying that expansion is c squared and the right hand side seems to indicate that it happens when the very first particles in the universe were plus charge for a little over one Planck time but less than a nanosecond but that expansion came when the first down quarks emerged is just gravity. 2. I had to really sink my teeth into the implications of that equation, but it seems that the lagrangian produces the plus up quarks in which a single down quark on the left side can be paired with multip
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