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  1. I watched the video. I didn't know there was still a debate about the wave function. I thought it contained all probabilities and it wasn't your measurement that caused the collapse of the wavefunction but it was your measuring device that could only detect one of the probabilities. So you do get that multifood item but if you can only taste hotdogs, that's all you'll be able to get out of the box. That multiworlds idea just turns my stomach. So it looks like you can go around the restrictions set by quantum physics. By taking enough still shots, you can combine them to see the motion s
  2. "The algebra of Schrödinger's equation will obviously look different expressed in terms of r, θ, φ from the way it looks in terms of x, y z, but for a system with a spherically symmetrical confining potential, as is the case with an electron confined by attraction towards a +ve atomic nucleus, r, θ, φ is a better choice of coordinates for solving it." EXCHEM none of this explain why a spherical coordinate system is used to represent non spherical structures of the atomic orbitals.
  3. "Ahh now that is a neat question. QGP would in theory be an originator of protons, though β− neutron decay is another method of "origin." The QGP is part of the detector not the source.
  4. One cannot produce destructive interference using positive vectors which proves QM is a hoax.
  5. Is LIGO a Hoax like the Apollo 11.
  6. It is obvious what is causing the problem but maybe their to busy believing in the atomic orbitals and LIGO. Air bus just got a 30 billion $ contract from China. I HOPE Boeing does not go bangkok (Trumped). HA HA HA HA HA HA
  7. The Bohr-de Broglie atomic matter wave is transformed into an electron particle-in-a-box wave that is transformed into a probability wave then represented in a spherical coordinate system to create the structural equations of the atomic orbitals but a spherical coordinate system is being used to derive the structure of an atom using the box normalized probability wave which is physically invalid since a coordinate system is a representation of a structure and cannot be used to construct a structure of an atom or molecule that is depict in the QM atomic orbital equations. LOVE Alright1234
  8. Dear Honorable and beloved Friends and Scholars It is such an intense pleasure in conversing with such high minded and gifted people of both gender and those in-between. I believe though I may be incorrect that the coordinate system has precedence before the structure that is being depicted. Using an analogy, if you have a pair of pants you would not normally use a pair of pants as a shirt. You could put your arms though the legging but the rest of the pant's structure would not cover your stomach that is indicative of the purpose of the structure of a shirt in normal circumstances. So in c
  9. Dear Honorable Dr. Moronium my good Friend, Really, then who justified Maxwell's theory that is based on Faraday's induction effect that is not luminous. Also, the African American was Parker whom discovered the solenoid that lead to the invention of the telegraph. Sincerely yours
  10. My Dear and beloved friend Moronium, A theory is a unsubstantiated guess. Lorentz theory and Einstein theory of SR are based on Maxwell's theory. Maxwell's electromagnetic theory of light is based on Maxwell's equations that are derived using Faraday's induction effect yet Faraday's induction effect is not luminous. Is this why you are not interested in Maxwell's equations? HA Ha Thank you
  11. In Einstein's paper, "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies" (1905), is Einstein is justifying Maxwell's electromagnetic theory of light? Einstein2 , Albert. On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies. Annalen der Physik. 17:891-921. 1905. https://www.fourmilab.ch/etexts/einstein/specrel/www/ Also, what is the definition of a theory?
  12. There is no essential difference between Lorentz's theory and Einstein SR. What is the purpose of SR?
  13. Special relativity is based on Einstein and Lorentz papers. You cannot separate Einstein and Lorentz from SR using Minkowski. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_relativity
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