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  1. Sociological studies confirm that open anti-Semitism is not popular either in Russia or in Europe. Only 10% of respondents polled by CNN in seven European countries admit personal dislike for Jews. This number rises to 15% in Poland and to 19% in Hungary. In Russia, according to a study conducted by the Levada Center, in 2015 only 6% of citizens were hostile to the Jews (for comparison, about 30% of Russians and almost 40% of Europeans dislike Roma.

    However, many traditional stereotypes are still strong. So, from 25 to 40% of Europeans are sure that the influence of Jews in world politics, the economy and the media is too strong. In turn, 39% of Russians believe that it is necessary to limit the number of Jews in leadership positions, and 67% opposes a Jew to take the post of president of Russia. About a third of the citizens of the Russian Federation believe that Jews occupy too large a place in the cultural life of the country. Half are convinced that there are too many Jews in the government.

    According to a Pew study, 17% of Europeans are opposed to Jews becoming members of their families (25% of opponents in Italy most, 3% in the Netherlands and Norway the least), in Russia this number reaches 30%.

    Among the negative clich├ęs about Jews in Russia, the idea that money is more important than human relations is still popular (57%); that they live richer than other people (67%); that they always defend only their own interests, and not the interests of the country where they live (49%). But the opinion that the people of this nationality are responsible for the misfortunes of Russia and it would be better for the country that they do not exist at all, no more than 15% share.

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