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  1. Haha
    montgomery got a reaction from A-wal in What if Trump Loses?   
    If Trump loses then expect the sort of reaction that's predicted of a psychopath. That is very much an unknown due to the fact that a psychopath is incapable of accepting defeat. And so the big question is on whether Trump will seek revenge to somehow turn his loss into a win. There are many possibilities to consider but the one we could be considering now is the possibility of Trump revealing state secrets to any of America's enemies, real or imagined?
    This begs the question of how the FBI/CIA and other government law enforcement agencies are contemplating how they will need to constantly monitor Trump. Or in fact, take more drastic measures with more positive steps to protect state secrets. 
    There's probably little doubt that even Pompeo will have to immediately cut off his loyalty to Trump in the event of a loss. Pompeo is not a totally ignorant person who wouldn't be aware of the possibility of America's most vital secrets being compromised. 
    Will Trump pass on top secret information to Russia, to China, or both?
  2. Haha
    montgomery got a reaction from Anchovyforestbane in UFO's and Extraterrestrials- A Serious Discussion.   
    The existing thread title is in appropriate for a serious discussion and so a new thread for those who would prefer to be serious about the topic.
    If we can't rely on these two for valuable positions on aliens and UFO's, then who can we rely upon. Their opinions on aliens being quite different from the human form is stronger than their beliefs on there being similarities. But neither of them are willing to put down the possibility of the aliens showing a likeness to humans.
    Dawkins leans at least somewhat to the possibility of likeness to the human form but not as strongly as the opposite. DeGrasse Tyson seems to be further from the theory on aliens  being similar to the human form and provides reasoning for his theory.
    I present this as evidence for my theory on the popular space alien being something that has been generated out of the movie 'Close Encounters'. 
    Is it possible to have an intelligent discussion on this forum, without the usual spamming? 
    I hope the admins and the moderators can take it upon themselves to use their responsibility to keep this thread on track. If not now for this Science forum, then when?
    Opinions please! 
  3. Haha
    montgomery got a reaction from Thoth101 in Smooth Earth   
    Ask  mommy moderator to make me go away then! They've already tried that twice and now they are coming to understand that I don't give a fuk. If they want to lose their most sane and prolic poster then maybe you'll get your wish.
    And won't that work out well for you and your cousin Thoth! You can make up tails on Mars and other **** and be completely undisturbed! 
  4. Like
    montgomery got a reaction from Anchovyforestbane in The Global Takeover Is Underway   
    After posting that absolutely batshit crazy drivel by Campione, you have a lot of nerve even showing up again on this forum. You are one sick little man Thoth. 
    Are you even aware of the kind of loony tunes you dare to put your name to?
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    montgomery got a reaction from Thoth101 in Trump Acknowledges UFOs, Then Threatens Them With Military Action   
    The term isn't 'day in age', it's 'day and age'. But otherwise I'm beginning to realize that you have a good point on UFO's and extraterrestrials.
    Maybe it's me that has always been wrong. Give me time to watch the 4 videos you've posted so I can evaluate your evidence thoroughly. It looks like there's about 6 hours of information there to absorb. 
    Cheers, M.
  6. Haha
    montgomery got a reaction from Thoth101 in What happened to Mars?   
    I don't live in my room in the basement anymore and I did go to Mexico. The iguanas I 'seen' were real and they sat still and stared at me. I'm not saying they're the lizard people but I'm not saying they aren't. 
  7. Haha
    montgomery got a reaction from Thoth101 in #4 SIRIUS_ from Dr Steven Greer - Original Full-Length Documentary Film   
    One would think the good doctor could spell the word 'serious' correctly.
    Obviously he can't be sirius!
  8. Haha
    montgomery got a reaction from Thoth101 in What if Trump Loses?   
    That's about what one would expect out of wingnut like Icky David.
  9. Haha
    montgomery got a reaction from Thoth101 in Smooth Earth   
    The answer to the first question is '0'.
    There's not enough information provided to answer the 2nd. question but I can fix it for you.
    How many miles between two 6 foot tall people for them to see each other's heads if atmospheric conditions for viewing are perfect?
    6 miles
    Bonus question: What kind of an a-s would want to invent a tail on Mars that can be seen by him and his daddy? Twice!
  10. Haha
    montgomery got a reaction from Thoth101 in What happened to Mars?   
    I would be delighted if anchovy became your friend and fellow sympathizer. You would have an ally and then you would lose all caution and really spill it out. 
    Right now you're much less fun as paranoia is setting in. Remember the comma?
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    montgomery got a reaction from Thoth101 in Pasteur vs. Bechamp: An Alternative View of Infectious Disease   
    Yes of course Breeze! But we must make sure this isn't being promoted as an anti-vaxxer soapbox. Or motivated by Trump's need to make the Corona virus into an imaginary problem. Good grief!!
  12. Haha
    montgomery got a reaction from Mutex in Take the vaccines or lose your job   
    A great video Thoth. The picture of the graveyard with hundreds and hundreds of crosses was what convinced me the most. And then the shot of the syringe with the crying baby in the background sealed it for your theory. After this I'll never doubt you on your anti-vaxxer theories again! If 'THEY' will kill the babies then 'THEY' will kill anybody!
  13. Haha
    montgomery got a reaction from Thoth101 in Pasteur vs. Bechamp: An Alternative View of Infectious Disease   
    Excellent Thoth! Pasteur was completely wrong about germs being bad and causing disease! 
    note for others: It's only fair to Thoth that we realize that the Dunning Kruger effect applies to him and that as he tries to rise up the slope to recovery he's being constantly called by back by Icky David from the peak of mt. stupid.
    Thoth is motivated in this case by his need to somehow show that the Corona virus is a fake of course and so at least this can't be put down as wild imaginings of a dingbat. It has a purpose!
  14. Haha
    montgomery got a reaction from Mutex in Debate about something to do with security clearances   
    I'm having trouble believing any moderator would pull that kind of a stunt to sooth his vainglorious needs!
  15. Thanks
    montgomery got a reaction from Mutex in Plastic Eating Enzymes   
    Mutex, thanks for your answer to the question. Hopefully Victor will still have an interest in following this topic too.
    p.s. Most of all I'm interested in creating some much needed traffic on this board because it's teetering on the verge IMO. But it has to be rational discussion by rational people or there's really no point in saving it. Any ideas?
  16. Thanks
    montgomery got a reaction from Mutex in Time Travel Proven Possible   
    Yeah I get what you're trying to say. Something along the lines of what you're trying to do is a long way from Thoth's nonsense conspiracy theories. He's got a lot of heart inversted in it so there's likely no chance of him coming back to reality. It's entertaining sometimes!
    For you: You are facing a lack of acceptance by those you consider your peers on some other science forums. You might be able to get that here but you have to consider who you accept as peers. Accepting a batshit crazy conspiracy theorist isn't doing yourself any favours.
    Everybody on this board who are mentally stable could help by telling him he's lost it. That wouldn't drive him off and lose the traffic the forum needs but it 'would' likely cause him to think twice before going off into never-never land.
  17. Confused
    montgomery reacted to Thoth101 in Chinese Virologist Claims To Have Proof Of Covid-19 Origins In Wuhan Lab   
    Icke didn't find the doctor. You are just making silly unsubstantiated claims now.
  18. Like
    montgomery got a reaction from OceanBreeze in Conspiracy Theories   
    Now fkng seriously A-wal?
    I knew there was something 'off' about you because of you taking part on a forum that's mostly teenage fantasies when you could be making use of your ability somewhere else where you wouldn't have to suffer the Thoths of this world. Get a grip little guy! LOL
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    montgomery got a reaction from Flummoxed in Black Lives Matter Research   
    Flummoxed really? When that dumb prick refused to accept the evidence of the aircraft parts shown littering the ground around the Pentagon, didn't that tell you that he's/it's not going to accept any logic?
    He's completely headfked and his only purpose is in providing an example for a study of what happened to him/it that makes him tick.
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    montgomery got a reaction from Flummoxed in Getting Banned?   
    Alright then, if I can't get banned then I'll settle for a permanent suspension.
    If I knew what it takes to get a week off I could up the ante on that and maybe make it happen a bit quicker.
    1. Putting down Thoth as a complete fking bozo?
    2. Petty bias by the Gahd?
    3. slurs against religious belief? As in sky fairy bullshit?
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    montgomery got a reaction from A-wal in Red November!   
    If having a cup of coffee in Starbucks or having a steak every night is the measure of success Victor, then some people in Ethiopia can do the same.
    That's no way to wave your flag Victor, you have to make the comparisons between the world's leading countries and America if you need to get any pride out of it. And my link in post #4 said nothing about having a cup of coffee anyway.
    I quoted this from the Breitbart link: 
    This is what real freedom looks like. Not just for the very wealthy but for all the people.
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    montgomery got a reaction from fuzi2020 in How Long Do We Really Have Left Before We Have To Evacuate Earth?   
    I think that the more popular opinion is that the earth is losing weight but this is a train that can be rode on here until if falls off the rails!
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    montgomery got a reaction from Flummoxed in Conspiracy Theories   
    Here's the photos of the aircraft engines at the Pentagon.
    And the main purpose of posting this link again is to determine how the conspiracy theorists will put the photos down as not being evidence.
    Can we think of any more reasons why the photos must not be accepted? Thoth? A-Wol? 
    1. They're photoshopped.
    2. They're images of some other crash site.
    3. They don't look like engines.
    4. They're not the same engines.
    5. ??
    Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom for all the engine wreckage photos.
  24. Like
    montgomery got a reaction from Flummoxed in David Icke Is Kicked Off Facebook.   
    Could this be American government purposely trying to silence David for exposing government conspiracies? Or is it just more likely that David is ICKEY himself. Check out the photo, the answer is in the eyes! 
    Opinions on David Icke? Has he been given a bad rap? Or opinions on the others too?
    I would personally suggest that he's a sick puppy and it's not just his scam to make money off of Trumpers. Different from Limbaugh, Bannon, and Hannity who are completely in their right minds but know how to rake in the cash.
  25. Like
    montgomery got a reaction from Flummoxed in Conspiracy Theories   
    Here's the proof of it being an inside job. The film of building 7 shown collapsing before it actually collapsed in real life time. 
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEsjv9vKCGc Is that an animated film something like Victor's animations he shows us? It can't be real. Or is it?
    Or is this the BBC's manipulation of the world's time? BBC is undoubtedly involved in the consp----y. Can you explain this Thoth?
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