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  1. Yes of course Breeze! But we must make sure this isn't being promoted as an anti-vaxxer soapbox. Or motivated by Trump's need to make the Corona virus into an imaginary problem. Good grief!!
  2. And so, we should immediately suspect any American with that southern drawling accent, but I took a chance with him for a few minutes. Basically he's pretty much the same as all the other conspiracy theorists who know how to bring up the hot button issues and turn them into their conspiracy attention getters. So around about 4 or 5 minutes in he goes off with his theory that 'they' are trying to kill off 2/3's of the population by spraying us with chemicals. Then he shares his great knowledge with us on telling us that there's something going on in our galaxy, our universe, and our planet
  3. Are you suggesting perpetual 'motion' machine. You haven't once mentioned the word 'motion'. If that's where you are headed, you're taking on some very heavy science! My interest here is in separating the wheat from the chaff on this forum, one by one. Having said that, some will rise above my ability as a layperson, while some will end up in the dustbin of history. I'll possibly make some mistakes but I consider it as my contribution to making this forum a much better place.
  4. The only thing I would like to add here is on your use of the word 'lead' as in the metal, 'lead'. Please, for everybody, the word is 'LED'. I know it's off topic but there are benefits to everybody getting it right from now on.
  5. It's quite possible that the psychological problem is mine Thoth my friend and so for now I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on Pasteur being wrong about germs being bad and them causing disease. But I have to ask for a commitment from you too. You can't go and start another topic that directly disputes your new theory on germs and Pasteur. Deal? others: Thoth is treading dangerously close to the edge of his flat earth now and so it behooves us to grab him by his shirttail and pull him back. A little help would be appreciated here!
  6. What a grand display of delusions from Thoth! Does this mean he's slipped off the edge of the earth, regardless of our efforts to save him?
  7. I'm taking the position that none of the posters on this forum have ever had a security clearance or served in any military other than a foot soldier grunt. And that goes for everybody's martial arts claims too. It's a safe position to take because there's no reason for anybody to be blowing their own horns on a forum. We need to form our own conclusions and it's usually no more difficult to do than it's been for figuring out what makes Thoth tick.
  8. Thoth, are you already back to believing in germs?
  9. Excellent Thoth! Pasteur was completely wrong about germs being bad and causing disease! note for others: It's only fair to Thoth that we realize that the Dunning Kruger effect applies to him and that as he tries to rise up the slope to recovery he's being constantly called by back by Icky David from the peak of mt. stupid. Thoth is motivated in this case by his need to somehow show that the Corona virus is a fake of course and so at least this can't be put down as wild imaginings of a dingbat. It has a purpose!
  10. Your screen name is misleading and that leads me to wonder why you've kept it. No need to answer that. If you're still concerned with being bored then I would only try to lead the question to taking stock of the job you're doing and perhaps try to find something more challenging. I say that because I experienced the same issue at one time in my life myself. My best guess from personal experience is that there's really no technique that's going to solve your problem. You'll have to either have the courage to make the jump to something more challenging or be faced with the nagging idea that you'
  11. I think a good part of the problem here is that something as simple as this is taken to extremes and that's most likely in an effort to hoist themselves up in the eyes of the group. There are going to be few authentic science-minded people that are willing to subject themselves to that kind of nonsense. Who has anymore time for debating what is natural? Perhaps only those who see the supernatural as being the only alternative?
  12. Wondering is good for you Thoth. But try to stop short of imagining Satan and sky fairy beliefs. We don't want to lose the only link with reality we have with you. Can we talk a little more about Icky David's lizard people? Or how about the Chinese lab that you've changed your mind about?
  13. And I think the original issue is quite elementary and you were trying to test me on my understanding of what is natural. My point was that it's not an issue of natural vs. supernatural, as you tried to make it out to be. But maybe I can make you happy by saying that synthesized drugs are still natural drugs? Work for ya? If so then good. If not then don't bother trying to tell me why not. Frankly Mutex, I'm beginning to feel quite concerned with at least 4 members of this forum being either wannabe superheroes, intellectual geniuses, or just batshit crazy conspricy theorists!
  14. Thoth, everything you try to say can only be seen by others as a perversion of reality. You can't have Icky David, etc., and still be taken seriously. That's the facts of life sweetcheeks and it's not just me telling you that!
  15. No disagreement with that Mutex! Unless one wants to start splitting hairs over the meaning of some terms. And then you're trying to dictate your terms by introducing the natural/supernatural issue. It just doesn't have to be so. But please take note that I'm taking this to a higher lever with you than I would ever attempt with Thoth. The purpose I have is not to disagree with you but rather to feel you out for an indication of a little higher intelligence than is the norm on this board. And so. If a woman has natural beauty it doesn't mean that the lack of would be supernatural beau
  16. I'm having trouble believing any moderator would pull that kind of a stunt to sooth his vainglorious needs!
  17. Let's just take this back to the basics: Thoth has added another explanation for the virus. 1. Made in a lab in China. 2. fake virus and the new one. 3. It's natural None of which can be possible at the same time of course! As for all the security clearances, we should be trying to sort out that baloney in the Lounge section. Geeeeeezzzzz!
  18. No, it seems reasonable to expect them to be the exact same. You need to be able to supply a reason why not. All the teeny, tiny, teeniest rhetoric hasn't done that. Would you not be looking for this kind of response on a science forum? For example: One measured nautical mile is exactly the same length as all other measured nautical miles.
  19. You're not coming across as a di**. If you come up with any good ideas you caan depend on my help. The new board format tells us they're sure interesting in surviving. I think 'they' have some attitude issues to deal with first.
  20. Mutex, thanks for your answer to the question. Hopefully Victor will still have an interest in following this topic too. p.s. Most of all I'm interested in creating some much needed traffic on this board because it's teetering on the verge IMO. But it has to be rational discussion by rational people or there's really no point in saving it. Any ideas?
  21. So what do you think Mutex? So my question is: Is this a more cost effective and/or more environmentally friendly way of dealing with the plastic we have at least partially succeeded in convincing people to recycle?
  22. I think he was asking about boredom for a lifeguard on duty Breeze. What you could do is take note that he hasn't responded to my answer to his specific question yet. That could be an indication that he's not really interested in pursuing the question any further. However, from your POV, I guess the question can somehow be answered in a small part by suggesting he make valuable use of his time when not on duty as a lifegueard?
  23. Good science topic Victor. So my question to you in the interest of promoting this discussion: [quote]More than 300 million tons of plastic are produced annually worldwide. Most take hundreds of years to break down, and even then, they just splinter into tiny microplastic pieces that will likely never biodegrade.[/quote] That's not addressing the issue here. We already know that and have an answer for how to deal with plastics. So my question is: Is this a more cost effective and/or more environmentally friendly way of dealing with the plastic we have at least partially succeede
  24. Are you a socially responsible person who genuinely cares about people? Why do you want to be a lifeguard? Does vainglorious glamour enter into the picture? Are you a body builder and if so then is it purposed toward being able to do your job as a lifeguard more effectively?
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