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  1. I've passed judgment when it's been necessary on some of the members, but not all. Some are obviously mentally ill and some are just full of American style bullsh-t. If I've judged anybody wrongly then speak up and correct me if you think you have a case. And now back on topic: This is a pretty good thread on which to be able to judge certain members. Take Victor for instance. My opinion of him is that he's quite sane but seeks attention more than anything. But he's evasive enough to continue to make me wonder about him and so I will feed him some bait to bring him out more. Vixtor's post
  2. I have to suspect some level of insanity coming from all the posters on this forum. It's just the failsafe position that's necessary because of the performance of so many. I'll take your objections into account but still keep an eye on you. And fwiw, me taking part on this forum does call for the same diligent attention to my posts. I'm always open to any rational criticism! As to you yourself, I believe you're one of those who have claimed to be a martial arts expert or something equally vainglorious. That's pretty hard to believe when you post an avatar of a teenage pinhead.
  3. You should have proof read that or had somebody proofread it for you before posting it Lola. Anyone looking for the sort of help you offer is going to be a stickler for correct grammar, flawless spelling, and no evidence of careless mistakes such as the 'writiingteam' example.
  4. That cloud resembles a comet's tail?? He saw Mars and he imagined up in his head the comet tail, or at best saw a natural phenomenon. Better to pursue the OP poster to test if he's going to stick to his story, rather than help promote another stupid conspiracy theory for Thoth to go off on.
  5. This is where I have to ask you, what is your estimate for the age of the universe. In thousands, millions, or billions will be fine.
  6. Yeah o.k. Victor but can you keep it within the context of the question on whether or not aliens have come to earth and been observed. Do the time restraints I've mentioned in my replies to A-wal have any meaning to you? or Can you build a good case for the theory that aliens have come and been observed?
  7. That's relevant Victor but also needs to somewhat rely on the supernatural.
  8. I've quoted you on that which is relevant to the conversation I'm trying to start and left the rest out. So barring Victor's wormholes and the rest of his cartoons, you've shown the reason why the times i've put up on the age of the earth, the age of the universe, and the length of time there has been life on earth, are all relevant. And it appears that you're the only one who is interested in trying to tackle the question of aliens coming to earth and being observed. Here's something new to add to the conversation: If aliens have come to earth they would either want to be observed o
  9. Considering that extraterrestrial visitors are limited to the speed of light. (maybe)(probably) I lean towards them not being able to visit earth so far. But on the positive side, for the likes of Victor and Thoth, they could be on their way and could arrive within a relatively short time of say the next million years or so! Probably not time yet to brew a cup of tea for them?
  10. Dear sweet Victor, you've gone to a great deal of trouble to prove something that isn't even being disputed here by me or anyone else for that matter. Can you stop now and wrap your mind around the question of whether aliens have visited our earth and been observed doing so? And if you can do that Victor, you might find my numbers useful for a start, lacking anything better? Use your brain Victor because I know you have one. Barring the part of it that's hung up on supernatural bullsh-t in cartoon land.
  11. You at least take a moderate approach to the question! And so here are some numbers that we can work with for a science based discussion, as opposed to moon bats: First life on earth 3.7 B. years ago Earth formed 4.5B. years ago. Big bang 13.7 years ago. These numbers are 'probably' somewhat close to being correct, or at least I'll assume they are correct for the purpose of this discussion. That at least gives us some numbers to work with on trying to establish the probability of life elsewhere other than earth. And note that I didn't say, 'on other planets', even though
  12. And so in an attempt to make something useful out of this thread: Is it possible to have a discussion on the likelihood of an aliens either crashing on earth or allowing themselves to be accidentally observed by humans? Or is it possible that any of the wild stories of people being abducted by aliens and then returned? If this is a science forum, those questions should elicit some reasonable answers. So let's make this a test for everybody on how they are capable of taking a scientific approach to such questions. What better way to separate the wheat from the chaff, the conspir
  13. Before everybody on this forum goes off into never-never land, I should explain what I meant is that the aliens being claimed to be seen here on earth, don't exist. That's a lot different than suggesting they don't exist somewhere in the universe. So having said that I need to repeat what I said that got everybody so excited. [quote] Best to just take the position of the aliens simply not existing, at least until there is some solid and reliable evidence to say otherwise. There isn't! Having said that, I know I risk hearing a wave of thoths who will need to push their favou
  14. Best to just take the position of the aliens simply not existing, at least until there is some solid and reliable evidence to say otherwise. There isn't! Having said that, I know I risk hearing a wave of thoths who will need to push their favourites! Got one for us? Anything? Not just conspiracy theory b.s. that's easily put down?
  15. US politics have clouded the issue so I'll set it straight for you Americans just one time. The Democrats are promoting it beyond reason to do dirt on Trump. Trump and his followers are trying to play it down to show how Trump has lied and failed to take adequate measures. And in the middle are the facts. The death toll has dropped but rational people will continue with necessary precatuations because of the risk of another wave of the virus. And that's backed up by Europe's current experience. Nobody should be taking any Americans seriously on what they are saying about the Co
  16. Only Trump can turn a fantasy into politics! If Trump loses the election he'll have to be watched very closely to make sure he doesn't do anything dangerous in the real world. I'm sure the Martians are trembling in fear already!
  17. We won't let him come over the border with his gun Victor. Americans shouldn't be missing the fact that Trump has been antiwar on foreign relations with Russia. The scary part is if the Dems follow through in any way with the pro-war rhetoric against Russia. They could elevate the developing Cold war into a hot war and Russia won't be pushed any further. I highly expect Trump to flaunt his hidden relationship with Putin if he loses and that may include betraying secrets to Putin. That would be expected of him at least. But fwiw, I see nobody on this forum are contemplating a Tru
  18. If Trump loses then expect the sort of reaction that's predicted of a psychopath. That is very much an unknown due to the fact that a psychopath is incapable of accepting defeat. And so the big question is on whether Trump will seek revenge to somehow turn his loss into a win. There are many possibilities to consider but the one we could be considering now is the possibility of Trump revealing state secrets to any of America's enemies, real or imagined? This begs the question of how the FBI/CIA and other government law enforcement agencies are contemplating how they will need to constantl
  19. Germ Theory denilelism is lizardspeak. You must be talking about denialism, if indeed that's a word? There's a change starting to come over you Thoth but I'm not sure whether it's positive or just more of you falling deeper into your illusions. In any event it's good to see happening because it's become obvious that your tenuous grip on reality couldn't sustain you indefinitely.
  20. Sounds like you're working a part time job as a convenience store. Right? Mankind is nocturnal and so you should be able to adjust to the schedule. But there are downsides to what you're doing that are not related to health issues. Don't let yourself get stuck in that sort of work. Do you have any particular abilities that would serve you well in a higher paying job?
  21. A great video Thoth. The picture of the graveyard with hundreds and hundreds of crosses was what convinced me the most. And then the shot of the syringe with the crying baby in the background sealed it for your theory. After this I'll never doubt you on your anti-vaxxer theories again! If 'THEY' will kill the babies then 'THEY' will kill anybody!
  22. Can you explain what you mean by 'germ layer ego' for a start?
  23. What do you mean by the term 'tidal locked'? Are you suggesting that earth's tides have an influence on the moon?
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