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  1. Thoth has allowed it to slip out that he's a bit concerned about all the aliens after the movie, 'Close Encounters', looking like those shown in the movie. And I provided a link to show that aliens before 'Close Encounters' weren't reported as looking like the one Victor has imagined up, which has likely come from some movie. In any case, there are no alien or extraterrestrial sighting that still stand as being the real thing. However, Thoth's and Icky David's lizard people could be the best one to use as an example because that story has been pursued so actively for so
  2. Line up a bunch of different metals and observe the different colours. Then tell me how nickle and silver look so different. You might want to throw in a mirror too for the colour comparison. Why you haven't noticed this already, who knows? What colour was the steel?
  3. I'm suggesting that there is a natural explanation for these sort of things!! And in my opinion, there is always a natural explanation! That's my opinion and I suggest you try to acknowledge that even though you may not be of the same opinion. And fwiw, I consider a what a person sees that causes them to start thinking of the supernatural, can also be attributed to the 'natural'. That of course includes apparations that are procuded by a person's mind. I'm not necessarily suggesting that you are imagining seeing something; that's only one possibility out of many. And fwiw, I'm going to go
  4. That's not fair! I'm only trying to have you look for a natural explanation for what you saw, as well as trying to have you back off on the tail you've imagined. It's not there no matter what supernatural explanation A-wal attempts to provide you with. He's encouraging some sort of conspiracy theory because he now knows you're susceptible to that kind of explanation. Stick with your 'trick of light' and work on duplicating the phenomenon again. It's far more realistic than A-wal's magnetic field imaginings. And if you're already over the edge, talk to Thoth for a more satisfactory
  5. Tell us more when you have time. All I'll say about the topic for now is that I can't be killed because your perception of me isn't correct. If you saw me in person you would immediately understand why I can't be killed. For national security reasons I can't tell you anything more in public. If you close your eyes and imagine everything around you as being dazzling white, I can send you a message that will enable you to understand who and what I am. Let me know in a discreet way what you have learned.
  6. Thanks for telling us that the mirror doesn't have eyes. I suppose that will have to do for an answer for now. And to get back to your original question on why we observe the colour of the ball if that question is asked of us, it's logical to think a person would answer correctly. As to asking the same question about the colour of the mirror, a person would have to give the same answer. It would be deceptive to try to say that the mirror is the colour of that which is reflected. The only difference is that one is a mirror and the other isn't a mirror. Maybe it would help if you brok
  7. I would really like to know what you're talking about with your Rocky, Paulie, birthrightism, and the 173K out of 180K. Can you give us a thorough explanation on each?
  8. Close Encounters was made in November 1977. For depictions of space men in the 50's, here's my contribution for now. https://www2.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/news-bfi/lists/10-great-50s-american-sci-fi-films Your turn A-wal.
  9. I'll take that as a part of your argument for extraterrestrial UFO's and aliens. It's a good question! And I'll suggest that the movie, 'Close Encounters ...............' was that which introduced the current depictions of aliens. And I don't have to even address their spacecraft because in my opinion a bulge on the top isn't there for the sake of aerodynamics. On the former, I'll make the claim at the risk of being wrong but on the chance that it may aid the thread along. I have a bit of homework to do.
  10. I'll take that as a part of your argument for extraterrestrial UFO's and aliens. It's a good question! And I'll suggest that the movie, 'Close Encounters ...............' was that which introduced the current depictions of aliens. And I don't have to even address their spacecraft because in my opinion a bulge on the top isn't there for the sake of aerodynamics. On the former, I'll make the claim at the risk of being wrong but on the chance that it may aid the thread along. I have a bit of homework to do.
  11. My answer for you is the best you'll get. And you're damn lucky to get even that. I won't bother in the future if you can't rise above the colour of a mirror. Can you answer my questions?
  12. You surely do live in your own cartoon world Victor! Does it cause hair to grow on the palm of your hand?
  13. Don't talk to me about Thoth, his opinions don't matter here. I won't negotiate that further and you should know why. Actually you do because you've helped to cut him off at the knees. Alien life being rare enough is indeed evidence to say that there is little chance of any of them being relatively close to us. The similar patterns supposedly observed are quite elementary in nature and are an indication that UFO appearances as well as the aliens are in sync with the changing times. The physical appearance of UFO changed in direct accordance with the movie, 'Close encounters..........
  14. I didn't try to run Thoth off. I'm not responsible for his ridiculous behaviour but I accept that I'm one of us who do have a responsibility to the forum to call him on his nonsense. If he's gone for good then that indicates to me that he's refused to reform himself and is finding the real world not a possibility for his mindset. Embarrassed? Really not very likely for Thoth. More like a few others coming out and calling him on his bullshit, so that he wasn't getting any support on such crap as David Icky and his other heroes. You haven't been helpful yourself Breeze. Be that
  15. I've provided a fair amount of evidence, of which you are begrudgingly aware. It includes time and distance restrictions as well as restraints impoosed by the age of the earth, the amount of time there has been intelligent life on our earth, and the age of the universe, even though you don't accept the latter. And of late I've provided evidence that shows that UFO's always (or nearly always) are made to fit the accepted norms on their appearance and the appearance of their supposed vehicles. re. saucers with a cockpit. All that at least builds a case against them being real. And no, it's
  16. All the UFO's are saucer shaped with a bulge on top that's supposed to represent a cockpit. As is Victor's alien the standard version with the big head and almond shaped eyes. If somebody saw an alien or a UFO that wasn't the standard model it wouldn't be accepted by the experts like David Icky. We're getting somewhere on this question of aliens but the pro side isn't contributing much yet. Maybe they're ashamed? People have a natural tendency to want to believe in the supernatural for some reasons we can explore further. And some, like our Thoth take it to the extreme and beli
  17. You seem to have forotten that I'm not saying aliens and UFO's aren't real. Should I explain to you again what I'm saying or should I let you try to figure it out?
  18. Another huge copy and paste! And so for a quick contribution to this thread: Why is it that flying saucer mockups always show a cockpit bulge on the top? Has it got something to do with it's aerodynamics or is it more like the early cartoon depictions of flying saucers of the 50's? I think it's probably the latter and not dissimilar to the depictions of aliens with big heads, very slim bodies, and almond shaped eyes.
  19. One is a mirror and the other isn't. Get back to basics on mirrors and explain why a mirror changes your left side to your right but it doesn't change your head to your tail. Then when you master that, really challenge yourself further by lying on your side or turning the mirror 90 degrees!
  20. My thoughts on it are that you saw Mars, you embellished your story by adding a comet tail to it, and now you're just being dishonest by not admitting it. So yes, Mars is quite spectacular to see right now but none of that requries any supernatural explanation for the reason why. Maybe you can find some others who have more patience with this sort of crap. Encourage Thoth a little and you'll likely get something along the lines of what you're needing.
  21. The challenge doesn't just go out to Victor. It's a serious attempt, at least as serious as anything can be on this forum, for anybody to put forward an alien or UFO story that has stood the test of time and honest questioning. Perhaps the Berkshire UFO stories could be used as an example? Or is there a better one? I say the damn things just don't exist at least in the case of them being extraterrestrials, and I've at least provided some evidence to back my case. That being already somewhat accepted by A-wal who has at least dared to get involved on the question. And btw, a good rea
  22. Fine Victor, but there's no need to get emotional about it. My point is that it's not just me that you have to convince. So take your current situation in which you have claimed to have seen the standard accepted version of an alien and you're worried about me either accepting your claim or not. Fwiw, I don't and that's because you've made no effort to convince. What you have to do if you want your story to be accepted is convince many others too. And it's not good enough to just convince people like Thoth, our dearly departed, because he's completely automaticallly receptive to any such
  23. Tell us all about your alien that you saw Victor. Did you get a picture of her/him?
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