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  1. I can capitalize on my slamdunking of the Anchovy on this forum in that it's to my benefit on the credibility front. That doesn't matter very much on this obvious attempt he's made to get his talltale accepted but it does add to my credibility on the case I'm making on the UFO's and aliens issues.

    People like to believe in the supernatural and most won't hold back from making claims on the supernatural so they can become a part of the conversation with some credentials. This is what Anchovy tried to do here but he became too anxious to be seen as a participant and then made his careless claim of witnessing the supernatural twice.

    Anyone who still wants to stand with the little rascal now, needs to hear his explanation for why he's not lying. Is there any story that can fill the bill for him? 

    Dare he try to turn to binocular glare or eyeglasses glare at this late date? How about a cold wind that made his eyes water?  Can anybody bail his sorry a-s out? 

    Thoth? You're an original thinker! 


  2. 1 hour ago, Anchovyforestbane said:

    How amusing, reduced to a broken record of obstinacy.

    If you're so butthurt about this that you can't leave it alone, here's a question for you.

    What evidence have you to assert this slander that I'm lying for attention? If you care anything about science, you should have plenty, otherwise you wouldn't be so insistent.

    If you're not lying then you're going to have to offer an explanation for what you claim to have seen. TWICE! Very big tactical mistake when you told us you saw it a second time! You've now received much more attention on this bullsh-t than you deserve, or even wanted.

    I've got you in a box now and so I don't have to twist the knife anymore. 


  3. Mars is still there and nearly as bright as it ever was. Can you put a tail on it one more time? 

    Have you reported your sightings to NASA yet? Why haven't you? 

    You saw a tail on Mars two times?

    You imagined a tail on Mars two times?

    You saw something that looked like a tail on Mars two times.

    You just made up a story about the tail because you didn't understand you were looking at Mars and your brain created the tail? You created your own UFO? Twice? 

  4. Covid, racism, and the mentally ill president are the news. Covering those is what's called journalism and it's meant to sell advertised products and always has been. Instead of the constarnt whining about it, why not try to suggest something for the news that could replace it.

    The Canadian media covers all the news that's worth broadcasting, including the news that you ignorant Americans don't like. Try tuning in to BBC or CBC sometime instead of punishing yourself with Fox noise.

    I'm giving you a chance raccoon so don't blow it. My patience for people like you is about at an end.

  5. 1 hour ago, Anchovyforestbane said:

    The truth is, the mainstream media is a friend of the people fervently dedicated to the facts. It's not their fault you don't see that and think that they are extremists when they are actually pursuing the truth in all avenues. They have been reporting for a long time, and those biased towards distrusting the media may think that the people uncovering and reporting the truth are extremists. The fact is all the distrust towards the media is nothing but a big conspiracy theory, and if you can't see that, that isn't my fault at all.

    If your logic, when reversed, is equally as true (which is to say, in this case, equally as ludicrous), there's a good chance your argument is flawed. 


    I didn't say that. A-wal said that. Don't go assuming some ideonomic alliance between us all of a sudden. 


    I meant exactly what I said. Should it have simply been a phenomenon of perspective as I've proposed, it would be foolish of you to assume I'm the only person on the planet who would've seen it, even if no astronomers with an ability to report the finding happened to be around that perspective point. 



    You seem to have a habit of not listening too well. Seems to be a consistent characteristic of yours. If you were paying attention, you'd have realized that the phenomenon was different the second time. This would make sense if, as I've proposed, it were a phenomenon of perspective.
    And it would sure be nice if you used this thread for exploring what that phenomenon could be, rather than exploiting it to quench your thirst for petty bickering. 



    You sure seem eager to end it on this notion of having fantasized the phenomenon which you're so steadfast in. Which is very strange, given that a few posts ago you insisted that you were not asserting that it must necessarily have been in my head. Were you simply saying that to cover your humiliatingly fallacious posterior, I wonder? Sure would make sense, given your recent behavior.

    Twice you made up little lies to get attention. Was it your glasses the first time that were glaring back at you? And was it tears of anger the second time you made it up?

    Let it go *******! The only other remedy for you it to get the mods to let me go for you. whining baby cksker you'all poser! 

  6. 13 hours ago, Anchovyforestbane said:

    Your discourteous little tirade there has been reported.
    At first I thought you were simply ignorant and petty; an angsty teenager, perhaps. 
    But in your arrogance you've revealed yourself to be self-righteous and manipulative. 
    Quite frankly you should be ashamed of yourself. 
    If your ready to contribute to scientific discussion on this science forum, than my ears are open. 
    Until then, if snide disrespect and self-centered manipulation is all you have to say to me, then I have nothing left to say to you except to act your age.

    Ask  mommy moderator to make me go away then! They've already tried that twice and now they are coming to understand that I don't give a fuk. If they want to lose their most sane and prolic poster then maybe you'll get your wish.

    And won't that work out well for you and your cousin Thoth! You can make up tails on Mars and other **** and be completely undisturbed! 

  7. 11 minutes ago, Anchovyforestbane said:



    Disregarding my lack of understanding of whatever lingo you're using here:
    How amusing, your talent of obstinacy is as nauseating as ever; enough so to pollute completely unrelated topics with your pigheaded calumny.
    If you've got some issue with me, take it to PMs. Leave the science threads for science.

    I'm not going to disregard anything for your pleasure. Why did you make up the story for a second time? The first time could be excused because you failed to think of a natural explanation, and that's common to most Americans. It's the reason why we have dingbats like Thoth on a science forum. But the second time is inexcuable because you had to fabricate a lie and say you saw the tail again. Had you actually have seen a tail on Mars the entire scientific community which is involved with the applicable science would be asking big questions. AND THEY'RE NOT! 

    Smarten the fuk up and try growing fkng up a bit!


    With the vastly different volume densities of different materials, from air, to water, to diamond; there should be no difference should these discrepancies be alleviated? Elaborate. [/quote]

    best to put the question down to ignorant nonsense and move on. Spend your time with science that makes some sense.

    And maybe you could consider thanking me for helping you to grow up a little faster than you ordinarily would?

    This loony bin forum needs a lot more tough love of the sort only I am offering so far.

  8. I don't know lewis and I haven't the slightest idea on the science you're talking about.

    But why would you ask that question on this forum? Seriously lewis, is there anyone here that you suppose could answer your question.

    That is, assuming that it's your question and not a cut and paste from some legitimate science publication or web posting?

    It's just that to me it seems to be somewhat suspicious that someone legitimately dealing with real science would be here?

    I hope my suspicions are wrong.

  9. 19 hours ago, Thoth101 said:

    "We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy economy."
    Chris Hedges

    And in which some people find reality doesn't serve their needs and so they turn to the supernatural for answers. 

    When the answer for Americans has been dangled before their noses for decades, but they refuse to accept the logical answer that they're slaves to the 1 or 2 %

  10. 14 hours ago, Thoth101 said:

    Viral Misconceptions and the True Nature of Viruses


    Thoth, you can't continue to try to promote outdated theories that have been proven to be nonsense a hundred years ago or more. We can try to find some common ground on issues such as UFO's and aliens but we can't entertain pure nonsense. 

    Do your part and help to get this forum back on track.

  11. 13 hours ago, Thoth101 said:

    Are you finally seeing that CNN is nothing more then propaganda and only puts out what the Cabal want you to believe. Well, that is all mainstream media. Some are worse then others. You will get some truth every now and then but it is few and far in between.

    "The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread...We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."
    John Swinton(1880)

    In some fairness to your theory on the media being propaganda, I suppose it could be termed as that. But first of all in my explanation I have to tell you that there is no cabal.

    All the mainstream media and some of the fringe media are biased against Trump. The reason for that is because their first and only priority is to sell advertizing to their audience. 

    Americans are indeed the tools of rich men, but they're not behind any socalled scenes. They're visible and easily identified. I'll explain again.

    The American way has failed the people because it's a system of greedy capitalism. The world's leading democratic countries are sprinting far ahead of the US with their 'socially responsible' kind of capitalism. There's a sensible explanation for everything you complain about and it doesn't need supernatural stories and imaginings to be able to understand.

    I've posted proof on America's poverty and declining 'quality of life' on this board but it's been rejected. The reason why is because the rich and powerful have consistently led the American people to believe that the ordinary people aren't entitled to a share of the enormous wealth in your country. Therefore, the label of socialism or even communism needs to be attached to every effort the people make to escape the slavery being imposed on them.

    If you want to discuss the issue you're going to first have to at least lay aside the 'cabal' and the other irrational explanations


    [quote]"The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread...We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents,  our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."[/quote]

    They're just journalists and they have no power that hasn't been granted them by the people. Change the 'journalists' to 'the 1 or 2 % very wealthy and Swinton is nearly exactly right! And in fact he's within spitting distance of being exactly right because the employers of those who can call themselves journalists are among the 1 or 2% I've mentioned.

  12. 12 hours ago, Thoth101 said:

    Well, thankyou for taking the time to watch.

    The video (s) are degrading this conversation to nonsense and I'm really not interested in going there with you. I'll continue to admit that I 'could' be wrong about the UFO/alien sightings but I'm definitely not going to start to entertain the supernatural.

    And fwiw, after taking the time to search out the most credible reportings, I've become even more convinced that even the best of them are fatally flawed by imposters and fakes. 

    Where are the very best and most credible reports that aren't fatally flawed by shysters who are trying to make a living off of an industry they've created?

  13. 10 hours ago, RaccoonRanger said:

     Covington Kid? 

    Ring a bell? He won a $250 million defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post.

    90% of the mainstream media is a propoganda arm for Democrats.


    Anything: New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Atlantic, Huff-Po, are purely paid for Democratic drivel and hit pieces.

    Sensational headlines with zero substance. Cotton Candy "Journalism" 


    and this is not including Social Media platforms


    You're right if you think that all the media, mainstream or otherwise, is biased against Trump. And you can include Fox News with the exception of the sideshow Hannity puts on as big money entertainment. Now we're onto some rational thinking!

    The only part of the issue you haven't mentioned, because you don't understand it, is the fact that Trump has alienated all normal thinking people away from his nonsense and the media does and says that which is popular with the people. They're in the business to make money and will always lean toward people who will respond positively to the goods, products, and services they are trying to sell.

    Hannity takes care of the fringe that doesn't respond positively to all the rest of the media. 


    edit: I've just noticed that Thoth has given you an alternative explanation for the media bias you so rightly are claiming. Can you create a third for us to consider?

  14. 6 hours ago, Thoth101 said:

    if you are being honest, that is good. Hey, at one time I thought aliens were ridiculous also. Although I do remember when I was a little kid and I saw a little grey being shown on Unsolved Mysteries in the 80's I remember balling my eyes out because I was scared.lol! I think, at first we all have a little fear of the unknown.

    On the videos you post, I've never been wrong. They're all nonsense that's being promoted for profit by people who think they can capitalize on the UFO/alien imaginings and possible sightings. So I've decided to just reject them because there are other reportings that are much closer to being credible. I might find one or two of the best of them for you so we can discuss the topic in a sensible way.

    Like I said, I might be wrong. But I still have a great deal of confidence that I'm right because even the best reportings I've been able to find are full of flaws.

    I take much the same position as Dawkins and De Grasse Tyson. They are trustworthy and well known scientists who frankly, wouldn't sit in the same room as David Icke.

    If you ever want to find common ground with any rational person on this board then you're just going to have to start thinking a little more clearly and rationally. 

  15. 12 hours ago, RaccoonRanger said:

    Direct reply to question??

    The United States will still be divided, and the MSM will foment the largely brainwashed millenials to keep peaceful fire-setting and brick- throwing to continue.

    We'll hear endless cries of rampant racism to exist in every breath you take, and every policeman you encounter. 

    Grand ideas of FREE Healthcare and Education and Housing proposed by the Green New Deal Progressives will be espoused ad nauseum. 

    Meanwhile Trump will handle other world leaders and trade partners as a firm and unshakeable force for 4 more years. 

    The quick answer is that the US is again trying to demonize all it's competitors and China is no exception. But this time the competitor is too big and it has most of the world's countries as it's friends, because  China hasn't attempted to control the world by force.

    If Trump wins election I highly suspect that he will begin to deal with China in the same way he's been dealing with Russia, and that will be a good thing. I have no interest or care for what Trump will do to the US on domestic policy. 

    Strange how many of Thoth's videos don't exist!

  16. 12 hours ago, Thoth101 said:

    Ok Monty.lol! I think you should watch the documentary. It is very enlightening.

    Wow! I mean just holy wow Thoth! I clicked on it and I went to somewhere around the 10 minute point where they were bringing in UFO' with tones and meditations. So convincing!

    But I think I have to go slow on this for a while so I'm going to stick with the lizard people for now. That's something that I'm pretty sure I might have witnessed in Mexico. Are the lizard people aliens or are they earthlings that have mutated into part lizards?

    You and David Icke were so right all along!

    edit: Then I went to somewhere arouns 1 1/2 hours in and they were showing anti-gravity machines and perpetual motion machines! I'm impressed Thoth!

    And they had a rock with an equation painted on it and I think they said it was the way to take ET home?

    I have to stick with the Iguanas for now my friend.


    edit, edit: Then they showed a 6 inch high human skeleton that I think was an alien but then I had to go.

  17. 9 hours ago, Thoth101 said:

    I can't believe you actually left your basement to go to Mexico. I think you are telling another tall tale now Monty.😄

    I don't live in my room in the basement anymore and I did go to Mexico. The iguanas I 'seen' were real and they sat still and stared at me. I'm not saying they're the lizard people but I'm not saying they aren't. 

  18. 8 hours ago, Thoth101 said:

    Are you part of the censorship also as the Stazi were? It seems if you lived during those times you would have been  one to put that Stazi suit on and hale your furor because you are doing the same thing this day in age. You are part of the new Stazi. How do you feel about that?

    The term isn't 'day in age', it's 'day and age'. But otherwise I'm beginning to realize that you have a good point on UFO's and extraterrestrials.

    Maybe it's me that has always been wrong. Give me time to watch the 4 videos you've posted so I can evaluate your evidence thoroughly. It looks like there's about 6 hours of information there to absorb. 

    Cheers, M.

  19. The existing thread title is in appropriate for a serious discussion and so a new thread for those who would prefer to be serious about the topic.

    If we can't rely on these two for valuable positions on aliens and UFO's, then who can we rely upon. Their opinions on aliens being quite different from the human form is stronger than their beliefs on there being similarities. But neither of them are willing to put down the possibility of the aliens showing a likeness to humans.

    Dawkins leans at least somewhat to the possibility of likeness to the human form but not as strongly as the opposite. DeGrasse Tyson seems to be further from the theory on aliens  being similar to the human form and provides reasoning for his theory.

    I present this as evidence for my theory on the popular space alien being something that has been generated out of the movie 'Close Encounters'. 

    Is it possible to have an intelligent discussion on this forum, without the usual spamming? 

    I hope the admins and the moderators can take it upon themselves to use their responsibility to keep this thread on track. If not now for this Science forum, then when?

    Opinions please! 

  20. 13 hours ago, Thoth101 said:

    I don't really care how people spell things or punctuate things. I was just giving an example and pointing out that he is not perfect in his spelling also. So when someone is constantly making remarks on spelling and punctuation they better be perfect in it themselves which Monty proved he is not. That was all I was saying.

    I think there are many theories on the Anunnaki. But sure, they were some kind of ruling class in ancient Sumerian. Which is where the blue bloods come from and why the elite try to keep a certain bloodline because they believe that bloodline is the ruling class. It is something I definitely enjoy researching. Could the Sumerian tablets that were written in stone all be just a fictional story? They sure could be although I am not sure how much fiction they wrote back then. I don't think they wrote on stone for pleasure but they wrote on stone to keep a memory. But, yea there is a chance it is fictional.

    I think this sums the bloodline up:

    The reptilian-Illuminati bloodlines view themselves as the children of the "gods", from whom they have been given the absolute right to rule over humanity. In order to retain their dominant reptilian traits and shapeshifting talent, these families must interbreed religiously. They need to have a certain configuration of reptilian genetic code within their DNA to maintain their connection and value to the master races, the "gods", who provide them the knowledge and tools they need to control humanity. Their ability to be possessed may also depend on this.

    By the same token, if they end up excessively dominant to the reptilian side, it becomes very difficult for them to assume and hold human form, which carries its own set of problems. Given how important this is to their ability to remain on top, it's not surprising that they keep such meticulous records of family trees and genetic histories.
    As the vibratory rate increases during this Great Shift, and more Light enters the Universe, the reptilians are finding that their control grid (hive mind) is having a harder time suppressing human consciousness, keeping it contained within the box.


    I believe this is the reason why their attacks have intensified dramatically in recent years - fluoride, mercury, aluminum, excitotoxins, parasites, drugs of all kinds, TV, subliminal*, cell phones/towers, chemtrails, HAARP, etc. The goal is to break down the human brain (pineal gland) to such an extent that it can no longer support higher consciousness.


    I think you are partly right on why it became mainstream. But I also think it is also a slow drip because the governments of the world can't just come out and say there are aliens because the governments think people would go nuts. And trust me, there is a shadow government.  Even looking into the CIA you can see that. Or even read the book "Transformation of America" by Cathy Obrien. There are endless amounts of information on that.

    Not sure what you mean about backwards time travel. It virtually would be us using a time machine or whatever they would use to come back to this point in time. If you mean going backwards in time, well that has been shown to be possible. Why would they want to abduct people and make hybrids and take the babies out of woman's wombs?

    I've noticed that you seem to have to make the point that I'm not perfect! That's proof enough for me that you're starting to think about your reputation and starting to hear footsteps behind you, so to speak.

    But then just when I hear you start to indicate that you're aware of your weird behaviour, you go off on a flurry of absolutely madhatter posts with videos of wingnuts like Campione. Have you even watched what crap he's trying to push yourself?

    A friendly word or two of advice: Icke and Campione aren't good for you. And it's not like you haven't been warned enough about Icky!

  21. 18 hours ago, Anchovyforestbane said:

    Even if that is correct, it was wise of you to choose the word "report" and not "observe". Maybe there is still some sense in that noggin.

    What are you trying to say? I'll change it to 'observe' for your sake so you can explain further. As for it being something between your eyes and Mars, that would be remotely possible but the possibility of it happening twice makes it almost infinitely impossible. I think you can throw that explanation out.

    Do you wear glasses? Were you using binoculars or a telescope the first time or both times?  Do you find it a little unusual that you've witnessed a phenomenon twice which hasn't been seen by anybody else, and especially not astronomers?

    Can we put this to bed by coming up with a reason for only you witnessing it twice?

    Everything is on the table, including the psychological shock of seeing Mars so conspicuously bright. How about you go out in the evening while Mars is so close and see if you can duplicate the effect again?

  22. 14 hours ago, Thoth101 said:

    Apparently according to Anchovy and A-wal we are the same somehow.😄 What do you think of that Monty?🤣

    On several different ocassions while in Mexico I have observed Iguanas sitting out in conspicuous public places. They have given me an uncomfortable feeling that they are watching me especially. For this reason  Thoth, we may have something in common with your feeling on lizard people.

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