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    Orion got a reaction from Thoth101 in Big Bang.   
    Sorry I don't speak dumbass.
    if you cant read 
    Each circle would be the radius of a big bang relative to your perception

    And then proceed too see a 0 and completely forget that's a sign of dementia.
    If you're willing to say 

    "that my aptitude is low pertaining to astronomy and space in general."

    Then maybe you shouldn't try and correct or teach people.

    At least we know why no one ever responds to the topics you post now.
    Because they think you're a dumbass talking about ham sandwiches.
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    Orion got a reaction from Thoth101 in Big Bang.   
    I'm gonna ignore your bullshit if that's okay, after looking at all the stuff you've posted I'd be surprised if you actually even finished school.
    Too anybody who's not bullshitting/trying to flex a low IQ.

    Here's two visual examples.
    Each circle would be the radius of a big bang relative to your perception.
    One triggers the next and the distance between the two could be more then we are capable of viewing through our limited tech.

    A super simple example is binary 

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    Orion got a reaction from Thoth101 in Big Bang.   
    Wow not very bright are you. 
    The "big bang" by definition may not be a suitable term for your theory. But maybe it can be used if you're suggesting the multiverse theory. Please elaborate further

    Do you see a question in your statement?
    Any punctuation that signifies a question?
    Too anybody reading this is how you spot someone of fake intelligence.

    Or 'big bangs' in different times and dimensions? So far at least it's my opinion that you're stuck with having to go with a multiverse.

    You do realize that "Time." is a form of Dimension
    enclosing either ‘mass M’ or ‘length L’ or ‘time T’ 
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    Orion got a reaction from superpolymath8 in Artificial Blackhole Reactor(Singularity Inductor)   
    Based on another theory, and whats worse
    For the
     black hole examined in Chapters 2 through 5, the Schwarzschild
    i'm afraid the blackhole you mentioned doesn't spin.
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    Orion got a reaction from Maine farmer in Printing Us Currency To Lower The Debt   


    Inflation/Hyper Inflation.

    Our paper money is just a easy way to represent the real money we have (finite resources)

    (gold, silver ect)


    Printing more money would result in our currency worth declining.


    that's like you being in debt.

    Then Buying a Credit Card on Credit.
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    Orion got a reaction from OceanBreeze in Anonymous Forgave   
    Yeah my favorite part was you having paint open in the picture


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    Orion got a reaction from exchemist in Palestinian People’S Origin   
    Now the Jewish people believe in this symbol




    it's the alchemic symbol for wind.

    It forms your star of david giving the illusion of Wind free in all directions.

    This is taken from the Great pyramid of Giza.

    It's why the sphinx got it's nose shot off by a European, it was a Wind Temple not just a simple pyramid.

    They were painted white and with the color of lime stone they created beams in the sky.

    They created the pyramids simply with basic masonry They "Grinded up the Limestone"

    (idk about you but breaking rocks with a big object sounds fun these days)

    Carried sacks and made perfect blocks. with a recipe like cement.

    Americans use Jesus which is a latin accent for ZeuS we're sneaky, or he's sneaky.

    The truth is, if you're looking for god it's a collaboration of many things.

    Though I do believe the Wind idea being the most plausible due to what solar winds could do.

    Through improvement the origin has become blurry, and a murky picture at that.

    Religion is faith in something other than yourself everything on-top of that is just sugar coated.

    I'm starting to see Islamic people found in sarcophagus.

    They believed in the idea of "Wrapping Existence."

    This Man


     He is the most advanced in communication through hiero, atleast too me.

    even one not knowing how to read or write it can understand what he wanted.



    Do I think genocide occurred? no.

    What I do believe is cause and effect We all started from the East (We Came Here)

    I Believe people chose a path they felt correct.

    Even our language English is based on Latin and European.

    through the course of religion, or through the course of many?

    "They all just believe in (This)"

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    Orion got a reaction from GAHD in Strange Pattern Found   
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