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  1. I've been working on ways to prove my strong force ideas and realized I may need superconductors to do that so I looked online and found the Gravito-London moment experiments which disappeared behind NASA 10-15 years ago https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/03/060325232140.htm. Then I realized that the effect was basically concentrating electrons. So I realized I may be able to produce gravitational effects with spinning capacitor disks and found it online in Russia:
  2. I've been working on this theory for some time and believe I have finished it now, see the above post for the PDF file.
  3. I have the finished theory. I worked out precision values for the electric fields, magnetic moment, gravitation and matter fields using the same inner and outer charge radius for the neutron proton and electron. Again for references please contact me as file size is a limit here. edit: I've updated the theory with all the current solutions for mass and gravity. Had to study it for a while to get where I'm at in the calculations. They are more accurate now. 20210501 Wave-Diode Theory.pdf
  4. I've adjusted the calculations to allow for a better system using standard physical constants. For references please contact me, references removed due to file size restrictions:
  5. I've updated the theory to reflect hyperbolic curves in the wave nature of the magnetic moment, mass and gravitation. Again if you need references please contact me and I will supply them:
  6. I've added mass of the electron and proton to the theory. The theory might be proven from the gravitational effects being studied in super conductors, not to mention that superconductors might be explained with this theory. I took out the references due to file size limitations, ask me for references if you need them. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/03/060325232140.htm
  7. I have an update to the theory as I didn't totally calculate the magnetic moment or gravitation correctly:
  8. I updated the gravitation section of the theory. Also added proof of the strong force.
  9. I have an update to the theory which makes it more common sense equations:
  10. I have finished my theory and made a complete outline of all the basic stable particles including the neutron. It maps the forces as a wave force and reverse amperage.
  11. There is a slight typo in this file, the electron gravitational degrees of freedom is 9, where the proton is 12. Also the neutron can be described with this theory also, using charge radius of 1.00559957187091E-15 meters and 10 degrees of freedom. Here's the corrected file:
  12. I have been working on the magnetic moment equation to unify that with the charge and charge radius of the stable particles (electron and proton). I have finished it. This theory unifies, matter, electric charge, magnetic moment, gravitation. It does this via the wave-diode equality using the Shockley diode equation, it also uses the Peltier effect of reverse thermal flow. Here is the file: 20201001 Wave-Diode Theory.pdf
  13. I had some problems with the theory since electrons have no apparent charge radius, I found the charge radius of the electron is the electron wavelength. I worked out the equations to support the measured charge radius of the proton and the wavelength of the electron. This is a wave-diode equivalence theory. It states that waves behave like diodes with p-n junctions which provides an electric charge as a reverse biased amperage. The Shockley diode equation is used to describe the different forces. There is also a reverse amperage heat conducted in reverse of the electric charge via the Pe
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