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  1. yes i can help this sounds better than that water gas thread (browns gas )he did not invent it tessla did work with it as well. it was called water gas i have built a 1 litre 4 cyl water powered engine before and the first engines ran on hydrogen extracted from water as petrol wasnt around and we had dr diesel and Watt before him. you need to have the whole thing above ground electricaly proferably a plastic container to hold water with electolyte in the this is your source of hydrogen, now do you need the oxygen produced as well, for some type of combustion process. i made about 16 plates of
  2. the gas is recycleable and the load on the alternator changes so the fuel required is not a constant variable. and it is miniscule
  3. dc current will electrolize water ac wont you will also need a large variable resistor and a heap of hight wattage globes to adjust the dc current through the fuel cel to ground
  4. 1 amp for 1 hour will produce 6 litres of gas it is about a 3%load on the alternator
  5. :evil:ot the car sitting idling at 700revs you turn the lights on and it drops by 50 revs to 650 revs hmmmm that means by my instumentation here we have about a 6% load to run the headlights, the energy to produce the gas through electrolysis required is headlight current, the same can be applied to superconductor motors (cooled to -270 with helium)they can propel a ship and the superconductors only need 20 ma to run so a generator can supply the cooling system needs and also run the superconductors
  6. the alternator charges the battery and fires the electrolysis cell generally you double the size of the alternator, does your car stall when you turn the lights on, does turning your lights on increase your fuel usage by 100%, you drop a mere 50 revs!
  7. and einstein had an iq of 175 was it mine is 228 i do weiser in 40 mins do the CALCULATIONS toyota did
  8. why do you think i have a doctorate in industrial process control get your calculator we will work through this this calculation is for an engine that displaces twice its capacity per revolution and has been proven to be 73% eficient as i was a design after i had finished my design the same but had a compression stroke the displacement is 1 litre we want to turn the engine at 3,000 revs so we displace 6,000 litres of gas out of the exaust. So we take the expansion ratio of 1729 and divide that into 6,000 gives you 3.47litres of water gas which is a current flow of approxamately 40 amps to pro
  9. toyota said it invalidated the 2nd law of themodynamics it only needs headlight current to make the gas which turns back into water or hydrocloride after detanation with a spark, this causes heat electrolysis in a fuel cell makes the gas, you circulate everything in a sealed loop with a gas noble gas, download it and work it out
  10. here is how it all works 1 amp for 1 hour makes 6 litres of gas at 1 bar 1 litre of water makes 2039 litres of water gas 1 cc of gas has an expansion ratio of 1729/1 combustion temperatures: 6000 deg C to 600,000 deg C for water thus proves the alternator can supply adequate power to make gas to burn and recirculate soilinspection
  11. the pyramid age was a completely different age from ours during the 4 th dynasty they claimed to live in a thermo-nuclear age and the religion at the time was called "solar" no one was a slave and no-one draged rocks it has now been found that one person from each household was employed to build the pyramids as free citizens under the guidance of intergalactic comand to engineer Orion and the star Sirius this can be proven by the following calculations and observations when you go back through precesion the star Sirius can be seen up the southern shaft from the queens chamber the volume of the
  12. why use a cylinder type engine with heaps of moving parts when you can have down to 2 moving parts and perfect balance no need for oil and fuel because water and hydrocloride are reversable reactions when split with dc current and with a correctly engineered system you can get up to 2 million % efficient go to the soilinspection site to download the doc
  13. if you go to the SOIL INSPECTOR or soilinspection websites you can see a water powered engine link:eek_big: download the doc if you have seen it i would like to know what problems they had with the construction of the device it wasnt full disclosure:doh: thats probably why it isnt on the market there are some minor floors but they have proved it will work its just a matter of having the guts to aproach me to work out what no amount of money will see the end of this project without me are they scared to talk to me because they shot me in the head 41 times when my girlfriend applied for patent
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