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  1. I am a proponent of gaseous ether as amended by new discoveries. Vacuum has a lot to do with gas. Vacuum fluctuations are analogous to small waves that make bodies on water come closer. In space, we see waves and vortices everywhere. A particle is a spherical vortex of the type of a cavitation bubble. Star too. Vacuum has a much greater fluidity than gas and therefore it is difficult to make the pressure drop as in air. But with a sufficiently fast vibration of the metal of the conductor under the influence of current, we can receive electromagnetic waves. If the waves are strong enough, then
  2. This protrusion improves stability. Some woody seeds are similarly shaped to fly in the wind. I have it mainly because of the motor and battery. This protrusion is optional.
  3. EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH OF FLAPPING FLIGHT, NOT EXPLORED PHENOMENON IN AERODYNAMICS AND THE QUESTION OF FLYING SAUCER EFFICIENCY http://sci-article.ru/stat.php?i=1601957819 Kandyba Pavel Yurievich Annotation: As a result of experiments with the motion of asymmetrically oscillating bodies in a viscous medium, it was found that the generally accepted idea of such a principle of motion is not correct. A description of the experiments and the observed effect is given, as well as its interpretation.
  4. Antigravity, engine and experiments with a flying saucer. http://new-original-style.com.ua/pages/article2/antigravity/engine_en.htm
  5. Principle, scheme, images of a flying saucer. Reusable spaceship of the future. Spaceship with a solar sail.http://new-original-style.com.ua/pages/article/flying/saucer_en.htm
  6. Project of a spacecraft
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