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  1. EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH OF FLAPPING FLIGHT, NOT EXPLORED PHENOMENON IN AERODYNAMICS AND THE QUESTION OF FLYING SAUCER EFFICIENCY http://sci-article.ru/stat.php?i=1601957819 Kandyba Pavel Yurievich Annotation: As a result of experiments with the motion of asymmetrically oscillating bodies in a viscous medium, it was found that the generally accepted idea of such a principle of motion is not correct. A description of the experiments and the observed effect is given, as well as its interpretation.
  2. Antigravity, engine and experiments with a flying saucer. http://new-original-style.com.ua/pages/article2/antigravity/engine_en.htm
  3. Principle, scheme, images of a flying saucer. Reusable spaceship of the future. Spaceship with a solar sail.http://new-original-style.com.ua/pages/article/flying/saucer_en.htm
  4. Project of a spacecraft
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