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  1. Well you were right about one thing, it is Ouija. So what are the other flaws you've picked out? Is it the one where you say light has no frequency only wavelength and then your other theory explaining photons moving? When I was a kid, I saw the word "quantum" in a Superman comic. I repeated that word to my dad who thought I was very smart. Being able to parrot words out of a comic book is not intelligence.
  2. This is a thread about relativity, not unrelated theories from bizarro world. See if I got into a debate with you, it would be about me shredding every one of your mystical opinions and that should be what you need to do on this thread to my theories. Unfortunately, you'd need to know algebra first and pick out my flaws mathematically instead of via Quija board.
  3. I'm not really a fan of people squatting on my thread with their personal theories. This place is indeed a looney bin but it doesn't mean there's only one general ward without private rooms. I promise not to crash or trash yours.
  4. I guess I'm done with the PSX. I'm banned for lack of clarity. Usually I'm banned for being a dick or for trying to push a personal theory which is what I was partly trying to do (except I don't view pushing new math as pushing a new theory). But their heads are so far up their asses my posts look like hieroglyphics to them (except for Dale who is open-minded but has disappeared). I laid all my cards on the table and they had no idea what the numbers meant or what hand I was playing. How can people deal with the most complex math on the planet and not understand algebra? I can still interact s
  5. Is there a physical (non-time based) ruler that allows one to directly measure length contraction? I've explored this question before here and tried to use the femtosecond resolution of a Raskar photography frame to measure how many frames shorter a long bullet fired from a high speed rifle would appear as opposed to a stationary bullet. This approach failed because the frame resolution was not high enough to see the change in bullet length. However, the original question I'm editing now did show that the parallax measurement (which is independent of time) of a distance to a star from a moving
  6. Here's an accompanying question from before that I've edited down: Can the Loedel reference frame be used as the basis for establishing “Loedel age difference” as a viable term? When I first posted on the PSX, I kept using the term "age difference" as meaning something other than the term "reciprocal time dilation". It turns out that age difference here means the coordinate time difference between where a perspective's line of simultaneity intersects the two velocity lines. Basically, it means the same as reciprocal time dilation. So at .6c if Bob's line of stationary simultaneity interse
  7. I have completely edited my last post as the previous version was dead wrong.
  8. How are light signals used to tell time rather than set time? If Bob sends Alice a signal, what was her clocktime when Bob sent it in his clocktime? I'm going to define the term clocktime as the time on the clock that one remains next to in one's own frame. Is there another term I should be using? Initially I thought I could figure out Alice's light travel time from her perspective and subtract that from her clocktime when she receives the signal to calculate her clocktime when the signal was sent. Bob's clocktime would be in the message when he sent it. I'll explain why this didn't work ou
  9. I just finished my analysis of using light signals to tell time in the twin paradox and have discovered it's impossible to do so using Minkowski perspectives as opposed to the Loedel perspective (which can). The Epstein perspective already showed that math affects conclusions drawn from relativity as Epstein diagrams do not support the 45 degree slope of c to be the same from all perspectives. The problem using Minkowski with light signals is that the results point to a future that hasn't happened yet so how could that possibly tie when the light signals were sent from both perspectives. I don
  10. Banned from the PSX for my last question. No interaction so I deleted it and was banned. No biggie, I figured out the answer on my own on how to use light signals to determine the time from both perspectives when the signals were sent and how long it took for them to travel. Math really scares people and they don't like it is the only reason for my banishment. Well, home sweet home, impossible to get banned from here.
  11. In the twin paradox, can light signals be used to determine your perspective time when they were sent? I've come up with my own method to determine this based on 2 questions I asked earlier. I'm wondering if relativity has its own method since it already uses light signals to sync clocks, why wouldn't it be possible to use a reverse process to tell time on those clocks. Here is a Minkowski diagram on how to determine the duration of a light signal from the stationary, moving and Loedel (half speed between moving and stationary) perspectives. https://photos.app.goo.gl/j3mQvhJUPW9ikAuC9 Th
  12. I'm missing something too. Let's say you made a triangle with an elastic band and then moved that triangle towards the surface of a larger ball. The sides of the elastic band will hit the ball first. If you tape the sides where they touch the ball and keep moving the points of the triangle down, the angles will sharpen. If you didn't tape the sides, they would have just spread out over the ball and the angles of the triangle would have widened. If you cut the hollow ball in half and did the same thing with the triangle but from inside the hollow ball, the ends of the triangle would hit first
  13. Energy is what moves things or forces them apart. Gravity is what slows things down or forces them together. So energy is anti-gravity and gravity is anti-energy. A star's size is a result of the battle between the two. The more energy a star has, the greater its ability to push back against gravity and the less dense and more voluminous it will be. Both energy and gravity have a common enemy in the Pauli exclusion principle which is supported by the other 3 forces: electromagnetic, strong and weak forces. The Pauli principle is what keeps everything separate, it's what keeps you from fallin
  14. Think of a convex and concave magnifying glass. In a convex the lines forming the triangle bulge out and in extreme cases could bulge out to be a circle. A circle has 360 degrees which is twice the 180 degrees of a flat triangle. Trace a flat triangle over a concave lens and the marker will sink inwards pinching the triangle and its angles.
  15. Yes I have been incorrect and I've corrected them but what main points are still incorrect? Anyways I'm working out the wrinkles on the PSX. It's funny with them, if they don't understand something they just ignore it rather than ask for clarification. You have to get the terminology just right.
  16. After looking for synonyms for the word "half-speed" I came upon the answer to my question. The Loedel reference frame is the frame of reference in which the velocities become equal speeds in opposite directions. So the term I have been searching for to replace "half-speed" is Loedel velocity, Loedel simultaneity, Loedel perspective and Loedel age difference. No one knew that but so far no one is objecting to my revelation. Maybe they've lost interest in answering this and any further questions. Unfortunately the PSX did not answer the 2nd part of the question on how to use light signals to
  17. So my last question was answered to my satisfaction on the PSX. I was told to separate the concept of simultaneity, from a half-speed perspective of proper times between frames, from the idea that this can be called "proper simultaneity" and the subtraction of those proper times can be called "proper age difference". Proper times are invariant within a frame and once they are viewed from outside, they become variant to perspective and are by definition no longer proper but coordinate time. So, finally I can ask my next question with all the terminology correct and my path to world domination o
  18. Einstein used light signals to synchronize clocks in a frame to the same time no matter the distance separation between those clocks to come up with some kind of perspective present. But can the opposite be done? Can you use light signals from clocks in different frames to calculate what your proper time present was when your twin paradox twin sent you a light signal with his proper time indicating the moment he sent it? Here is a Minkowski diagram https://photos.app.goo.gl/ijVZpdTsQjQ7Wkk98 of a twin paradox example for Alice doing a round trip at .6c. Bob sends out a pink light signal
  19. Anyhoo Victor, I can ask the same question of you. What have you discovered in these 71 pages?
  20. 70 pages of earth shattering plenty. Now I just have to wait for everyone else to catch up. Recently I learned: 1. Relativity has very few agreed upon terms. It's the wild west of terminology. 2. Time dilation has about as much to do with time slowing as length contraction has to do with shrinkage. They're both figments of relativity of simultaneity. 3. Relative velocity is an illusion of perspective. There is no relative motion and there's no absolute motion. There is only an intermediate common reference frame and it can even be the background stars or the surface of the earth. 4. The dopp
  21. ANSWER to my question on the PSX: I don't know how much time I have left before this question gets removed but we have come to a conclusion in the chat room that the answer is mathematical as there are no terms that fit my needs. So I will be presenting an answer in two parts. The first will be a mathematical explanation of the colloquial term "age difference" used here on the PSX. I will then mimic that explanation to mathematically describe the answer to the question I posted. It seems I'm not free to make up my own terms but I am free to make up my own variables. If you're going to shut m
  22. Here is my sarcastic retort to the PhD experts on the PSX: Despite the fact it's been stated that this question needs both more details and more focus, it has indeed been understood and some answers have been provided so why is it getting closed? Just look at the wide variety of answers, from the answer is in books to the answer is not in books, to there is no term for this to there is a term for this, you just need to transpose the words age difference to differential ageing. They may look the same, but actually mean two different things. They don't seem bright enough to understand sarcas
  23. Well mystery solved why no one understands what I've been saying. It appears all the terms I've been using do not match the concepts I've been describing because those concepts have no terms and the terms I've been using pertain to other concepts. I now have to build an agreed upon glossary of terms and their definitions. For example, the accepted term for reciprocal time dilation is age difference and the accepted term, which apparently few use, for what I've been taught to call age difference is differential ageing. However, if I use the term differential ageing, people will assume I mean ag
  24. They're probably grappling with algebra as no one I've ever dealt with understands it. PS There are no infinities that don't approach finite numbers. c and absolute zero are examples. Any equation or theory where infinities can't be normalized (cancelled out) is wrong. So yes, math ends.
  25. Day 6. Just as the cause of time dilation and the muon results are caused by the relativity of simultaneity between the starting gun and the start of the stopwatch, so too is the measurement of relative velocity. This next paragraph needs more work to be clear and correct. In my football example, the original separation between the thrower and the catcher is much greater than what is classically defined. The starting gun goes off for the catcher who starts 20 ft away at 5 ft/s but the throw at 5 ft/s comes much later at 10s after the start for a relativistic velocity result,
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