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  1. Where does the notion of singularity come from inside a black hole. With infinite curvature of space inside a black hole and spaghettification, space gets infinitely longer/big doesnt it :) ie you have a wormhole to the hole of space not a singularity, except space time ceasing to exist in any meaningful sense..
  2. Herd Immunity requires about 50 to 60% infection rate Ha Ha. approx 50% of US Population 331,000,000/2= 165,000,000 ish at 1 % fatality late in a healthy population = 1,650,000 deaths. From the current level of infection in the US there will be 200,000 dead in about another 4 weeks. Some of those that are likely to die might like to slow the infection rate, and wait for a vaccine. NB Once infected a person does not become immune to a second third infection. In what way can herd immunity work, if all you are getting is a slight resistance to being reinfected. Edit There is more than wan
  3. I dont mind entertaining ideas :) I take the viewpoint for amusement, when I feel like it, that the universe is god, and I am a small part of said universe and therefore already a part of god, after my death everything will eventually be recycled. What we do in this life echoes into the future. Any lesser god, devised or invented in the various religions is simply a lesser god than the entire universe, and if beings with super natural powers exist they are a small part of the same universal god or they dont exist except in the imagination. We can prove the universe exists, but is the so
  4. Mohammed did exist and he has living descendants. Islam is also incorporates the old testament and other fairy stories from earlier religions. Edit If you wanted to I bet you could easily work up a revolution somewhere in the world every 500 years or 333 years etc, ie pick a number then scroll through the history books, and if you are using +/- 50 years as an acceptable event, It should be easy to make up some little conspiracy supported by historical events :)
  5. I vote to maintain the global travel bans on Americans :)
  6. Taking a casual glance down the dates and some known historical figures, many of your dates are wrong. The dates extrapolated from the old testament are definitely not reliable, and many of the stories are copied from older religions. Akenhaton, (Ecknaton) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akhenaten died around 1334BC ie He was not alive in 1300BC. His body was never found and according to some may have been the mythical moses :) Some of Moses story, in the old testament might in part be based on the after effects seen in Egypt of the Santorini Volcano explosion dated between 1600BC - 1525B
  7. Points in space with reference to what sphere ??? infinte curvature implies 0 radius. Are you meaning the db exists on a sphere whose curvature is defined by x,y,z. whilst the db has 0 dimensions ie infinite curvature ???? Borland C was a give away to 30 to 40 years old programming, hardly any one uses that anymore. I wont ask questions about the programs written that long ago :) My questions are always simple :) My first checks are always look at the limits and the units. I will probably have a few more questions next week, if you can be bothered to answer them :)
  8. The animal kingdom is way ahead, with the axolotl https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/8/axolotl-regrow-regeneration-body/ This little beastie is under a lot of scrutiny for spinal and nerve damage therapies. Crab ganglians are also involved some where in the back of my head. A Phd student I once new had a pet axolotl and did a lot of work with crabs looking for methods to repair spinal injuries.
  9. I thought you were implying the radius of a sphere in srqt(x^2+y^2+z^2) hence dividing by curvature, would equal 1 unless it is undefined. Mathematically 0 x infinity is undefined,not 1 :( Edit x,y,z are points in a sphere are they not, with 0 dimensions. They are not points in space, as I originally guessed with out thinking about it too much. Edit 2 Who wrote the Borland C computer programs Newton, Einstein?
  10. Hi Gert. I note a number of trolls on sciforums suggested coming to this forum. I would suggest scienceforums.net blows sciforums and this one out of the water. It would be an excellent forum to try your theory. Your infinite curvature of db space, might I think equally be described as infinte volume ie an interconnecting membrane not unlike string theory. Before I go any further, the math? srqt(x^2+y^2+z^2)*curvature=1. x,y,z are I assume a pin point location in space of your db particle, what are these measured with reference too. curvature = infinity ? any number multiplied by
  11. Strong Coffee has that effect on me as well :) I didnt think that was the best way. I thought you would wind up with a mixture of mushy leaves, which you started out with in the first place as THC doesnt evaporate until around 160C. However if you remove the leaves after the ethanol has absorbed the THC and then boil the alcohol off, it might just work https://www.analyticalcannabis.com/articles/the-best-cannabis-extraction-methods-for-marijuana-concentrates-300434. HOWEVER, never waste your greens after they have been soaked in cold alcohol, as they may still have edible components
  12. The alcohol doesnt help with muscle coordination Edit hot or cold alcohol for best THC absorption? Could a hot toddy made with 60% alcohol a spoon full of sugar and cannabis help with covid-19, Or is it likely to cause liver failure :) ?
  13. The concept of all particles being little black holes isnt a new one https://www.technologyreview.com/2009/05/14/31114/could-all-particles-be-mini-black-holes/https://www.technologyreview.com/2009/05/14/31114/could-all-particles-be-mini-black-holes/
  14. I dont smoke, something to do with being a fit bastard. Does heating the alcohol improve the absorption of the THC, from the leaves. Doesnt heating the alcohol evaporate the alcohol? I have an alembic and recently made some 80% alcohol which I diluted to 55%, should I dilute it a bit further, to avoid the evaporation of all my alcohol in the coffee maker? If heating accelerates the THC absorption, leaving the leaves in the alcohol over a few weeks will also absorb the THC at a slower rate, but retain the alcohol, adding a bit of sugar might make it not suitable for diabetics.
  15. You continue to assume you know or have some knowledge of what I think or feel about stuff. You are wan dum fuk :rofl: You have to be one of the dumbest people I have come across. Portugal is mainly socialist we currently only have wage slaves. You may like to know at the end of the slave period, the Portuguese sold most of the slaves to America :shocked: Why do you think you have so many ex slaves, nobody else wanted. Most of the information you put down is a mixture of facts, misunderstandings and misinformation. You call me ignorant :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: go and get
  16. OK I have started reading your paper. Which are you Gerhard or Jelle ? Can you expand on the Dimensional Basic. It sounds to me that you are explaining a dimensionless membrane connecting all points in space. From an entanglement point of view this is an interesting view point. " Dimensional Basic The axiom is that the most elementary particle in existence is the dimensional basic (db or ). The itself has no dimensions (no length, no width and no height). The is found everywhere in the universe and is always moving through spacetime, where the speed of the movement of the , in respect
  17. I have found www.sciencefroums.net is one of the best forums for serious answers.
  18. I am not saying I am going to read all 112 pages. I never saw your original post, this looks interesting. I note the paper was first published in 2018 where else has it been posted/commented on ? Edit found this " The was devised by Gerhard Jan Smit during the years 1986 to He shared the theory of the, the character of dark matter, electromagnetic radiation, electrons, quarks, curvature phenomena of complex particles, the relative variable speed of light through various curvature fields, the aging of a photon, the improbability of the hypothetical expansion of the universe, the s responsi
  19. CBD can be a lot higher than 0.3% and it is used in vapes, which are used quite commonly used amongst drug takers now, to allow them to smoke in public, according to an ex police officer I know. According to a chemist who wouldnt sell me liquid parafin until I told her why I wanted it, liquid parafin is used to mix drugs with to vape. But if its THC in Cannabis you are after ingesting, why not just eat a some leaves, instead of smoking it. I guess if you want a quick hit, smoke it, if you have time, eat it. I would assume for a long peaceful sleep eating has to be better than smoking. Or eve
  20. The mask is not intended to stop you getting the disease, it is intended to reduce the risk of you giving it to some one else. If you have covid-19 and cant ****ing breathe, you can expect to be treated with extreme violence if you approach a healthy group, who know or even suspect you have the disease and you are not wearing a mask. If you have a mask you are less likely to give the disease to other wise healthy people when you have social intercourse, not unlike HIV sufferers using a condom when they have intercourse :). If someone knowing or suspecting they have HIV has unprotected i
  21. What the hell :) Dont make me regret this :) Some people think with there genitals rather than there brains, does this upset your argument :) Another view could be 1 ) The plant is a none thinking organism, which can be affected via chemical responses from other plants. The roots fed on manure can feed other plants, if they are connected, same species i think!, Some tree stumps stay alive being fed by neighboring trees for centuries. 2) Your average human is a none thinking automaton, which can be affected by multiple responses from other none thinking automatons. Humans need to fee
  22. If you ever read anything else, other than, about D icke, you would realize everything you cut and paste about your mate D icke is old hat he is not sayng anything new. You seem to be reading it for the first time. Is this not common knowledge where you all are from. Richard Dawkings doesnt do conspiracy, but he demolishes most religious stories, without the bullshit driving D icke. Could D icke have used him as one of his sources > https://www.richarddawkins.net/ or maybe he used https://www.crystalinks.com/ :) or https://www.crystalinks.com/emerald.html :)
  23. You know a little of history on the slave trade. Wow! The thread is about BLM, stay focused :) BLM protests in America are doing many things, mainly highlighting the injustices in America. Focusing on the riots involving many white people, detracts from the reason for the BLM protests started.
  24. Yeah Americas Police are like the Egyptian Police, dangerous with them guns. :) It appears to be generally accepted by all that the Jesus figure did not exist, at least not as told by the men of old in the council of nicea. Is there anything philosophical in what was written, about what Jesus was meant to have said, accepting he did not exist. Focusing on the question of the OP Philosophy being an attitude that acts as a guiding principle for human behavior. Did the Jesus story have any guiding principles for peoples behaviour today, that they wouldnt otherwise have worked out for them
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