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  1. That is new to me! Thank you! That could be added as a fact. If you are interested, recently I wrote a blog directly focused on the importance of balance: http://www.justintimmer.com/why-balance-is-key-to-our-existence/ . I also talk here about the fractal nature of balance, which is related to our conersation on fractals in the "chaos in colors" topic.
  2. Hello all, I wondered whether healthy living could be about living on the "at the edge of chaos", meaning; finding the balance between variation-, and stability in daily activities. I believe that variation requires mental effort and physical effort, improving your adaptation qualities. And we know that variation is often recommended with diet (microbiotica), physical activity, and mental activities. But on the other hand stability gives control and rest , some robustness and uniqueness (like habitual loops, and regular sleep cycles, which are also recommended). Nevertheless, we should keep
  3. Thanks! I was unaware of penrose tiling, this is very interesting! Yes, I am really fond of (fractal) patterns in nature, just take a look on my website if you're interested http://www.justintimmer.com/ and I also contribute to https://fractal.institute/ (still working on the site though). So I have thought about that, in fact, I think that was one of the main thoughts behind creating this picture.
  4. Yes, I do think I understand your reasoning. Life can find structure in randomness if you just let it run long enough? But I don't really understand how that relates to the picture I created. Are you saying that my picture does not have any meaning because every picture will produce some sort of pattern eventually?
  5. That is true. I think that this picture nicely shows how these patterns emerge through the diagonal lines, even on the largest scales the patterns that emerge are stable.
  6. Hey everyone, I created a pattern of (seemingly) emerging chaos using simple sequences of colors. This is the link to the picture and the additional text/context: http://www.justintimmer.com/the-chaos-of-colors-chaos-shown-through-colors/ I don't really know if this thing is chaotic, and I don't know the implications of this "thing". Therefore, I would really appreciate some feedback, comments, and useful links. Thank for your input!
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