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  1. You want to know the funny thing about us rednecks from the south. We constantly get trashed as dangerous, racist, homophobic, gun-nut hicks, but really, we aren’t trying to change other people or convert them to our way of life. Most of us just want to be left alone with our guns, our land, and our culture. But it seems that we can’t just bask in our escapism anymore. Some of our government seems to think they have the right to abolish our self-determination, remove our freedom of speech and association, disenfranchise us, and undermine our values. This is why I mentioned that I’m upset b
  2. Idk man. I’m just confused. Upset. Not depressed or suicidal. I’m okay. Just don’t really know what to think anymore. I’m just an ignorant redneck. The world and it’s various shenanigans are above my head. I suppose I should just shut up and go back to being a hick, huh?
  3. I just think the loss of tradition, religion, and national/cultural identity is opening the door for decay and degeneracy. And we can’t do a damn thing to stop it and preserve some semblance of our culture and values because we are told that we are hateful if we don’t unequivocally accept any and every major shift in zeitgeist, values, and priority being inflicted on our nations. That’s all. But I’ll probably stop there because if I elaborate further I’ll probably have like five different fart-sniffing, secular, know-it-all “skeptics” coming at me on here with their empty syllogisms trying t
  4. I never said I was seeking advice. The titular question was somewhat rhetorical. I’m just pointing out that the general ideological mindset of this forum likely doesn’t match my own. I don’t believe one can have a fulfilled worldview on logic, syllogisms, and axioms alone. I long for traditionalism, spirituality, and preserving my culture and values, whereas others here are talking about their desire for a hyper-technological, post-human future free of what they call “human barbarity” and ignorance, while I hope that if anything of the sort starts to take place I’ll be long dead by then. I sim
  5. I think I’m probably preaching to the wrong choir here.
  6. You and I are likely not going to agree on much.....or anything.
  7. Seems like I find myself hating virtually everything and everyone. I completely abandoned contemporary popular culture, music, movies, and television well over a decade ago when I was just in my early-mid teens. I haven’t consumed a single bit of it since. I did so because I found most or all of it to be vapid garbage, intentionally fabricated to be so. I regard the overwhelming percentage of what people do to be vapid garbage for that matter. I hold a burning misanthropy in my heart that burns hotter than the hottest infernos of Hell. I’m not violent, so my hatred is not the kind which woul
  8. How much longer do you think the internal combustion engine will be in our lives before the roads are dominated by EVs and/or other power sources? Do you think it will be a gradual change? Will ICE become more efficient and coexist with other forms of powertrain? Or do you think we’ll see the definitive extinction of internal combustion engines very soon?
  9. Could someone please confirm if that’s 869 grids or plants? I’m just trying to get a ballpark figure. No field is perfectly straight or symmetrical. Plus, with all my other fields I’ve already got more crop than I can handle. I appreciate it guys!
  10. Yes that sounds about right. But I’m not sure. Hemp
  11. Farmer and certified math idiot here. I’ve got a field that is shaped like a trapezoid. The length down the center of the field is 470’. The width at one end is 340’, and the width at the other end is 30’. I’m planting my crop on a 10’x10’ grid. I need to know how many plants I can plant. Thanks. Ps let me know if you need more info. Hopefully that’s enough.
  12. I’m sorry, but this is just fundamentally wrong. It’s a completely flawed mindset just right from the beginning. It’s ***-backwards actually. The government’s job is NOT to take care of the needs of its people, at least not in the sense of ensuring equity or access to commodities, wealth, and resources. The only “needs” that it’s the government’s job to take care of is protecting the people’s rights under the constitution (i.e. providing a strong military and police force to defend our freedom of speech and expression, and never infringing on our 2nd amendment rights to defend ourselves). Othe
  13. This topic encompasses just about everything in life if you go far enough down the rabit hole. That’s why I say social and economic politics are inextricably linked. And it just so happens that world events and societies are so complex that one cannot completely vote on all of their principles all the time. You have to look further ahead and see the bigger picture, and imagine the aftermath of the implementation of any given policy. That’s why I think rhetorical exercises and thought experiments are so useful, because not every argument or philosophy can be completely dealt with in purely syll
  14. Just to be clear, I don’t think the OP asked us to debate whether or not the two extremes exist, but rather what is the best “algorithm”, to use the OPs words. I suppose he wants us to debate the concepts. Other than that, good deal. Productive conversation. Cheers from America!
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