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  1. I am the Super Hero Creator Victor, I dunno what you are talking about...
  2. Let me clear this up, synthetic proteins even though naturally exist in that sequence from evolution are the man made version of these natural proteins that are made in a lab. That is the distinction between natural and synthetic that synthetic proteins were organized in way that would not have happened besides by tinkering by man such as oligonucleotide synthesis. Like you wouldn't call the genetic recombination I used for the MV-5 Zombie Virus or any of the Retroviral Vectors, natural but rather synthetic using natural proteins from other viruses, they are arranged in a way that would never
  3. Expect Corruption and Lies when it comes to the government, Mutex. They view you as taxable work units, debt slave... How many taxable work units can you produce is all that matters to them.
  4. I have scientist clearance meaning that I know everything even stuff that the Top Secret people don't know, Like I know who killed Kennedy, it was the CIA. Also, Like I know who released the Coronavirus it was China being a synthetic bioweapon and like Aliens are real which those UFO's the pentagon is releasing they know those are alien spacecraft. All it takes is a little research to figure all this out, basically whatever they tell the public isn't true however whatever it seems to be based on analysis is true. The key is this they don't want to scare the public they want them to mindlessly
  5. Well, I think Plastic Eating Enzymes would be great if kept in a controlled environment, but if a self reproducing plasmid containing them escaped the factory setting that could be horrible for the environment just like any other Nanotechnological ecological disaster, the key to this is proper biocontainment protocols for working with Nanotechnology. Nanotechnology isn't just a toy to be played around with there are very real dangers to misusing it, it is the sort of technology like the atomic bomb and nuclear power, it must be respected or you can cause serious issues or even worldwide disast
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