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  1. Well, whether or not a civilization may be living on that planet in the habitable zone is greatly dependant upon the age of the Star our Star is about half way through its life cycle and it took around 4 billion years to evolve, Only planet which have stars which are older or the same age have a decent chance of replying back because of the time if Alien civilization take to evolve to that point based on our time of evolution, many of these planets may have life but the life is still in a stage before self awareness or civilization has evolved, if the planet has a star that is too young there
  2. Ya, moronium you just don't like it because you don't understand it, i am convinced at this point you have no idea what you are talking about......
  3. He or She is right even when rotating around a center point GR is applicable which can be seen in a Kerr Metric looking at θ and ω. You will find that GR is a entirely different animal then SR when it comes to how these things are treated but both sets of equations are compatible with each other. The relativistic motion of light in orbit can even be predicted around a BH in the Kerr Metric solution to SR. The rotation can be plotted with the below equation which is the Kerr Metric. This makes your argument invalid, the relative motion of the rotating object still has the effects of relativity
  4. Yes, even in GR Tuv or Tab still uses the Minkowskii metric coordinates to output the data in to be for motion put through the SR 3-D coordinates system that is Invariant, to use GR properly you need to first calculate the coordinates then put them through SR's coordinates for motion and time dilation and such. So, yes, EFE do output its data into a form useable by SR as they are both needed to calculation the objects if in motion otherwise just GR.
  5. The Light particles are not at rest but are at rest relative to each-other both moving at the same rate which when moved in another direction experience the effect a second time, Even for Particles in both a Rest and Non-rest state the movement causes relativity Shustaire, there is absolutely no way that doesn't prove relativity works in every scenario, for objects even in both states and relativity still happens. Even the object such as light trapped inside another object doing the count has relative time dilation, which is even a timeless object does experience this.
  6. SR is time dialation and Length Contraction along with Mass relativity it does prove it because one element is displayed it brings credit to the fact that the other parts are correct too, even from the frame of Light which should be timeless in its motion, the time even for light which is in motion has relativistic dilation effects it absolutely proves it correct. If Time is dilating then Energy is increasing along with length contracting for the photons. They are all connected into a single measurement Lorentz invariance if you didn't gather that. If one is true then the other elements of SR
  7. You know what I am going to end this debate with the fact that Relativity is correct because the universe displays time dilation as my proof since someone asked for proof. https://futurism.com/the-most-accurate-clocks-in-the-world-just-confirmed-that-time-is-not-absolute/ There is your proof Relativity absolutely happens in the real universe. Even light time dilation by motion which is even moving at the speed of light, Time is always relative even for light. Continued here is it explained in great detail.
  8. Additional Writings on Hostile Bio-Nanorobotics and Biochemistry The Harvester Project(Black Virology) https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/112370-harvester-projectsynthetic-black-virology/ Does this look Unstable(Organic Explosive) http://www.sciencemadness.org/talk/viewthread.php?tid=78987 Why not to use Harmful Bio-Nanorobotics and why you will fail (Warning against Biological Weapons creation) http://www.sciencemadness.org/talk/viewthread.php?tid=79707 The Academician's private residences shall remain off-limits to the Genetic Inspectors. We possess no retroviral capability, we are
  9. My Science Madness Ebook on Viral Vector Engineering and Bacterial Plasmids along with Biochemistry. This is a series of posts about the subject of Biological Nanorobotics constructed into a Ebook. The Elements of Creation a Guide on Bio-Nanorobotics Introduction: Protoplast Hybridization and Bacterial Plasmid Construction (Bacterial/Cellular Nanomachines) http://www.sciencemadness.org/talk/viewthread.php?tid=76592 Part I: Synthetic Viral Synthesis http://www.sciencemadness.org/talk/viewthread.php?tid=76588 Part 2: Biochemical Construction of a Vector (Viral Nanomachines) http://www.sc
  10. Methodology of Construction Synthetic Viral Synthesis with Pictures = http://www.sciencemadness.org/talk/viewthread.php?tid=76588 Step I:Custom Oligonucleotide Synthesis Materials •Commerical Nucleic Acid Synthesizer •Solution of the four DNA phosphoramidite monomers (bases) •All the 5’-hydroxyl groups must be blocked with a DMT group for all four bases •All phosphorus linkages must be blocked with a cyanoethyl group. •Blocking solutions •Reaction chamber and a type of solid support such as controlled pore glass •The solid support should be prepared with the desired first base already attac
  11. MV-x Hybrid Retroviral Vector design using multiple virus' or any virus' targetting glycoproteins with a C Terminal attachment to target any type of cell specifically. The Above Viral Vectors from MV-1 to MV-5 are examples of this Viral Vector construction method, which the method of creation is Gene Synthesis using oligonucleotide synthesis (cDNA) in the method of Synthetic Viral Synthesis.
  12. I dunno personally, I don't care about paper money but rather materials for things, you must have the materials to build anything, the easiest way to get those materials is money, I enjoy to work for compensation even if it is not necessarily paper money, even if it is the gratitude or respect of someone there is always compensation for work. While it is not all about money or material exchanges for work it does certainly sweeten the deal.
  13. I have nothing to say to you, amateur,stay awhile you may learn something, continue dubbel with your excellent explaination of calculus, frankly, I thought it was good.
  14. Because I am still pissed that you did this to one of my posts on Einstein's Field Equations, and I am a vengeful bastard that will never forgive you for it because I was telling people correct information then your annoyingness came in and misdirected the post for 5 pages into me having to deal with your narcissistic arrogant talk about how I didn't know what I was talking about and how the equations needed different proofs and a bunch of other stuff, and so frankly, I don't like you and respect Dubbel, so I am stepping in the confront you about this. just stop.........
  15. Shustaire you always do this to people's posts you act like a total ***** and **** them up causing people to assume it is wrong when it is not, please kindly go die in a fire. You did this crap to one of my posts and I still don't like it. I jack with Dubbel sometimes and post random stuff on his threads and thread hijack but what you do is absolutely annoying when you insult our intelligence by doing what you are doing here.
  16. Ignore them dubbel anyone that knows calculus understood what you meant. in any case, I want to see one of you do the flux of X^3 besides dubbel then you guys in the peanut gallery can talk.
  17. Well, according to Newton in order to cause a acceleration there must be a force behind it, thus an object or particle or something of substance that is pushing on time-space causing the force in the direction of expansion. There has to be something behind Dark Energy with stopping power even a Energy is defined as (Energy) = (Force) * (Distance), Dark Energy must have a particle form as well as the wave form that we always see. In order to be even classified as a Energy type Dark Energy must have some sort of physical form rather than just expansion effects.
  18. No, this is very valid question if light travels as fast as you possibly can then, how fast is Dark Energy traveling, so physics. https://arxiv.org/abs/1210.5505
  19. If you want after you are done with Calculus 1 and 2, I will take the fun parts Calculcus 3 (3-D Calculus) and differential equations along with differential geometry. =)
  20. It makes you wonder if like CMB, Dark Energy isn't the left over relic of some Dark Energy phase. If photons travel at the speed of light which is the CMB then what is Dark Energy Particles that are beyond the speed of light due to the fact that they existed before the photon stage of the universe, that is if you take Dark Energy as a particle. Is Dark Energy some tachyonic particle left from stages before photons exists and electromagnetism decoupled from the other forces?, makes you wonder if they aren't the photons of another era of the universe before the speed of light was unbreakable.
  21. I would tend to say the Aether frame is actually the CMB's frame because it is more or less the wall of the universe even in a void you could measure yourself against it, that has no other frames besides rest. It is always a defined frame thus it is always a good one measure yourself against and even could if you wanted be your "Preferred frame" as all universes that had a Big Bang would have one which all ones like ours did.
  22. I wanted to continue to show the new nuclear devices constructed by the Military in 2017 and 2018, in 2017 the first Antimatter bomb was detonated and in 2018 the nuclear Gravity bomb, which could be used in series to make the Planet Killing device rather than the older warheads designs such as the Neutron bomb or W88 nuclear warhead. Positron Anti-Matter Bomb (2017) Nuclear Gravity Bomb (2018) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etFveWB4_Yk
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