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  1. The U.S. plans to withdraw from the Nuclear Arms Treaty with Russia due to the claim that "Russia has been violating that treaty" What do you think about this situation? http://www.wbur.org/onpoint/2018/10/24/u-s-plan-to-withdraw-from-nuclear-treaty-sparks-talk-of-arms-race Personally, I think it could be both good and bad, but potentially very bad for the relations between the red power and blue Powers of the World and worse if a Nuclear War were to happen because of removal of such a treaty.
  2. Ya dude A) science is not a religion unlike religion where you can call to God where nothing happens when something is scientifically understood it happens every time.
  3. Alright relativity, basically Lorentz in-variance is a differential equation that is the derivative of COS(F(x)), This is special relativity of a triangle and the Pythagoras theorem, which is the distance traveled by the object in a 2-D vector system. Here is the geometry of a light cone in SR which s = d where h and r are a and b in this equation.
  4. The Earth 4 billion years ago was a hot volcanic planet, The Needs components would have needed to be mixed together in an acid or water along with amino acids and DNA fragments.
  5. Okay, well here are 3 physical proofs of relativity. Length contraction can be proven by black hole's which gravity pulls planets and stars apart. The fact that as the matter is attracted toward the black hole it is torn apart by length contraction caused by gravity. Atomic Clocks read the time shift of relativity as in moving objects the clocks read a noticeable difference in atomic clocks which are always accurate. https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg23331184-900-atomic-clocks-make-best-measurement-yet-of-relativity-of-time/ Stars can be seen behind other stars as the ph
  6. This is much like the permittivity for a electromagnetic field.
  7. I am sick of repeatedly explaining relativity, could you anti-relativity people just stop because seriously it is starting to get annoying repeatedly discussing the same-thing over and over again. Time is relative, Length is Relative, Energy-mass is the cause of this relativity, it has been literally proven repeatedly, now stop. It was derived from the derivative of COS(f(x)). There is going to be a new rule of thumb after this anti-relativity bombardment if your theory doesn't have a Tuv or Guv in it, it is WRONG!
  8. Basically this is the equation for a Charged String in string theory. The Wave function of the string is the Dirac function minus the Hamiltonian of the string which are quantum operators, then the flux of the strings is added when two strings interact, which is the blue section. Continued this is a simple bosonic string equation, which different parts from Many used models such as Quantum Field Theory, Newtonian Physics, General Relativity , and Special Relativity which is a partial differential equation. Basically this is the string matrix which takes the Strings over a Manifold
  9. Ya, isn't frame dragging just torsion upon time-space that is caused by rotation of a massive object. Time-space would have decreased distance in the direction of the rotation due to the kinetic energy of the rotation, where as in oppose the direction of rotation time-space would have its natural length not being length contracted by the kinetic energy of the rotation.
  10. It is not completely true that String Theory is not able to be proven false, it is just with the level of technology that humans have it is unable to be proven false, you would need a way to measure a Planck length or String Length in order to prove it right or wrong which beyond human ability for the time being. It is not the first theory to have this issue, if you want to prove it false then begin construct on a Planck level measurement device, I won't stop you.
  11. Yes, Gravity does fit into String Theory it would not be a theory of everything if it did not. The Version of String Theory that handles Gravity is 11 dimensional Supergravity. The thing about string theory is there are several different versions of it.
  12. You know what scientists already get screwed enough as it is. It goes back to Tesla scientists discover things worth billions of dollars and get paid 50 to 100 thousands dollars a year for it. Even if you worked for 1000 years you would still never get the money that your discovery is worth. The atomic bomb is a great example, this technology was worth 101.5 Trillion dollars a year which is the GDP of the planet which the atomic bomb basically conquered the planet for the superpowers and the people that discovered the atomic bomb got like 50,000 dollars a year for this technology.
  13. Yes and when the bond is broken the binding energy and mass defect of the bond is released. When I was speaking about the potential energy of the bond I was talking about the Potential energy and the "Mass" of the bond or "Mass Defect" as Potential energy if you don't include the "Mass Defect" as potential energy it is lower, but since both mass and energy are the same-thing I was speaking of them both as potential energy of the bond. The Term I guess I should have used to stop confusion was "Total Bond Energy" and not Potential Energy as that would get confused with binding energy.
  14. It is the opposite for chemical bonds then the other forces. The Reason for that in chemical bonds is it takes less energy sustain that state of being bonded in chemical bonds, unbounded chemicals are more unstable but in the other forces it is opposite.
  15. Yes but that doesn't explain why it is that way. Which basically is due to the energy being trapped in that system, you must move the energy within those bonds with the object which increases the amount of force required to move that object being that the energy stored as mass weighs the object down, when the energy is no longer trapped being that the bond is broken, it decreases in density then becomes energy that is untrapped again which is called "Energy" and not "Mass".
  16. You know I was trying to make this simple but I suppose I cannot and Yes you are right. Alright in any region where energy is stored in a form called "Potential Energy" there is a increase in the density of the energy because of this stored energy via forces trapping it. What we consider to be mass is actually just energy at a higher density in that space formed by energy trapped by forces with a much higher density than normal, thus energy and mass are actually the same-thing just one is the form not trapped by a force, mass is the energy trapped by forces which increase the energy of objects
  17. E=MC2 is a very basic form of mass and energy equivalence to truly understand this you must begin to understand the Strong Nuclear Force.
  18. Polymath I have just got one question..... Where do you get your weed? because I want some...... It must be some good stuff....
  19. ya dude you could probably achieve several exaflops with a light processor as light travels much faster than electrons. You could process each individual packet of photons theoretically. http://civilization.wikia.com/wiki/Hypercore_(CivBE)
  20. So, dubbel have you solved for the rotation speed of the universe yet, what is the value of J? Just as there is a value of expansion there should be one for rotation. J (Universe Rotation) = m(Mass of Universe) L2(Radius of Universe) ? or J(Universe Rotation) = D(average density of universe)/r(Radius Universe) ?
  21. I do not exactly know but I do know that there are Organosilicon bonds which are carbon and silicon, I was wondering if anyone on this forums knew more about them then I do which is not much other than they do form.
  22. This post is about something I have been thinking about, what would happen if you bond silicon directly to carbon. The Carbon Anions will bind to which Silicon Anions any ones with a positive charge should bind to the negative charged ones right?
  23. The Big Bang Didn't Need God to Start Universe, Researchers Say
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