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  1. I don't think being a spectator is expensive but if you are really interested I can bring you in as part of the team and just let you watch, I dunno how much admission is but I will be getting in free as a speaker as well as my company's spot for its example product, it may be like 500$ I am not sure, but it is the European Nanotech conference, I will be there both days, if you see the booth then say hi I will see what I can do about getting you in to the conference as a speaker's assistant or something. I am not even sure if I am going 100% yet, but I will probably be going if I get in as a s
  2. Well, I didn't see those datasets this is the framework I use for BB questions about cause because String Theory has generally been besides its anomalies been correct on particle formation and other things of this nature, plus remember I think that BH contain Wormholes when quantum entangled take it or leave it, which allow energy transfer between universe branes.
  3. That is not my opinion that is String Theory's on the reasoning behind the BB and Cold spots, that collisions with other universe branes happens causing a flow of energy in or out of the system based on the temperature of that brane that was collided with. Two Papers on Brane Collision https://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/0103239 https://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/0207140
  4. Ya, it could be that Dark Energy along with Dark Matter (Gravity) + Energy-mass (Gravity) = 0 the sum of the universe's energy being zero but the question in that still remains what caused the reaction that made the BB. There would need to be a cause to the reaction as Newtonian physics says, This sort of reasoning would still require a cause to the BB.
  5. The Truth is that the universe is not a closed systems we see evidence of temperature loss in the CMB,This spot is called the Cold Spot in the CMB which says that it had to have gone somewhere were possibly another universe brane which also is the answer to where the energy of the BB is from another universe. The Universe is not a closed system entirely most of the time it is but not always as it can interact with other universe branes which the interaction is currently unknown just that in the past it seems as if it had to have lost or gained energy in small amounts and possibly in large amou
  6. Secondly, I will be submitting a paper on Viral Nanorobotics to the book for the Conference, if anyone wants to publish any of their works in Nanotechnology this is a perfect chance to get it published in the conference book, If you want to be a Eposter , This paper is expanded information on the information I will be going over at the Conference itself. I will be preparing a brief overview of the paper which if you follow my posts on this forum, you that have read my works and will be familiar with already mainly about the production of Multivalent Synthetic Hybrid Lentiviral Vectors and the
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r00wJsduoUc
  8. Interesting, Yes putting the Stem cells in blood basically would increase the shelf life as they are getting oxygenated, necrosis would not set in until later due to the cells still receiving vital oxygen during transport.
  9. Hello, I got a Invite to the European Nanotechnology and Materials conference Nanomat, I was wondering if anyone would like to come with me from this forum to Spain Jan. 28-29 for the conference on nanotechnology there will be exhibits put out by my company. If anyone is interested, they can help setup the exhibits and join in the conference. If interested message me back on this post, imagine it is like a Giant Nanotechnology Science Fair, Also I will be speaking at the conference about Viral Nanorobotics, along with 50 other of the most influential minds in Synthetic Biology and Nanotechnolo
  10. I want it closed because it is false information that Moronium is posting that may confuse people that don't know any better, The replies and how he handles them are also well beyond non scientific, moronium has just been posting random stuff that has nothing to do with the subject this thread should have been locked long ago due to way off topic.
  11. Medical Nano-machines Well basically for a Medical Nanorobot you need a RNA Oligonucleotide Synthesizer build into the nano-machine this will be used as messager RNA, The Microfluidics need to have filters to filter the chemicals input to do oligonucleotide synthesis, The Nanomachine will need to intake DNA Monomers from the cell. DNA or RNA Monomer Structure The Microfluidics will have to follow the pathway made of Carbon Nanotubes in a pathway the same as RNA Synthesizer to make DNA or RNA to change the cell built in Silane. The Chambers would need to guide the biochemistry of Olig
  12. I have devised that making a Organic Immortality Nano-virus is not impossible but not getting done soon, I will be coming back.
  13. I am growing tired of talking about science again, I may be back but I think I am going to quit scienceforums again, and work on a Organic Nano-virus which will be a Multivalent Viral Vector that is like a inorganic machine like a Nanofactory, I will talk to you guys in a couple of months again.
  14. Ya, I cannot wait to have inorganic nanofactories, I commonly do experiments with RNA and DNA based equivalents of Nanofactories, I dunno I am bored polymath, I dunno what to do with myself anymore, This may be depressing but I am running out of stuff to talk about, I have burned through most of my material in the last year, I suppose now I am just waiting to make a Organic Nano-virus to make myself immortal then sit in a chair and watch the world decay around me in the 2040s forever...... That is the time period I am waiting for is the Technological Singularity then after that in 2050s the co
  15. Lol, I mean you actually have a chance at redefine physics unlike moronium, something called potential but moronium's arguments have no chance learn from this and don't make his mistakes.
  16. Well, Basically polymath you are trying to do what Moronium is doing in the proper way, some people say you are a crackpot other than that, you are fine, but I think you could be like Einstein unlike Moronium you use logic and are attempting to do it properly rather than arguments like, Lorentz and Einstein disproved of their own theories like Moronium. You use something called the scientific method something that has be woefully neglected on moronium's posts.
  17. Every-time I have posted, I posted the SR was right because of experimental evidence, I have tried to explain this to you like I dunno about 5 times, so I give up on you moronium, you are unable to learn, this is why I couldn't be a science teacher and am a science researcher I couldn't handle students that do stuff like you do. it is annoying and personally I am sick of listening to you babble on about things that are not relevant to redefining physics SR and GR are one of the pillars of modern physics and with your arguments of Lorrentz was wrong are very weak arguments without any scientifi
  18. No, this isn't a debate SR is correct and you are wrong, they have been trying to disprove SR for like 100 years and you are not going to be the one to do it, I told you how it works, this thread will be locked soon because you just keep repeating the same crap and get the same explanations back, there is no point in speaking to you, you have the inability to learn. SR is how it works since you reject SR, then please just stop speaking yourself until sanctus or buffy get on. needless to say all of your words are meaningless saying that Einstein or Lorrentz disproved of their own theory won't c
  19. Why isn't this thread locked yet, the amount of sheer stupidity. *gets a nose bleed from sheer stupidity* Message sent to sanctus, this time.
  20. Solved for C2 in L' = L0 (1- (V2/C2))1/2 then plugged that into the Schwarzchild radius equation Rs = 2GM/C2 making Rs = -2GMB((L'/Lo)2 - 1)/Vo2
  21. Well, 2GM/R = C2 then L' = L0 (1- (V2/C2))1/2 which makes L' = L0(1-((Vo2Rs)/(2GMB)))1/2 then solve it the other way around for the other version.
  22. Yes, but that only takes account the gravitational length contraction and not the movement, basically, I just reverse solved it for C2 then plugged it in dubbel, which takes account for the velocity of the object and gravitational length contaction.
  23. I plugged Length contract into Schwarzchild radius and Schwarzchild radius into Length Contraction across C2 Because VB = C being that C2 constant.
  24. In this case, you are correct it is going across a compacted medium which is the time-space being warped by the BH, the velocity also is changing the space as well compacting which hints the equation. In many ways like you say it is being double compacted but charge has nothing to do with it, the charge is still constant as the Flavour field is still intact making the same charges, but the quarks which carry the charge may have odd orbitals because of the change in time-space's geometry.
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